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Actually, not really. I’ll keep this quick, but a couple of notes to pass along:

+ Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star is reporting that North Central guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera will not transfer to St. Benedict’s Prep. This, if you haven’t been following the story, is good news because former assistant Roshown McLeod is running the show at St. Ben’s.

+ The momentum for Tom Izzo to the Cleveland Cavaliers continues to pick up steam. Citing sources (surprise!), ESPN is reporting that if Cavs owner Dan Gilbert offers the position, Izzo is likely to take it. This seems like a huge career gamble for Izzo if he’s not guaranteed that LeBron will return (and he’s not), but the opportunity to coach at the next level and work for Gilbert apparently has him intrigued.

+ The Indiana Junior all-stars, led by Marquis Teague and Cody Zeller, knocked off the All-Stars in an exhibiton game at Rushville. Mike Pegram has a free game-wrap (link) with some quotes from Zeller.

+ The Pac-10 officially announced that Colorado will join the conference, making the Buffaloes the first new member since 1978. Goodbye, Big 12.

+ The Detroit News has an update on Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris and Steve Hanlon of the Times of Northwest Indiana reports that Branden Dawson may not return to Gary Lew Wallace.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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  • Mastelly23

    A quick question about all this conference movement stuff…

    So all this talk about the new teams coming (Nebraska so far), but when do they actually join the Big Ten? Is this happening next year? I’m a student now and already bought my season tickets (football and basketball), and know most (if not all) of the football season is already put together schedule wise… so are they rescheduling everything or when does this stuff actually matter? For 30 bucks, I’d love if they added another home game next year, especially since we have the one “home” game against Penn State that is in Washington or wherever that is.

  • marcusgresham

    If Colorado goes and becomes #11, the 3 Texas schools (minus Baylor,) become 12-14, do the Oklahoma schools become 15 & 16, or does that leave them out in the cold with Kansas? I'd have to think they'll go too, giving the Pac-1? two divisions, basically one of the original 8 (coastal) teams and the other of the new 6+the Arizona schools.

    As for Izzo, I think he'd know as much/more than anyone on LaBron's choice before he commits to coach Jamario Moon & LaBron's new step-daddy Delonte West.

  • Kelin Blab

    Thinking about the izzo situation he has every reason to leave with or without lebron…
    + Salary will at minimum double
    + Coaches Lebron James and advances them further into the playoffs, maybe a championship
    + Does not coach Lebron, expectations are lowered, salary still doubled
    + Plays for an owner that is an MSU grad, big safety net
    + Izzo could go 0-82 for 3 seasons, get fired, still collect his cash and get an elite college job

    Nothing to lose…..
    So who will be the first to report MSU has or wants to contact Crean? If I were CTC I would have a statement ready IMMEDIATELY as you know coaches will use this against him big time if he doesn't ….

  • indiananorthshore

    You forgot to mention the Blackhawks winning The Stanley Cup. Thank God I have one team that is not letting me down!!!

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Here's what bothers me about Izzo leaving (although I'm not sure why I'm bothered by it since it's MSU and not IU): NBA coaches are rarely, if ever, eulogized and memorialized like college coaches. Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson … maybe Larry Brown … those seem to be the only really well known NBA coaches. In the NBA, the credit goes to the players. Even Phil gets discredited because people say “he had Jordon” or “he had Shaq” or “he had Kobe” … I know NBA coaches can be more famous nationally for a briefer period, but I'd argue that Izzo is just about as famous nationally–right now–as any current NBA coach outside of Phil Jackson and Larry Brown.

    Yes, when he's done, he can get any job he wants, but go ask Pitino if he wished he would've left UK for the NBA. I'm not saying Izzo will fail like Pitino (he will without LeBron), but Pitino hasn't sniffed the success at UofL that he had at UK.

    Here's Izzo's five year plan:
    Years 1, 2, & 3: coach LeBron-less Cavs to sucky record
    Year 4: get fired
    Year 5: get hired to coach at University of Michican

  • millzy32

    Money isn't everything. Well actually it is but once you have enough then it becomes less valuable. You know the good old law of diminishing returns. Izzo would do this because he wants a challenge, he's already rich enough making 3 million a year and 6 won't put him in another status category (We're not talking billions here, he can't buy cruise ship sized yachts).

    Izzo will leave if he feels that trying to win in the NBA is an accomplishment that he values. Maybe it is. Maybe he wants to prove people wrong that college coaches can actually succeed with pro athletes. I wish him the best and hope he gets out of MSU and leaves them in the relative obscurity that they had between the Magic era and his era.

    The MSU job is only a better job right now than the IU job because of Izzo not because of MSU and their basketball history. Without him they really don't have one and if Bird would have scored a few more points then maybe they have nothing without him. Once Izzo leaves MSU goes back to being a mediocre football and basketball school and my guess is that the biggest benefactor will be the University of Michigan basketball program. Their history pre Izzo is far superior to MSU. No worries on Crean leaving for MSU. Crean needs to fix IU before he has the chance to leave for any greener pastures anyway. I doubt he's on any short list right now until he proves himself. I pray that he does prove himself and that he never leaves. He's a college coach and if he returns Indiana to glory where else is better? I say there isn't anywhere better just a handful of schools that are comparable and why would you leave for one.

    Go IU.

  • GFDave

    Reading the tea leaves I would say our chances with J Davis are improving. Izzo is iffy and McLeod is out.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    If Crean's buyout was lower, I think MSU would have Crean on their shortlist, but $3 million is steep in the current economic climate. I hope MSU doesn't hire Brad Stevens… ex-Butler coach Thad Matta already drains enough of our state's talent to another state, we don't need a funnel from Indy to East Lansing.

  • Kelin Blab

    Apparently the Dayton coach, an izzo disciple is on the short list, but I would be stunned if Stevens didn't get a call.

    I wonder what Jeremiah Davis is thinking right now. From my sources….that I will not reveal…JD is well aware of Aaron Thomas being in town and his love for IU. In so many words he was told, you either want to be a hoosier or you will find that Aaron Thomas wearing your jersey….(This isn't coming from anyone within the program for those that care.)

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I'd read the Dayton guy's name was already being bandied about, but they have to at least *try* to interview Stevens, right? And as much as I want Stevens to stay at Butler–for Butler's sake and for IU's sake–he'd be crazy to not take their phone call and see what they have to say.

    I hope MSU does something insane, like hire Magic Johnson. They wouldn't be very good, but it would be a fun show to watch.

  • it's Indiana

    I live in East Lansing, but graduated from IU. ALL my friends know that I am a die hard Hoosier and a lot of them kid about “stealing that Crean guy from down south.” The truth is that no one honestly thinks that is how it will play out. Gregory (Dayton) has been the heir apparent for quite some time. I promise that he is the “next coach ready today” that Hollis has been quoted about.

    Izzo does a ton of events locally (comedy with Will Farrell, Izzo Goes to Broadway, radio shows etc). I don't claim to know him personally but I get a lot of exposure to him through local media. For what it's worth here is my “local” take on the guy.

    Not motivated by money, but highly motivated by new challenges (+1CAVS)
    Proud to be “a Michigan guy” and represent the state (+1MSU)
    This last season was very tough on him (+1CAVS)
    Wife and kids will factor into this decision big time (+2 MSU)
    Does not want to join NBA and not be a contender (+ or – LEBRON)

    It isn't spin, he is a great guy. I don't know how I feel about him leaving..great for my team, bad for my city. It has been great to read the comments from my people though, you guys all really know your stuff!

  • Hardwood83

    Everything I've read points to a 2011 addition for Nebraska, in other words the upcoming season is played 'as is' then a new schedule in all sports begins the next year. Still a fluid situation but that is the report and they've been pretty accurate so far.

  • marcusgresham

    At least the hiring of Magic Johnson to coach at Michigan State would keep him from attempting another god-awful talk show.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    No, I think the best “Pitino to Kentucky to Louisville” comparison would be Izzo coming back and replacing Bo Ryan.