2012 Intro: Hanner Perea

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The Essentials: 6-8, 210 lbs forward for United Faith Christian Academy and Indiana Elite

The Schools: Alabama, Baylor, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee have all offered scholarships. North Carolina and Wake Forest have shown interest.

The Leaders: Perea said at the adidas May Classic that Indiana and Baylor are sitting at the top of his list. Indiana Director of Operations and Video Coordinator Drew Adams coached Perea on Indiana Elite before joining the Hoosier staff.

The Ranking: ESPN ranks Perea No. 25 in its “Terrific 25” for the 2012 class.

The Scout Says: β€œThe 6-foot-8 forward is a physical specimen, and someone with absolutely freakish athletic ability. More than that though, Perea has a solid feel for the game and good hands around the rim and on the break. His skill set is still a little raw on the post, but his strength and athleticism make him a very difficult matchup for most forwards, especially at his age level.” – Rivals.com analyst Brian Snow on Perea’s play at the adidas May Classic.

The Highlights:

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  • Danny

    Saw him at the Adidas May Classic. Threw down the nastiest windmill i’ve ever seen, and when fully extended his arms are at least 137 feet long. no joke. could probably grab a rebound from mid court lol. he has no right to be a junior in high school.

  • Kelin Blab

    2012 Midnight Madness dunk contest….

    Junior- Will Sheehey
    Freshmen-Hanner Perea
    Freshmen – Ron Patterson

    I would pay for more than a can good to watch this one…

  • Kelin Blab

    I am going to give Crean a ton of credit and his staff for having an eye for identifying talent. There is no way in hell Perea should have just two offers. I am glad IU is one of them and hope it pays off. Hopefully Baylor does not have a Hall of Awesome like IU and maybe someone will lure away Drew….helluva coach.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    My fav. 2012 recruit…

  • marcusgresham

    Not sure if he has a range outside of 0 feet because he just threw down like 300 dunks there, but I'm not sure it matters because he attacks the rim with the anger of Ray Tolbert. That, kids, is some serious strength! That one block was nasty—dude stopped dead in mid-air. Able to leap Tom Pritchard in a single bound!

  • slikyslim222

    Early info is encouraging. Would love to see IU get a tough guy down low. However, I am also curious about his character, GPA, and team attitude. Anyone out there hear anything?


    With what we already have and what we will have feel like this one is the ” have to have one “. Looks like it may come down to Baylor's recent success being up against Perea's local ties / Crean's salesmanship and, maybe most importantly, continued improvement in the winning games department.

    Something that I think gets somewhat overlooked is that he seems to be the blueprint of the type of big that best fits into the style of play that Crean seems to want to play in that he has the bulk already and is very athletic but is also seemingly able to do a pretty good job of running the floor. This might also be the recruit that finally breaks the logjam loose and we start to pick up more of the gamechanger type of players that we are missing at this time….well that and winning considerably more games.

    Build it and they will come (Cook Hall)……….check.
    Win and they will look and listen harder and then come……..still a work in progress.


    Kelin, if the article above is correct he has offers from Alabama, Tennessee and Missouri as well as IU & Baylor plus I'm sure he will pick up several more offers before it is all said and done. I am hoping that a small number of additional offers will mean that after talking with him other coaches feel like he has already pretty much made up his mind who he is going to sign with and even offering him would be a waste of time. I don't even begin to think I'm on the same level as CTC when it comes to being an evaluator of high school talent but I do know enough about it to know that if he isn't offered by others it's not because they wouldn't love to have him but rather they feel like their time is better spent with someone they have a better chance of signing.

    You know the ole saying though ” it ain't over till it's over ” and if nothing else recent recruiting news has shown us that a recruit is not really on board until they sign on the dotted line ( e.g. Terrance Jones ). If Calipayoff sneaks in at the last second & steals this one from us like he has done that school in the Northwest we will have to team up with UW and plan something really nasty and diasterous for him and his band of criminals.

  • hoosierfan2

    Gotta have him, he's going to be more athletic than 99% of the guys he plays against in college. I feel like he should be priority number 1 for IU.

  • IUDawg

    With Authority!

  • q95

    can't tell a thing about this kid other than he's a good dunker. how's his mid-range jumper or other BASKETBALL skills which are essential for competing for big ten championships???

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Yeah, he needs to develop a dribble-drive or a mid-to-long-range jumpshot before I'm giving him the ball with the shot clock winding down, but I still think he's my #1 target based on his athleticism (which all the reports from the Adidas May Classic listed as “freaky,” and apparently he threw down a dunk that made Mo Creek about fall out of his chair), and I think he would be a Mr. Intangibles (blocks, dunks, rebounds, intensity … I realize some of those are tangible stats, but the manner in which a block or dunk is done can really fire up the crowd/team in a way that doesn't appear on the stat sheet).

  • Sam

    Tom Crean needs to add talent in a hurry and this guy has it in volumes. My hope is Crean can still figure things out for the class of 2011 but it’s looking more and more like 2012 is his last line of defense. If he can’t clear things up for a huge 2012 class he’s going to be butchered by the media and fans alike.

  • marsh21

    This kid has a great start and has two more years to develop before college. If he is surrounded by decent coaches he will improve greatly in other areas of the game.

    This would be a big time get for Crean and I'm glad he's chasing him hard.

  • Seth

    I’m not sure what my ideal recruiting class of 2012 is, but I know Perea is a part of it.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    He seems like a nice kid, genuinely good attitude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb6nXHP6br0

  • psvirsky

    The blueprint comment is spot on. I'm not Crean expert but it doesn't seem like we need to have tons of typical back to the basket big men. We need guys who can keep up with our guards, finish fast breaks, and then do big man stuff (boards, interior D, etc.).

    Perea's definitely my top choice and he seems like a good kid. A friend of mine was at the tourney two weeks back and gave him a little rudimentary Spanish which Perea enjoyed (or laughed at, it was unclear). I worry about Drew at Baylor – there are whispers about his recruiting techniques and with their recent success, Perea won't be an easy guy to sign.

    Random note – word around the Star is that Patterson is going to be the next guy to sign with IU.

  • Kelin Blab

    I have heard the patterson stuff also. Getting him to commit would be huge, Patterson is a 5 star talent….

  • Kelin Blab

    I have heard the patterson stuff also. Getting him to commit would be huge, Patterson is a 5 star talent….

  • psvirsky

    Indeed, it would be huge. He's already talented but you get the feeling that he will take huge strides with Mewby coaching him.

    I just hope it happens soon to make sure no one takes his spot by committing earlier. He's probably my second most wanted now after Perea, FWIW

  • MillaRed

    I'm with you. We have nothing close to him in terms of the type of player. He plays well above the rim. Intimidating shot blocker and dunker. Has a great demeanor. He's a difference maker. Let's hope we can keep him for two years. He reminds me of Josh Smith before he developed his jumper.

  • Vince Williams

    Does anyone else get that “first time Pete Bell saw Neon Beaudeax” feeling when they watch this?

  • aceman07

    If these rumblings or rumors are true then IU could end up with a couple possible early signers this year in Patterson and Perea! That's one heck of a head start on the '12 class! If that's the case then I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more transfers to open up some more room because IU could really make a huge splash in 2012 by adding a couple more names like a Yogi and DSR or Hammons. I think a class with four of those five guys would rank in the top 5 and put IU back on the map for good. Landing all five would be a competitive starting lineup! I can see it now.

    DSR, Perea, Hammon, Patterson, Ferrell. – That would definitely be a coup of a recruiting class and IU is legitimately in the running for all those guys at this point! We just need to make sure we have the room.

  • aceman07

    Kelin, what have you heard about this Jurkin kid who plays with Perea? I know IU is the only team to offer him and he plays AAU ball with Indiana Elite and that he's like 7'0″ and 220 pounds as a 15-yr-old!!! Is this as a good of an offer as it sounds.

    Once again, IU better have some scholarship room going into 2012 because they could clean house!

  • iubase

    wow…an inside presence that would change the character of the team. Best athletic ability of all the recruits I have seen. Add him to a good penetrating point guard and we now have a big ten team that can challenge for the title once again. Hope we have a shot at him….go CTC

  • walton

    That block at the 43 second mark was sick

  • AceLion

    I've been watching Indiana basketball for a long time, and I can't remember IU ever having a player with the type of above the rim game this kid possesses. I would REALLY like to see him sign with IU. Don't count out Baylor though. Drew has proven to be both a great coach and a great recruiter. The fact that the kid plays at a private Christian academy may be a factor as well. I would assume that would be at least part of the reason that he is so high on Baylor.

  • Kelin Blab

    What I know about Jurkin is he has some skills offensively just needs to get stronger by his own admission. The good thing for IU is, his Perea, Indiana Elite, A Hope connection. Defensively he could develop even further. I think he would come in a little further along than Bawa, probaly due to playing more on the AAU circuit. In hall honesty…Hammons is better, but he just doesn't seem like a Crean type of player who is agile, can face the basket etc. Hammons is your traditional back to the basket post player…..which is good…but is that what Crean wants?

    I know people talk of a package deal with Jurkins and Perea but i don't think that is the case but it could help….hopefully help better than Leary and Montross…

  • Scott W.

    What I been reading, Patterson maybe the first to commit to the Hoosiers. With Perea ,Jurkin and T.J. Bell to follow. Love to see DSR and Hammons at IU also, the 2012 class is loaded.

  • MillaRed

    One word “toughness”

    With that body he won't be afraid of anyone. His dunks remind me of myself on my Nerf Hoop.

  • jpniles

    This kid's athleticism is SICK!!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!! It is great that IU is in with this kid already, it will hopefully pay dividends! Is the Patterson chatter legit? If so, that would be HUGE! I was thinking he had a strong Purdue lean! Patterson could be the real deal if he doesn't have an “And One” attitude. Haven't seen any interviews with him… I have just seen highlights.

  • MillaRed

    This would be like a Calipari class but we wouldn't have to pay them!

  • Scott B

    Got to see that one as well, from about 12 feet out head above the rim. Just amazing. I was equally impressed with his presence on the other end of the floor with some very athletic blocks and rebounds. The competition was not that great but he was flat out dominant.

  • Panther1

    It is about time IU get someone athletic like this kid. Playing above the rim is something we have lacked for too long. I realize great athletes like this kid are not that easy to get, but there have been too many times I have watched other teams and just been jealous of the athletes they put on the floor. I am not just talking about the Kentuckys and Memphis’s of the world. Did anyone see Dayton? They ran Illinois off the court and did the same to N.C. in the NIT? How can we not get a few kids like that?

  • Jubilee

    Are you thinking of dawson as the Purdue lean.

  • aceman07

    That brings back not so fond memories! I like Hammons but I agree that he's really not a CTC type post player. I think I'd be happy with this package deal if it did happen and a couple stud guards like Patterson, Ferrell, or DSR.

    '12 could really be a pUKe type recruiting class without the suspicion of cheating like MillaRed says above.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    When I read that, I heard the voice of whoever announced the NBA Jam video games. I think after every Perea dunk–and maybe Oladipo too–I'll shout “Boom shaka-laka!” or “Is it the shoes?!!”

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    The fact that observers have reported that Patterson plays “lock-down defense,” even in AAU games, leads me to think he wouldn't have an And One attitude (although I did spot a video of him on YouTube playing rather lazy defense, but I had no context, and it was definitely an AAU game).

  • Kelin Blab

    I think if Patterson commits soon or first, that will put the heat on the others in 2012 to DO something, if they are considering IU….moreso, DSR, Yogi, Hollowell, possibly Harris. I know the scholly will be held for Perea.

  • Kelin Blab

    Scott I can't get excited about TJ Bell just yet….saw him in person during the season….I can only describe his performance as…”uninterested” or “just woke up from a nap”. I know he is young, this will be an important season for him at South replacing Fromm…

  • Kelin Blab

    Jurkins is more skilled than I thought, looking at these highlights. You can tell he has been taught well fundamentally, with holding the ball high, decent footwork, and as a big man should, anything near the basket you try to dunk the ball and anything with you….


  • aceman07

    Good video. Thanks.

  • aceman07

    Particularly impressed with the sequence at about 1:50 where he kicks the ball out for a three off the post pass then goes hard to the rim for the tip. That showed good court awareness to get the ball where it needed to be then immediately get himself in a position he needed to be in.

    Also, he does keep the ball high and that was as a freshman so he's going to fill out a little more and get stronger which was really the only weakness I could see. Even his form at the foul line looked pretty good.

  • Taskmaster75

    Don't worry, Rivals will drop him to a 3 star and a fringe top-100 prospect somehow…. πŸ˜€

  • slikyslim222

    Thanks for the info, in that case iufpuphd, I hope CTC keeps an eye out for him and cream & crimson runs through his veins. So far our beloved IU program is getting good talent and character guys. I am very hopeful of the progress and believe we will see an upswing of wins this year.

  • Kelin Blab

    I even saw him throw an alley oop to perea. I wonder how comparable is Jurkin to Bawa as far as experience. I don't know how long Bawa has been playing basketball, it will be interested to see his progress having this off season. Jurkin can absolutely pick up some more weight and get stronger….again could be a steal for Crean if he can land Perea and Jurkin for 2012.

  • aceman07

    I watched a few more videos of Jurkin today and I was even more impressed. He is smooth on his feet and was following almost every shot, make or miss, to the basket! He crashes the glass and always keeps the ball high. He seems to have to limit his leaping so he doesn't hit his head on the board and rim! Blocks shots with just a little hop using timing. I think just a Patterson, Perea, Jurkin class would be a coup and an immediate tournament team!

  • Kelin Blab

    I like the class of Patterson, Perea, and Jurkin and a pt guard would be great. I have not seen Yogi play alot but a friend of mine who coaches against him in the same section told me, he is just so tough to defend. This is coming from a coach with a pretty talented team with some quickness but they had no answer for Yogi and him creating for others.

    I hope Crean can keep up the interest in Perea and Patterson, they are 5 star talents easily. Playing with Indiana Elite has obviously helped Jurkin.