• JerryCT

    Crean referring to McClain getting up at 3am in the morning ……” You might be able to catch a few recruits who are just getitng in ” ……. funny.

    I feel the new hire is going to have an impact on the players ………. sounds like VO and Sheehey will fit in well w McClain

  • psvirsky

    Who's the third guy on the left? Is that the local kid who just got hired/promoted?

    Nice to hear a little from McClain – came off well and sounds like a serious hard worker. Glad to have him on board. And he's got seriously intense serial killer eyes. It would be hard to maintain eye contact with him up close.

  • That's Drew Adams.

  • JerryCT

    I think Crean should make McClain the designated “stare down” guy on the refs when Pritchard gets called for his 'touch” fouls.

    I can hear echoes in the minds of McClain's recruits now , ” what happens to me if I tell this guy 'no' '? ” will he come back and get my family ' ? ” How long will he hold a grudge “?

  • psvirsky

    Exactly right. He should be able to swing a few calls our way

  • iu77bu81

    Alex, thanks for providing these clips as short snippets. I have been enjoying them a few a time and letting the excitement for the new staff, facilities build along with the hope that the Hoosiers will begin climbing back this season.

  • marcusgresham

    He's kinda got a “Draco Malfoy all growed up” look to him

  • Diesel

    Love his comments on “work”. Wonder if he'll keep up with Crean in the Coke drinking department. Certainly will be helpful in the summer development of our guys and continuing to build our brand.

    Saw the video of Hanner Perea on the scoop, kid is sick. Says he is only looking at IU and Baylor. We've got to lock this kid down.

    Took a look at the scholly numbers from the link to the right, we've got problems there folks. From all the rumors linking just about everyone with the possibility of transfering to what now seems like no one leaving, there is just now room. Alex, if Emmanual Negedu were to materialize, what class would he be in? Really want J Davis and Zeller but someone is going to have to move on. Need a last stop in the Cook Hall Tour where recruits can go ahead and make their verbal….

  • Believe Negedu would be a sophomore. He only played one season at Tennessee.

  • hoosierodi

    Any recent news on Walter Offut??

  • Ryan_Btown

    Anyone else think Coach McClain looks like a cleaned up version of Shooter (Dennis Hopper) from Hoosiers?

  • Sallad

    I just see a younger Pat Riley.

  • millzy32

    Nice analogy except for maybe the cleaned up part. Some of his pictures from the sidelines make him look like a lunatic. Like the passion.

    Kinda looks like me while watching some of the games this past season.


    Was thinking that he kinda looked like a young Pat Riley too. Then read your comment and thought that the analogy of him looking like someone who had just watched some of IU's games last year was a home run.

  • MiamiHoosier

    I was thinking Dennis Hopper and Michael Douglas had a baby…someone needs to ask him about Anacot Steel…lol