Crean visits Jeremiah Davis; Teague to announce within a week

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Just a couple of rather noteworthy things to report regarding recent recruiting developments (brought to you in alliterative form).

First, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Inside the Hall that IU coach Tom Crean was up north today visiting with 2011 guard Jeremiah Davis. The Indiana Elite player is one of a number of talented Indiana prospects in the ’11 class prominently registering on IU’s radar, but I didn’t really need to tell you that.

We’ll try and get ahold of Davis some time this weekend and chat about this and other pertinent issues regarding his present and future.

Second, Evan Daniels of Scout is reporting via Twitter — or at least, that’s where I first saw it — that Marquis Teague will announce his college decision next Thursday, April 22.

So some wheels might start turning here soon.

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    I too will follow. Can I get a big deep AMEN brothers and sisters.

    Only something that funny could force me to break my self induced posting sabbatical !!

  • marcusgresham

    Ruppman, it's “freshman”, not “freshmen”—singular, not plural. “Girlfriend” is one word, not two–compound words, they're called. We learned about them here in Indiana in 1st or 2nd grade.

  • Michael Chandler has de-committed from U of L. Hmm….VERY interesting!!!!

  • Kelin Blab

    Michael Chandler, Lawrence North, big man…….NO CHANCE for IU. I would not even bother….
    We are 0-3 with LN big men…..BUT he is a very good player and as skilled as cody zeller.

  • Hardwood Wizard

    Hyperrat is right, we need guys that stick around. From a recruiting perspective, you want to hit a position hard every two years, this way you always have depth at that position and two talented players. Even if we bring in a stud pg and he leaves after two years, we should still have a stud pg right behind him. If the pg stays and leaves after his jr year, now w e have a seasoned pg as a soph.

    This is similar to what RMK used to do and it seemed to work well for him….3 championships!

    Izzo does the same thing as MSU.

  • it's Indiana


  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    On your last sentence, I have also heard the argument that he provide the avenue for these kids to get to the NBA. Some of the kids don't have much hope but their basketball skills and the millions they will earn in the NBA. I'm saying that some national media people are starting to respect what Calipari is doing and what he provides for the one and done most talented high school basketball players. The big trick for Kentucky fan base and alumni, is can all 5 star freshman talent take them to the national title. I thought it was a given last year that they would make it in the final game and win it all but I was wrong, which leads me to believe maybe they can't do it with the best players in the national coming in as Freshman every year unless their willing to stay a couple of years, and put off the millions to support themselves and their families. Not to make this too long but I think the National Championship game for basketball was very low key and who really cares. I would say the National Championship game for college football is much more popular and has a longer after thought in the national spot light than basketball. I would venture to say it brings in much more money but not sure.

  • ronb

    I don't agree that it is low key. Butler and Duke had the highest TV ratings ever and many experts are saying if Butler had won it would have been the best game ever in any sport. When IU went undefeated in 1976 their defense over powered everyone. They were imo the best team ever. The Butler Duke game had the best defense by both teams in a championship game in my memory that goes back 50 years. Nearly every office in America has a basketball pool for March madness even the White House has one. You don't see that for football. Money wise Football is better because the good teams can get over 100,000 fans into a single game vs 17,000-18,000 for basketball. As for my last sentence I do think the kids get exploited by coaches like Calicheater who is using them to make millions for himself. Only a few player actually make it in the NBA for a long career. We have lost the student part of student athlete. Most of these one and done kids don't even complete a year of college. There is a good article by Howard Bryant, senior writer, on entitled “Trouble Lurks beyond March Madness” that tells how the kids are getting exploited,some willfully perhaps, but exploited nevertheless. The article is dated 4-8-2010 and while I don't agree with everything he says or thinks should be done it does uncover some facts about Coaches getting rich at the expense of the kids.

  • iupapaw


  • iupapaw


  • iupapaw


  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    Perhaps the game is changing towards the Kentucky model. All I can say is what a difference a season makes in respect to Kentucky. They were kinda an after thought to one of the top 3 teams in all college basketball last year. They got the bang for the buck I guess, and you got to respect them for that turnaround, which I have not seen in recent memory. It is truly mazing.
    Cheater, that term is used, but I do not believe a known cheater can survive in today's world case in point Kelvin Sampson for phone calls. I can't believe Ketucky is going to through $28m – $30m away on a cheater or do anything to have a final four or national championship taken away from them for any under handed dealings. I think that is just wishful thinking on the part of their rivals. By the way I can't stand the toothless cracks in Kentucky!

  • ronb

    He got UMass to a final four and then left for Memphis. After he left UMass had to forfeit their games because of recruiting violations. He took Memphis to the final four and left for KY and guess what? Memphis had to forfeit their games. More recruiting violations and the whole D. Rose thing. Now he is at KY will he do the same? My guess is yes because past performance usually determines future results and he know when to leave. Also KY has a long history of violations which the alumni don't mind paying for as long as they win. When Bob Knight commented on ESPN about Calicheater he stated “he should not be allowed to coach in the NCAA and should be banned for life”. Cali replied he disagreed with coach Knight but still thought he was a great coach and thanked him for helping him fine tune his dribble drive offense” . You got to give the guy credit he is smooth and found a way to not make waves. This cheater has a history that is on going and the KY has a history of violations. I believe it is only a matter of time before he gets caught and goes the path that Sampson took to the NBA. I have no idea what you are talking about in the last sentence. I must have missed that one.
    Thanks for your thoughts and time will tell.

  • marcusgresham

    It's mine, and I give the world permission (but if it starts making anyone money I'm gettin' mine!)

  • jaywiz

    One time, I went to a party and while everyone was drinking, Deandre Thomas was sitting in the corner eating candy. I kid you not.

    I agree with Kelin, we need to develop the bigs we have. I never understood why Deandre played int he first place. He was slow, stupid and foul prone. The only space he took (unfortunately) was Mike White's spot in the starting lineup.

  • marcusgresham

    I think he got on the court by using the old Mike Tyson line & told Denimshirt he'd eat his children if he didn't get in the game.