Former Iowa recruit Cody Larson commits to Florida

  • 04/21/2010 9:38 am in

South Dakota Roosevelt forward Cody Larson, who received a visit from the IU coaching staff shortly after opening up the recruiting process, has given a verbal pledge to play at Florida.

Stu Whitney of The Sioux Falls Argus Leader talked to Larson on Tuesday evening about his decision:

“It’s still hard to grasp that I’m a Gator. I look forward to getting back down here and starting my college career.”

“Everything about Gainesville wowed me, especially the (players) and coaches. Coach Donovan is going to push me to get better, and the whole experience is going to be a good challenge for me.”

Not a surprising development at all, given the obstacles Larson would have needed to clear to play at another Big Ten school. The success of Mike Miller, another South Dakota kid from the same AAU program, was likely a factor in the Gators standing out above the other schools in pursuit of Larson.

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  • iu77bu81

    Having iu offer and recruit a player seems
    to set-up other programs for rapid success!

    Many seem to pickup new offers, almost
    immediately after an iu visit- since almost
    all of these programs will be much more
    successful recently- bingo- iu drops off the list
    and newer suitors pick up a committment!

  • kristheboss

    I mean, the amount of hoops larson was going to have to jump through to go to any big ten school made a SEC commitment seem pretty logical.

  • psvirsky

    I'm okay with this. I know beggars can't be choosers and all but I'd rather get a strong big that plays inside at this point. If we pick up another wing I would hope to get a top talent. I know I need to adjust my standards, but hey, It's INDIANA.

  • kristheboss

    I noticed also today the D'Vauntes seems to be picking up a little more Nat'l attention. I see Peegs has added Kentucky, Louisville, North Carolina and Wake to his list. I'm pretty sure that none of those teams were on it till recently, if I'm wrong sorry but I thought it was a Cincy, IU, Xav. race for him those other schools may come into his recruiting way more in the future.
    Being an ex Panther, I gotta say I think its his duty as the next Mr. Basketball from NC to follow in Aj Ratliffs and EJ's shoes to IU. haha if only it were that easy though

  • psvirsky

    I'm another ex-Panther and I completely agree. Gotta hope coach Mitchell continues to get guys to IU (I wonder how his relationship is with Crean).

  • aerialM

    well you can't miss what you never had…funny to me that his recruitment sky-rocketed after he left Iowa. all-in-all, I'm more bummed about Yeguete. now what is the latest with Wilkins & McCombs?

  • psvirsky

    Right – I'm more interested in those guys. If I remember correctly, both are more traditional inside men with more experience (and less years of keeping them on scholarship). 2-3 years of a solid big man would be nice with the incredibly optimistic hope that at the end of 2-3 years we'll be doing so well that we'll want spots for top recruits.

  • I'd rather hold the scholarship for 2011. Neither Wilkins or McCombs is going to be a program changer.

  • iubase

    oh well. This kid was solid and would have helped but paying for 4 years versus taking a full scholarship to florida makes this a simple decision for him. Crean has the nucleus for a good (not great team) next year. I agree that I would rather have Chandler, Zeller, and Dawson (ah the real prize imo) in 2011. Again I'm hoping Bawa and Rivers step up – if so we might get 15-18 wins.

  • Uncle Joey

    Larson did not address the number 5 position (which is what IU needed to focus on)… he seemed to be more of a SF/PF. He was nowhere near being a true big man. With that being said, I think Larson would've played behind Watford, Elston, and even Capo in the lineup anyway.

    I feel like Crean has to be very careful with what he does with the few remaining schollies he has. It seems right now he's dealing with a delicate balance between trying to make this season's team (2010) a competitive squad, while trying to hang on to schollies to make room for the loaded upcoming classes. Landing another above-average 6'9″ power forward isn't really going to help us in the long run… its only going to log jam the schollie situation in the future, and we need those schollies for a program changing player.

  • I really hope he signed else personally. BUT what has happened to IU basketball. Regardless of the past Head Coaches. Any coach that is 0-5 on recent scholarship offers BRING up the ?????????????? is he the right fit? can he get it done? how long?
    I mean really. IF YOU COMPARE the fan support, facilities, college town setting, popularity, business connections being an IU basketball player MAN Tom Crean whats up

  • walton

    I agree – if Rivers could somehow improve his game and attitude next year, it would be huge for the Hoosiers. Maybe being in the system for more than a year might help him ?????

  • walton

    time will tell

  • marchus

    Time for the weekly Zellerfamily whispers…… YAY !!!!!! Rumors !!!!!!!

    Per poster on peegs:
    1 IU leading for Cody as of right nom
    2 Tyler staying at UNC
    3 If UNC offers Cody then decision will be tough between IU and UNC
    4 Cody likes Butler but doesn't know if they can sustain this high level of success
    5 Cody's parents like Crean quite a bit

    There ya have it…… don't kill the messenger 🙂

  • marcusgresham

    Considering what you've used as your criteria for drawing a recruit, it doesn't come as a shock to have lost them. Look at the town—I know Bloomington is a great place, but Yeguete already attends HS in Florida, so I'm sure he's far more familiar and comfortable with Gainesville than he is Bloomington–same with Abraham; he stayed in his “home” town. Larson chose to go to a warm climate, and likely would have had a fight on his hands to even get to attend IU. Georgetown plays in an NBA arena with pretty strong fan support. Florida doesn't do too badly with that, either (I know, it's a football school, but it's also a school with a fanbase that has a relatively fresh taste of back-to-back basketball championships.) I don't know about “business connections,” but I'd assume anything in Washington, DC has a pretty good chance of being well-connected, and if you're talking about that from a basketball standpoint, you have the “business connections” of a slew of successful post players (some of whom share a common African childhood background with Abraham.)
    I know it's hard for us to see how anything could compare to the town, the campus, the tradition, and the fanbase at IU, but if you haven't grown up here then that doesn't all mean quite as much to you.
    That IS why it's important to land as much of the ridiculous home-grown talent as possible, though–and that is what will give the program the sucess to draw in the outside talent in a few years. That's why guys like Zeller and Davis should be cornerstones.

  • marchus

    Steve McClain to IU official

  • millzy32

    Rivers was a different player this year when Creek was healthy. I remember thinking that they were the two best players on the team. He played a great game vs Pitt and a few others early in the big ten season and then he just kind of lost it.

    His talent to be a good point for us is there. He needs to play a little more in control and take the ball to the rack when he can and hit a free throw once in a while. If he could just be a 70% free throw shooter his value would skyrocket because he can penetrate quite well. His poor free throw shooting cost us 2 games if I remember correctly.

    Hopefully he wants to get better. If he does we could be decent next year. The point is a bigger hole in our lineup than any Big although we obviously need both.

  • Hardwood Wizard


    Larson doesn't count in your 0-5. He wasn't recruited heavily by IU, we tried to slide in at the last second like Abraham. Abraham was a late surge in recruiting that wasn't a long time recruit so does he really count? I will give you 0-3, but besides irving, who else was the game changer talent in that mix? Are you considering losing Carlino? His stock has been dropping for 2 years, some sights have him as a 3 star recruit now.


    Offut to IU on a transfer (a 4 star recruit)
    Another transfer….you will see (a 4 star recruit)
    JDavis signs tomorrow (4 star recruit)
    And then one more will sign in 2011 class and IU will be off to Top 20 prominence again

    FYI, did you know Evan Turner was ranked #49 his senior year in high school? He will be a top 3 NBA pick. Did you know Blake Griffin from Oklahoma was #23 in high school, he was the #1 pick. Both were considered 4 star recruits. 4 star recruits mean they have room to improve and could flourish in the right system. Etherington and JDavis are 4 star recruits. MSU is full of 4 star recruits, they have an elite program. IU will get there.

    Hang tight, I think by the end of the summer you will see IU is on the right track. JDavis will help seal that up very soon.

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

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