Emmanuel Negedu spotted in Bloomington

  • 04/23/2010 2:50 pm in

Emmanuel Negedu, the 6-7, 218-pound forward who chose Tennessee over Indiana, Georgia Tech and Memphis back in the spring of 2008, was on campus today in Bloomington.

Negedu collapsed in September of last year after suffering a cardiac arrest and has not been given clearance to play at the University of Tennessee.

However, Negedu was given clearance by a doctor in California, sparking speculation that he could leave Tennessee and attempt to play at another school.

He was rated the No. 40 player overall in the 2008 class by Rivals.com and averaged 1.9 points, 1.7 rebounds in 7.2 minutes per game as a freshman.

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  • marsh21

    I made a statement when this story first broke and that I would pass on the opportunity. That was based upon opinion and not fact. If he is cleared by our doctors and they see no risk then if Crean wants him I will stand behind that decision.

    We should deal in facts only as its too easy to pontificate on the, …what ifs????

    Also, if Tennessee cleared him what facts did they base their decision on? Knowing that coach it would not surprise me if he got rid of him based upon his freshman performance.

  • marcusgresham

    I was at USI when Pearl was there–I love that guy. I think he'd crawl through broken glass and razor blades for his guys.

  • aceman07

    Is this a very bad sign that IU is resorting to recruiting players with health conditions who can't play at another school because he can't get cleared? This seems really bad to me!

  • iubase

    Nice summary. If he has been cleared to play then he should be ok. The ICD should correct any ventricular arrythmia (Ventricular tachycardia being the lethal arrythmia). He probably has had a myriad of diagnostic tests to rule out things like asymmtric septal hypertrophy ASH – which can occur in tall athletes – and as long as Steve Ahfeild brushes up on his life saving skills then he should be ok to play. A good example of a player with a condition similar to this is Marcus Camby, and he did fine in the NBA for many years. Limit the minutes he plays and have a plan in place. Everything we do carries a risk and this kid loves hoops and I wish him the best…..at IU

  • marsh21

    True, but he wins and with talent that performs. If this kid has been cleared then he won't let him play due to opinion and not facts. I guess the question is do we base the decision on opinion or facts if IU docs give him the clear? It's a tough call…

  • larry

    He was cleared to play, but was put on meds. Those apparently made him sluggish, so the meds were cut way back. Just saw the 30/30. It is still chilling to watch 20 years later.