• GFDave

    Nice. Looking forward to seeing what folks have to say.

  • Kelin Blab

    IU is more likely to rehire Kelvin Sampson in the compliance office than ITH adding a message board. The revolt would be bloody. Looking forward to the fan report also….

  • Ronbaysinger

    The poll is interesting. While I new CZ would get the most votes because everyone wants a big guy and I do too, but I don't think CZ will be an instant super star or starter at IU or any school. I do think he will be a great player in a couple years and truly someone we want. The other two JD an AT have about the same number of votes and if you had this poll 9 months ago I believe Thomas would have been a distant 3rd. I voted for him for one reason and that is his constant praise of our coaches,players and facilities. He seem more sold out on IU than the others and IU needs players who want to be here. Right now he seems to be the most vocal about IU than any of the other 2011 players not let official and maybe he will get the others to thinking and making an earlier commitment.

  • Ronb

    sorry about the spelling. My old fingers work faster than my brain. I should have proof read
    before sending

  • Kelin Blab

    Yeah it seems like JD made a comeback. I think Zellers impact will be he is the big fish IU needs to get in state, and he is that legitimate big man they need to build with. The Aaron Thomas legend grows, if he pushes back his decision beyond July, IU could be in some trouble, cause plenty of other schools will line up.