Report: Juco forward Dwight McCombs to Central Florida

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Dwight McCombs, a 6-8, 240-pound forward from Morraine Valley Community College (IL), has given a verbal commitment to the University of Central Florida.

McCombs had Indiana among his final list of schools and was scheduled to visit Bloomington on Tuesday. But that visit is likely canceled as is reporting that the Chicago native will attend Central Florida:

McCombs narrowed his school choices to Arizona State, Auburn, Indiana, and Middle Tennessee State a week ago, spurring offers from Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, NC State, and Penn State.  After a strong visit at ASU it was common thought that he’d verbally commit to the Sun Devils.

With one official visit left Dwight decided to set it for MTSU this past weekend.  However, a call from his good friend Marcus Jordan, also a former Whitney Young star that currently plays at UCF, convinced McCombs to take a quietly-kept unofficial visit to the Orlando campus.

With the late interest from IU and the Emmanuel Negedu chatter continuing to pick up steam, it’s not surprising that McCombs would chose another school. It is, however, a bit of a surprise that McCombs will attend Central Florida rather than Arizona State, who had long been considered the favorite to secure a commitment.

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  • marcusgresham

    I'm not convinced his family has shown that they don't care about IU, I think his family has shown that they weren't on board with The Denim Demon and his Merry (juana) Men. From all accounts I've heard the Zeller family were IU fans.

    I agree with the assessments of missing out on this guy and depending on the current roster to turn things around, though. Right now, the most important guy in the basketball program may be whomever is in charge of strength and conditioning.

  • garyindiana

    i still say he suits up in gold and black, maybe powder blue.

  • marcusgresham

    I have tempered enthusiasm for what Bawa can accomplish. He just needs of a better understanding of where to be on the floor because he has the physical tools. I know we kind of said that about Tijan, as well, but I think we should reword it and say Tijan had the body to be successful, but I don't know about the “physical tools.” Bawa can catch the ball when it's thrown to him, which is an underrated skill when considering the development of a big guy.

    If he bulks up much, though, Lynch may try to steal him—think that dude could fill in for Kirlew and Middleton rushing off the edge with a bit of work.

  • HoosierFromCT

    so true man. And this quote by MT doesn't help UK if there was ever to be an investigation….”I almost committed to Louisville twice, but that just shows what Coach Cal can do,” Teague told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “It means Coach Cal is a great coach and a great man to change my mind like that.”

  • iubase

    0I like Watford and Elston , but also think that Negedu can be good 4 and maybe even blossom into a star, and has more potential than either of these two. I do feel he can play – not unlike Marcus Camby (see my previous post about this). The outside shooting and transition game would blossom. …it would give us another good athlete and enable IU to play a style CTC learned at Michigan state.

  • garyindiana

    he was not going to until tyler smith was gone.

  • MikeinNC

    OMG, that is comedy gold. I wish the fake Cal had been able to press Teague a little on specifics. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Slimeball.

  • Uncle Joey

    You're kidding yourself if you think Tom Crean ISN'T busting his butt trying to land recruits–both in state and out of state. The fact of the matter is that kids don't want to play for a team that has a combined 16 wins in 2 years.

    Let's see how this season plays out before you start claiming that the sky is falling down.

  • Outoftheloop

    Negedu could not crack the TN starting lineup. Now with his heart condition he may not be as athletic as he was then. It has been one year since he last played team basketball. He has always been thin. I think that both Elston and Watford, with their extra 2 inches, weight work and Big-10 bruises, could dominate Negedu around the rim. Negedu was never a great outside shooter while both Elson and Watford have good 3-pt range. But Negedu can cut to the basket and finish with the best. I think that there is just too much RISK to use one of our scholarships on him when 2011 and 2012 look so promising with great prospects high on IU.

  • kristheboss

    Can someone clarify this for me, is IU having any scholarship penalty right now as a result of Sampson? On one hand I feel we're sorta depleted in # but I guess once 08 graduates it will free up alot.

  • garyindiana

    didn't luke commit to notre dame before denim shirt got there? guess they didn't like davis too.

  • marcusgresham

    I think about the time Luke was signing, the writing was on the wall that Davis was on the way out and no kid wants to sign with a school with no knowledge of who might be in charge when he gets there.
    I'd bet he ends up at Butler before Purdue, though.

  • marcusgresham

    There used to be a little graphic on this site you could open up (and it may still be on here and I just can't find it,) showing who was in what class and how many scholarships would be taken up each season, but I can't find it. From the best of my knowledge, though, any scholarship limitations are over and done with at this point and the team can sign as many as any other school.

  • IUbriz

    Hopefully Crean has someone slapping Bawa in the face. If this kid can get a smidge of a mean streak along with more knowledge on the game he could be a force. He is way too passive right now.

  • garyindiana

    i'd rather him go to purdue than KY or NC.

  • Diesel

    It's under the Resources link to the right called “Scholarship Numbers”

  • MillaRed

    First of all Joey, you got me. I completely said the sky is falling. Just read my post. That is EXACTLY what I said.

    To the rest of you ITHers, I give Coach a lot of credit for the 2009 class. It's a great foundation, and it's also the past. I don't quite get all the optimism about future classes. When they come they come. Until then I really can't get excited about anything.

    As it stands today, it just isn't a strong recruiting class. I believe there are 7 out of the top 2010 150 left on the board and we aren't courting any of them. We're looking at a kid with heart issues. That says a lot doesn't it?

    As things stand today I'm a little surprised at our incoming class. I like the two kids coming in, but it's top 60-70 at best. And no, I don't think the sky is falling. Just giving my two cents.

  • Outoftheloop


  • marcus jordan

  • marcusgresham

    Oops, messed that one up.