Indiana offers NBA Top 100 Camp MVP Chane Behanan

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It didn’t take long for Chane Behanan’s NBA Top 100 Camp performance to result in a new scholarship offer for the 6-8 forward from Bowling Green (KY).

The NBA Top 100 Camp MVP confirmed to Inside the Hall that Tom Crean called him on Sunday with an offer.

“They’ve been watching me and another scholarship has opened,” Behanan said. “They want to bring me up and show me around sometime this week or next week.”

The Cincinnati native, who moved to Bowling Green last summer, said that he hopes to set the visit up soon.

“I told Coach to give my Mom a call sometime this week and we’ll set it up and I’ll be on my way up there,” he said.

Behanan, a four-star player that could move up considerably in the rankings after his performance in Charlottesville, was the third leading scorer in the camp at 14.7 ppg. He originally committed to Cincinnati before opening up the process last August.

“It was a good experience for me going up there and playing in front of all of those scouts and being coached by Mo Evans of the Atlanta Hawks and Gary Trent,” Behanan said. “Just being coached by them and learning from them was really a good thing. I don’t think I ever took a break on offense or defense. I rebounded defensively and offensively, moved without the ball. I think that’s what that separated me.”

While Behanan’s list of schools includes Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Purdue, Texas and West Virginia, he said he doesn’t have a leader at this point.

“I’m open,” he said.

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  • Bucky

    It’s impressive that he said something positive about his coaches. You don’t see that much.

  • psvirsky

    Yet another guy I would love to have. Who knows if we have any shot, but at some point, some of these kids have to come our way (especially if we get a few high-profile wins this year…

  • UMAD25

    I saw Victor O at Steak N' Shake in Btown last night and told him good luck and he gave me a thumbs up and smile… I should have paid for his meal.

  • Kelin Blab

    Look out Cal, guess who is playing in your backyard now? His name is Tom.

    What I like about how coach is recruiting, which is fairly normal, is the way he is covering his options and also turning up the heat indirectly on guys. This is a good example….

    Sure he is recruiting a local kid like Branden Dawson but Chane is equally as good of player. The same can be said with recruiting kids like JD, B.Young, Aaron Thomas, and Nadir Tharpe. He will not be left out in the cold this year in filling needs.

    Chane has some very good highlights on the tube…..

    One word to describe this kid…STRONG!

  • Kelin Blab

    Alex…Can IU for 2011 sign two kids or three now with Bawa's scholly opening up?

  • BaseballBuc

    I did some research on this kid and found that before he transfered to bowling green he attended Aiken High School. I believe Aiken is where Aaron Thomas attends high school. I wonder if there is any correlation there or just a coincidence. Anyway, the kid can play, and I hope he picks us.

  • MillaRed

    Kelin, with Carlino out we can sign a total of three under the current circumstances. Two open scholarships and one oversign. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  • JohnS

    Illegal to do so.

  • kristheboss

    the way I understand it is that we can sign two more players (one open one oversign) and that Etherington has the third. so IU can get 3 guys in '11 but as of now have 1/3… sorry if that led to more confusion.. or if I completely repeated Millared

  • HoosierDavey

    Anyone know if he has an outside jumper? That's the thing I didn't see in the video. JD and CZ better be careful and make a call soon or they won't have a scholly available to them at IU.

  • Two plus one oversign for a total of three.


    Do you know when this video was shot ? It looks like the big facility in Louisville called Hoops. If so it is possible that it was shot during the big nationwide tournament they have every summer. Don't think they have had it yet this year and if it was shot there, and it is from last year he may be even more impressive now.

    Since he left the high school in Cincy that AT is from I'm hoping that is not a bad thing if we sign AT. If he moved to anywhere in Kantuckee it must have been for reasons other than he didn't like the school, coaches, other players etc.

    How great would it be to sign a kid from there and then he just explode in a game against pUKe somewhere down the road. Would make the win even sweeter.

  • This was indeed shot at Hoops.

    I only saw Behanan play once last summer and it was at Basketball Academy in Louisville. Coach Crean was at the game watching Etherington and Behanan was committed to Cincinnati at the time.

    I remember Behanan as a load to handle in the paint and he moved really well for a kid his size. Was great at finishing and overall just a very gifted athlete. I recall going to look at his national ranking on my phone as I was watching and thinking he was underrated at the time. After the NBA Camp performance, his recruitment could really take off.

  • aceman07


    Chane looks big, strong, athletic, and confident. He's not going to get a thousand shots blocked, ala CW, in the Big Ten because guys bounce off of him when he goes up and he has some elevation.

    This could be a great get for CTC especially if he comes with Thomas, but then again, I think his recruitment is really going to get competitive at that size and with those skills.

    It does look like he is going to be the type to struggle with his shot but if he can just learn a 12-15 jumper he'd bet really tough to handle.

  • GFDave

    This kid has a big strong body and moves very well. I question his hops though. Lot's of shots and boards were taken below the rim. Video didn't provide any info on his shooting or D.

    I had been thinking that 2011 was going to be a 3 person class. Bawa's transfer gets us almost there. But maybe, just maybe, we're looking at a 4 man class with 2 transfers in the spring.

    Either way I like the addition of this kid into the mix. Let's keep the pressure on the kids and make them compete for the schollies. First come, first serve.

  • walton

    So – he is in the class of 2011?

  • Cad

    Check out the link. Most likely If he doesn't sign with UK its because UK doesn't offer.

  • Carlgoiu

    It sounds like he would really prefer playing for Kentucky and that he is looking for his best option to get to the NBA quickly. All of the top recruits now think that the NBA only runs through the best agent in college basketball – John Calipari. I would rather have this kid over CZ just for his toughness inside. CZ is a very soft inside player who will perform very well in mismatches on a team with a decent 7' center to do the dirty work inside. We have shooters. We need tough guys on the inside like the ones MSU recruits and wins with. This guy could get serious minutes or possible start at MSU his freshman year.

  • BFowler

    To kind of piggyback on your comment. John Calipari is known to associate with World Wide Wes, so the kids see that as the best opportunity to do there one-and-done thing at a place that is known to look the other way.

    I agree with what you said about the “dirty work” players (add Wisconsin to MSU with those guys). I have long been a proponent of very talented guards and wings and role playing, rebounding, shot blocking inside players. That seems to be the trend of today's game, especially in college.

  • eph521

    I doubt Calapari is worried about Tom Crean. So far it seems that whoever he wants, he gets. And the kids who have Kentucky high on their radar, they don't seem like kids who are willing to play at a program that is trying to rebuild.

  • BFowler

    Reminds me of Gary Trent or maybe Rodney Rodgers; does not jump like Larry Johnson, but has that type of body-into-you game. He is that size and moves like those guys did in college. This highlight did not show a shooting touch, which those guys had.

  • stonaroni

    I disagree, he is a transplant to KY. They have made no offer. Calipari has recruited higher prospects in the 2011 class. To me Chane will be looking to the school where he can make the biggest impact and win. He is a 3 to 4 year college kid, he cannot shoot from outside well enough to be a one and done.

  • stonaroni

    Kelin, I feel that Dawson is better than Chane and could be a special player for anyone from day 1 on campus. But what you lose in Dawson after a jump to the NBA by soph year, we would gain in a jr and sr year from Chane.

    We have so many prospects for 2011, but we need to land some. This kid with AE would be a good class. Throw in JD, AT or CZ and 2011 would be rock solid

  • runelord

    The dirty work angle is precisely why I prefer Mitch McGary over Zeller provided his grades are better. The kid just looks like a banger that would enjoy that role.

  • Kelin Blab

    I read this weekend the Zeller isn't physical label was put to rest. I read he really mixed it up at the NBA top 100 camp. I like Mitch too, but lets see if we go 0 for 3 on zellers first..

  • Indiana Red

    Looks like Coach Crean went on a little Twitter binge on Saturday. Good stuff over there. Almost as many insightful comments as spelling errors.

  • marcusgresham

    One-and-done at UK means, “One semester of class, two semesters of basketball.” Who could pass that up? It's like buying a smaller home but only having to make half the payments and then someone gives you a freakin' mansion.

  • aceman07

    Could we just go ahead and get some good news already? Wouldn't it be nice to see a commitment from a Zeller or Davis just so we could actually have something to celebrate and talk about? This continuous recruiting talk, the excruciating anticipation of good news, and the “what ifs” are freaking killing me!!!

    Someone put us out of our misery and just make the commitment already!

  • Kelin Blab

    I am with you bro….I thought about the cloud hanging over everyone's head about scholarship numbers and how that will work out… it has been worked out thus far and still nothing. Now the options and choices have become endless and interesting. This will be an interesting July and Fall….. The first shoe to fall could be, does Kaminski or Thomas actually decide in July or wait…..

  • SeattleHoosier

    Kelin – are we pursuing Naadir Tharpe again? What are the odds in your mind?

  • aceman07

    Man I hope one of the two decides soon!

  • iubase

    Clearly a talented big man with a nose for the ball. He can elevate his game to the competition and score and rebound in a crowd and would be a perfect fit for CTC. Put him in there with Yogi and that should result in some transition points. Loves to play D. He and Dawson strike me as key pieces to the puzzle. I am back in New England (a bit out of the loop) – and wonder if there is still any hope that we can get Dawson?

  • Q95

    this kid has that warrior look about him. have not see him play, but i'm sold. like his size as well…

  • kristheboss

    Hey alex would you be able to clarify this guys actual size, he's listed between 6'6-6'8 and 220-250 on 4 different scouting sites..

  • I believe he measured at 6-6 and 250 pounds at the NBA Camp.

  • Scoop

    This kid is over rated…. george fant is way more atheletic than him…