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Kentucky News - March 03, 2010 Pete Thamel, The New York Times college sports reporter who is among the best at his trade, published a story late Friday night revealing the NCAA is looking into former Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe.

The Times story, which you can read in its entirety at this link, says the NCAA is investigating dramatic changes in Bledsoe’s high school transcript and extra benefits he allegedly received as a senior at Parker High in Birmingham, AL. The Alabama High School Association is also investigating, according to the Times.

Kentucky, meanwhile, is already on the defense. The university issued this statement on Saturday:

Often high profile student-athletes are selected for an extensive prospective student-athlete (PSA) review. Eric Bledsoe participated in the normal academic review process and also an extensive PSA review by the NCAA Eligibility Center and was cleared academically.

While this may be true, it’s also important to remember that it’s not uncommon for the NCAA to retroactively declare a player ineligible following a more extensive investigation. (See Rose, Derrick.)

Bledsoe, Kentucky coach John Calipari, UK President Lee Todd or Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart have yet to comment publicly on the Times story.


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    There should be a gigantic version of that shirt hung on the south bound lanes of that bridge on the IN side as a warning, kind of a enter at your own risk type of thing.

    You sound like someone who lives in the southern IN, like I do, and has had to experiance all the BS that a lot of people that don't live that close to the center of all evil don't have to put up with as much as someone living close enough that when the wind blows out of the south strongly you can smell the stench of the big blue cess pool. If there is a bball hell then the gates to it are surely in Lexington. Just one more reason why Calislime is a perfect fit where he is because I can think of no one more qualified to be the gaurdian of those gates.

    Will email the article to you.

  • Roninjeffersonville

    Does anyone remember the article about Enes Kanter. He was driving around in $85000 rental car. The article was posted in the Washington Post. Just wondering. So many question and so little time

  • Uncle Kerfuffle


    Having to cross that bridge myself several times a week and deal with the UK mentality that exists on the southern side of the river, I think you need to consider wearing a tee shirt that only has one syllable words printed on it. Remember who you are dealing with.

  • Wade Gibbs

    So, a police officer pulls someone over for suspected drunken driving. After passing all field sobriety tests plus a breathalizer, the driver is released and leaves. After about four or five months, a police officer shows up at the driver's door and arrests him for dui. Sounds ridiculous, huh? What is the point of the NCAA having a clearinghouse to decide whether players are eligible or not? If they have success, after being deemed eligible to play, or there is a popular agenda, the clearinghouse goes back and retroactively deems the player inactive. This is completely and utterly stupid. If the players are deemed eligible by the NCAA, how can the same body find, later, that they are ineligible. It looks like some schools and/or players should sue the NCAA out of existence.