Video: Northern Idaho College’s Guy-Marc Michel

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Indiana’s quest to add a big man to its 2010 recruiting class continues and the latest name to surface is 7-1 Northern Idaho College big man Guy-Marc Michel.

Michel, who will have two years of college eligibility, is originally from Sainte Marie, Martinique. He reportedly visited the IU campus this past weekend and once played for the Under-20 French National Team.

As a sophomore, Michel averaged seven points, seven rebounds and three blocks and was named first team All-Scenic West Athletic Conference. Detailed scouting reports of Michel are available here and here.

Or if you’d prefer to get a look at Michel, check out the video Kelin passed along earlier this evening (he’s wearing No. 42 in blue):

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  • Outoftheloop

    Great question.

  • iubase

    yes – I too was frustrated that Bawa was not playing last year. The exposure helps, and with a year to develop and bulk up I thought Bawa was a key to this team developing into a top tier team. We have shooters and guys that have played indiana ball their whole lives (i.e. high bball IQ). We need rebounds (in traffic) to initiate the fast break now that we have some thoroughbreds. Not sure Michel will be able to mature into the post spot against big ten bigs in just 2 years. If Negedu comes then Bawa should have some open looks, and with Creek and Watford running it could be fun..I'd lay my chips on Bawa and hope Crean can get him minutes this year.

  • marcusgresham

    Kyle Macy was a transfer to Kentucky; Cliff Rozier a transfer to Louisville; Robert Vaden, Armon Bassett and Jordan Crawford played fairly well for their second teams. There are tons of successful transfers and not always anything to do with ego.

  • Outoftheloop

    I agree.

  • Ryan_Btown

    I'll refer back to this post. And how do we know exactly that Bawa is a player?

  • marchus

    that is just what i am hearing from a very reliable source

  • Outoftheloop

    You site some good examples. However, I think that the bulk of examples are on my side. But, I don't have the time or resources to look up a 10 year history to provide an answer.

  • JerryCT

    BGleas – I fully agree with you but lets go to Howard.

    Howard had MAjor problems w big centers in the games I saw where the other team had a mobile and strong center. The best example was GTWN in Madison Sq Garden. I was there.

    Monroe killed him and fouled him out. Curtis Kelly was hurting him too at KSU and keep in mind he did not actually play against the 'Cuse center , Onuaku. Zoubek won the Duke game by preventing him from sealing off for Hayward.

    Pritchard , when gets into your body you are usually stuck right where you are so i think he is fine. howard actually has to bang into his man to disrupt.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    That stat line in that type of conference is horrible. TJ's was worse. We don't need a 2 yr development taking up roster space. Bawa s/b more serviceable this year and progress year after year…finally by yr 4 we should have something. 2 yrs with this other guy makes no sense.

  • Outoftheloop

    So what? Look at the stats: Bawa #1 in blocks/min .081 (TJ #2 .039, Pritch #3 .029, Capo #4 .027); #2 in Reb/min .210 (Capo #1 .219, Pritch #3 .173, TJ #4 .136); #3 in Pts/min .177 (Pritch #1 .212, Capo #2 .189, TJ #4 .078). Bawa-62 min, Capo-370 min, and Pritch-618 min, were very close in production, TJ-103 min, was far behind. But on defense there was no comparison, with either Bawa or TJ in the lane there were few layups. With Capo and Pritch there were many.

  • Outoftheloop

    You use a relevant scale for qualitative comparison. It is not perfect, but Rivals had Bawa ranked as the # 111 senior in high school as a basketball player. Most would agree that that ranking should mean that he is a Player, if he ever gets on the court. Not a guarantee but one of the best guesses around. The proof is on the court. That is what I am waiting for. If Bawa gets 20 + min a game playing with the first team for 4-6 games and is a bust, then he is not ready yet. But as of now NO One Knows!

  • I'm not advocating one way or the other for Howard, he's an above average, but not great player IMO. I'm just saying, that although it would be great, we don't need a 6-11 270 lb center. IMO, with their length and athleticism, a front line of Negadu (assuming he's healthy and can play to capabilities), Elston and Watford is more than enough size to compete.

    With Pritchard, I agree with you generally that he does bring things to the table as far as defense and setting effective screens, but I also feel that if he's starting for you then your team probably isn't good. I also thought Capo has surpassed him by the end of last season.

  • An yet Purdue was a top 5 team in the country. In this day and age of college basketball the old PF is now a C. We're currently in an age where all five guys on the floor can knock down threes, handle the ball and run like gazelles. There are very few true low-post back to the basket centers in college basketball today.

    IMO Capo and Negadu can play center and hopefully Pritch and Bawa can give minutes there as well. I think both Capo and Pritch are centers in today's world.

  • GFDave

    So let me see here. You don't think he played enough for me to judge, but feel free to extrapolate his minutes (1/30 of the year) and draw conclusions about his production. Judging by your stats he was one of the very best players on the team. Sorry but that doesn't wash with me. You need way more data points to compare him to people that played starters' minutes.

  • Diesel

    I'm with GF Dave.

    Bawa is not a player, and we do know that to be true, because CTC is payed millions to WIN basketball games and if Bawa had the ability to help us win games over Pritch or Capo, then he would have been on the floor. Bawa was not pushing around the ball cart all practice long. He was scrimmaging, doing big man drills, working on footwork, and learning the plays just like everyone else. If Bawa was a player, he would have torn it up in the mop-up role he got, but he didn't. The only reason Bawa was rated so highly is because he is 7 foot, not because he is a player. I don't believe Duke was playing Zoubek 20 min/game as a freshmen to develop him.

    As far as Guy goes, if it is a swap for Bawa, I'll take him. Otherwise save the scholly.

  • JerryCT

    Outofloop – I like your analytical effort here but I must agree w GFDave that we donot really have enough minutes at the right time in the game to extrapolate . I used the same conceptual anaylsis for example to compare Eric Gordon to Jordan Crawford and concluded that the love affair w Gordon should have been equally shared w Crawford , if only he had the same minutes .

  • choosier

    I think we would suffer from additional buyer/scholarship remorse with this guy…immediately.

  • Kelin Blab

    Diesel..I agree, there is a reason Bawa did not beat out Tijan for minutes….I hope like hell if we don't sign anyone else …..someone can anchor that middle and be a force on the glass and defense. Bawa rankings is based on him being 7ft and built like a house and a poor ranking system in college….

  • JerryCT

    Are you willing to meet me for drinks and pay for them to celebrate ? That is the ultimate test of how reliable a source is

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I'd love to see that type of production on a much larger scale this coming season. I'd love to make Bawa our C if he can prove that he's got things figured out. I was all in favor of Bawa getting minutes over Jobe, but that must not have happened for a reason. Based on the type of person Bawa seems to be, I think we can assume he's working his tail off this spring, and will continue to do so this summer. I don't think Crean would've fought so hard to get Bawa eligible (last summer), only to let him languish on the bench forever.

  • marchus

    lol……. um poor college students cant afford to do that

  • Outoftheloop

    Excellent points!

  • Outoftheloop

    Your example proves MY POINT! He compared just below Eric Gordon, but Eric did play with injuries most of the season. You saw what Jordan did this year. He is a sure NBA guy, better than either Manny Harris or Etwuan Moore. I stand by my numbers.

  • Outoftheloop

    You have your opinion and I have mine. No problem there. But some of what you say I do not buy. Big men need PG, SG, and wings to spread the floor and give them the ball where they need it and when they need it. Kory Barnett, Danny Moore and TJ don't fit the bill. Duke did play Zoubek 10-15 min a game in the previous 3 yrs. They couldn't play him more because they were already GOOD, in the NCAA Tourney good. IU was 10-21, BAD. I think that Coach Crean made a mistake last year in not giving Bawa minutes on the court with the First Team. I also think that the geniuses on Wall Street made a mistake in packaging the derivatives of mortgage securities blind, so you could not tell which were solid and which were weak. Everyone makes mistakes. Me too.

  • Outoftheloop

    I think that the reasons were obvious, reward a great kid who worked hard and was a real team-university asset and solidify relationships with important people for future recruits. Coach Crean could afford to do this because Bawa was raw and needed work and was not going to “tear-up” the Big-Ten on the court. But he certainly would have played better than TJ in his 103 minutes, and he would have played at least as well as Capo and Pritchard in their 988 combined minutes. If Bawa had played around 350 min (about 11 min/game) our team would have been slightly better last year (maybe 12-14 wins), and Bawa would be markedly better approaching next year. We wasted an opportunity. But Coach Crean thought, wrongly as it turned out, that Pritchard (618 min), would turn his season around in the next game. It did not happpen. But maybe we would not be as strong with some highly valued recruits down the road as we are now. Coach Crean has a long-term contract, who can blame him for taking a long-term approach. We all want a BANNER not a 17 win season!

  • Outoftheloop

    You are completely wrong! Creek was far and away the most productive player on the team: #1 in points/min, FG%, 3-pt %. steals/min; Watford and Elston were also very productive, as was Jones.Yes the extrapolation is good not perfect. Look at how close the numbers were for Bawa, Capo and Pritchard in points and rebounds per minute. Only in Blocks did the 7' guys have a clear edge. And yes TJ was clearly at the bottom of the “Big” guys in terms of production.

  • marsh21

    Well medical facts are what they are so I can't say otherwise, but IU is taking a big risk if something goes wrong. There will be countless stories on the “win at all cost scenarios” and if something happens it could take Crean down too.

    This could set IU back another 5 years IF something happens.

    If I was the AD I'm stepping in to say no on this one.

  • Outoftheloop

    Purdue, Butler, and there were other teams that were very good last year, because they played GREAT TEAM DEFENSE, with solid TEAM rebounding and solid, unselfish assist/TO ball-handling. We are Hoosiers after all, and we do know how the game is supposed to be played (even if our IU Hoosiers could not do it)!

  • Outoftheloop


  • Hardwood83

    I don't think BM was ready for prime-time, but my question is why wasn't he red-shirted? 62 mins all season? A complete waste, imo. I don't think he gained anything in that limited time that he wouldn't have gotten in practice anyway. If he is just a space filler that won't help the team then gently move him on to make space for others, but if he's an asset then develop him for the future- either way burning a yr of eligibility last season didn't help him or the team.

  • Hardwood83

    I think someone else nailed it on here stating this is more 'due diligence' then anything else. Legit 7 footers are rare enough you have to at least give them a look and this guy is available right away apparently. Based on what I've seen/read I will be shocked and disappointed if he ends up at IU- but Coach has to check him out.

  • GFDave

    Really nice chatting with you. dws

  • So we agree? I'm not sure where we're here anymore :).

  • garyindiana

    don't forget killingsworth.

  • garyindiana

    crap, you didn't.

  • Outoftheloop

    I think that if Coach Crean had a “RE-DO” that would be his choice. They just figured it out too late.

  • it's Indiana

    I know others will learn about this soon, but Adrian Wajnarowski is reporting on Yahoo that Calipari is “interested” in the Chicago Bulls job. I'm practically giggling in my chair! Of course, you know what this could mean don't you?


  • Kelin Blab

    129 comments and counting for big Guy….wow…

    Can someone tell me why we got into a big tizzy over Moses and immediately did not cozy up to Guy….they are the same type of player, Guy has more experience, and is bigger, but Moses had us up to 2am…..

    Maybe it was the name Moses?

  • Not sure about this one. Has it really gotten this bad? The good news is that we have Jeremiah Rivers, the turnover robot.

  • Because Moses was a freshman and we would have more time to see him develop. Moses is not plying ball on Idaho. Eye – Duh – Hoe.

  • it's Indiana

    Calipari via twitter: “Every year you will hear my named mentioned for NBA jobs because I coached in the league before. I'm very happy at Kentucky

  • aceman07

    I don't Kelin? I would wonder seriously if he's going to put up those numbers in a high power D1 conference. He did make one strong move but appeared to get scored over pretty easily by a shorter player a few times and looks pretty slow-a-foot. I guess if CTC knows a big is transferring and this isn't going to kill the scholly situation then I'd be okay with it, but I have my doubts that he'd contribute much, if any at all.

  • marsh21

    Agreed he should have been red-shirted. Crean was ask that question and he said they didn't have the depth to red-shirt him. I don't think Crean wanted to keep him five years on that team.

  • marsh21

    That's a lock!

    Save the space.


    Turns out that it was a dual threat thing lools like.

    If you don't like how I do things then I will just take my services where I am more appreciated and if you want me to stay and not act like my feelings were hurt it better be in the form of a raise. YEP !! That was what became of that situation. Calipayoff got them off his back and got them to give him a pay raise while they were at it. Just heard it on the sports portion of the local news, actually it was called “breaking news” and was reported before the sports portion even came on.

    Only at a NBA farm team in KanTuckgee can you be rewarded for having a team grade point average such as they have. Student athlete ???? Ahhhh don't think so. IMHO it is just further proof that Crean is doing it the right way, albeit longer and more frustrating, but none the less the better way.

    It is starting to look like that two of the best things that could happen in the next couple of years might just happen in the same year. IU returns to prominence and pUKe gets the NCAA cell door slammed on them…..before Criminalipari can sneak out of town.

  • good article1
    good video!I like the sport video!


    Crean knows nothing about big men. He's a guard oriented coach—always has been. Tijan, Bawa, now Guy-Marc. Ridiculous! Northern Idaho? As said above “we don't need more projects.” Crean is the wrong guy to rebuild IU. He's a power-walking cheerleader. This is a garbage signing. Just gets more frustrating.