Report: Larson may be unable to sign with Big Ten school

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According to a report by Steve Batterson in Sunday’s Quad City Times, former Iowa recruit Cody Larson, who received a visit from the Indiana coaching staff last Sunday, may be unable to receive a scholarship from another Big Ten school.

The same could also be the case for Ben Brust, another Iowa signee who was granted a release from his Letter of Intent and is now receiving interest from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Both players have learned since being released by Iowa from the national letters of intent they signed in November that they still are bound by a transfer rule which would preclude either from receiving a scholarship from another Big Ten institution.

The Big Ten rule, which has been on the books for decades, took affect when the players signed letters of intent. Because neither has attended a class at Iowa, both are attempting to appeal their eligibility for a scholarship with the Big Ten.

If the appeal by Brust and Larson is unsuccessful, both still could enroll at another Big Ten school but would be required to pay their own way and compete as walk-ons as former Hawkeye Luke Recker did after leaving Indiana and eventually enrolling at Iowa.

If Larson is unable to to attend another Big Ten school on scholarship, I’d say the chances of him coming to IU or any other school in the league are close to zero.

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  • catfish_crazy

    Larson was also looking at OSU. Was IU an actual contender for his services.

  • I was looking at his Scout profile and it says that IU and Iowa are both at medium interest while everyone else is at no interest. If he is able to go to a big ten school, what are the chances he picks us instead of going back to Iowa? I know CTC is looking at him but I didn't know it was down to us and Iowa.

  • BaseballBuc

    I know this is off topic but Demling wrote an article in his blog about Sterling Gibbs and his love for Indiana. Sterling who is Ashton Gibbs brother who plays for Pitt, is a point guard at Seton Hall Prep. Is it possible you guys could run a story on him?

  • HoosierNshaker

    Sad that Cody Larson would be restricted to go to his school of choice because of a prehistoric Big 10 letter of intent rule. You can't blame the kid for Iowa's coach (Lechlitner) getting fired! I'm sorry but in a circumstance like this the kid should have the option to go wherever he wants. Ebanks de-commited when SampsonGate happened, I know he never signed a L.O.I. but it's a very similar circumstance. ( – minus the lies and cheating hahaha Iowa just sucked)

  • HoosierNshaker

    I thought that it was literally down to IU and Iowa for Larson as well…I'm pretty sure OSU has the top recruiting class and has already filled their scholarships for next season?

    If Larson is ineligible to go here, than why would Crean waste time flying out to B.F.E. to recruit him? (You would think he knows the rules unlike a former coach who will not be named)

    …any input?

  • It's not down to Iowa and IU. I believe several schools have shown interest and are expected to visit him this weekend and until the contact period ends.

  • HoosierNshaker

    Thanks for the clarification Alex. What are the honest chances of us landing PF's Brandon Mobley or Will Yeguete?

    Or is ALL hope truly lost for a BIG man

    Sigh…I find it hard to believe that such a rich tradition and a multi-million dollar practice facility can't convince anyone to come here.

  • HoosierNshaker

    ESPN reports…
    Apr. 18

    PF Will Yeguete will decide on Monday

    6-foot-7 power forward Will Yeguete will announce his decision on Monday (April 19), reports Florida Today.

  • Yeguete will decide between Florida and Georgia Tech. He's no longer considering IU.

  • Kelin Blab

    You are 100% right and 0% wrong on this. The kid is being penalized for something he didn't do. What if his only other offers were big ten schools? If I were him I would challenge this. I read recently some players are signing a financial aid committment instead of a Letter of Intent, to have the option of getting out of a committment if the coach leaves.

  • JerryCT

    Highlight film of Gibbs over on Scoop actually shows …….. defense …..Yessssssss

  • Kelin Blab

    He gave me a Chris Paul vibe initially. I like the “I love Indiana” quote….
    Just to get this off my chest………
    + with all the recruiting rumors and excitement floating around, there is nothing I want more than email alerts saying “Indiana Committment” only to find out it is football.

    + Just came back from an AAU tourney….obviously there is not any mercy rule…24 to 1 in a 4th and 5th grade game….the team with 24 still trapping and pressing. I kinda like it…….

    + Trey Lyles remember that name…an 8th grader Painter and Crean have both went to see, is a PLAYER……

  • By the “Chris Paul vibe”, I hope you didn't mean the one where he punches Julius Hodge in the … well, you know.

  • marcusgresham

    I read that same story this morning in the Louisville Courier-Journal.
    Rivals lists him as #135 and has him currently holding six offers (IU, Florida, Maryland, Pitt, Rutgers, & Seton Hall) with Va Tech, UVa, and Notre Dame also on his list.
    Surely at one of these PGs will sign on.

  • marchus

    Will someone just spill the beans on that silly rumor that everyone was raving about yesterday?
    Its kinda bothering me.

  • Name

    Should Bo Ryan and Tubby Smith be fired too? Apparently they weren’t aware either. This looks to be an obscure rule that none of these coaches knew would apply in this situation. There are so many recruiting rules to know… no coach knows them all…

  • Kelin Blab

    That had to hurt really bad. It was such a clean shot…..Lets hope Gibbs doesn't have that punching streak in him…..

  • cooper

    I wouldn't let it bother you, I'm sure we would have heard it from somewhere (for instance, this site or hoosier scoop) if it had solid sources. Why would a “source” tell some random person this rumor and not a reporter, blogger, etc?

    doesn't mean something won't happen but I doubt anyone really knows

  • donald_refridgerator_perry


    I'd love to believe that its true. I never even heard the actual rumor but I could pretty much gather what it was and I told myself that if I hadn't heard about it “soon” like the source said, I could basically discount it. Still keeping in mind that it or anything could happen, but not gonna put all my rumor eggs in one rumor basket.

  • I'm definitely some to blame for this thing getting out of control. I came here from Hoosier Nation and started talking about it originally. My bad.

    With that said, this isn't one of those made up scam things. Not saying the “rumor” will come to fruition, but it came from a very well respected poster on Hoosier Nation. Said poster isn't a connected poster who often, if ever, posts things like this.

    Without getting too specific, the poster from Hoosier Nation heard info from someone he knows a couple years ago about a recruit and a few weeks later it was 100% true. The poster then heard some news from the same person the other day, and he trusts the guy. That's it.

    The poster from Hoosier Nation even posted the following after it began getting out of hand:

    “way too many people wanting to know the “news”. it's not “news”….it's a rumor. just like any other posted here. i just happen to have had a conversation that leads me to believe it may be true. the only reason i didnt just post it on the board is because one part of it does contain sensitive info that shouldn't hit the board.

    for that reason, i will share with anybody i recognize the “rumor”…..just please don't take it as a press release or a guarantee.”

    I guess just take it for what's its worth.

  • marsh21

    This is what concerns me about Crean a little. The desparation of landing a low post player in 2010 has him flying all over the place with his entire staff to land someone. I know he doesn't have much choice but if he made a trip like this with a rule in place that would make it impossible for Larson to come to IU, well that's just a waste of time and money. I hope someone who makes over $2 million per year wouldn't make a mistake like that.

  • Kelin Blab

    Because other big ten schools visited the kid. Crean probaly had to at least inquire and given his apparent level of talent. I expect the rule to be appealed and Larson end up at a big ten school. I don't think it is fair at all……

  • I'm probably a bad person, but that was one of my favorite ACC moments I've ever seen.

  • marchus

    how do we IM?

  • Good

  • marchus

    hearing colorado is hiring northern colorado's coach. Could open the door for McClain to join our staff as 3rd assistant

  • Uncle Joey

    The word is that Gibbs will likely jump up a considerable amount in the rankings after the summer AAU events.

  • collegiateref

    Not sure what this means…may not mean anything…interesting reading…does anyone know how good this kid is?

  • kesims

    bgleas..can you please email this to me at [email protected]. Thanks