An update on 2013 Jeffersonville guard Darryl Baker

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Darryl Baker is back.

After missing his entire freshman season at Jeffersonville with a broken bone in his right leg, the 6-2, 190-pound Baker returned to the court this past weekend at the Shootout in Indianapolis.

And Baker and his teammates did not disappoint as Team Southern Indiana Red, coached by former IU guard Sherron Wilkerson, took home runner-up honors in the Silver Bracket (16U). The 15-year old guard scored 27 points in his first game of the spring.

“He played really well,” Wilkerson told Inside the Hall of Baker’s effort in his return. “I think he’s still gotta get his conditioning back and also, mentally, he has to retrain himself to trust that leg again. I think that’s probably something he fights for a while, but it just depends on the individual how quickly it dissipates.”

Baker, who is regarded as one of the top class of 2013 prospects in the state and has visited Bloomington several times over the past year, recently received his first scholarship offer from Xavier.

He’s also hearing from the Hoosiers, Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State and Butler and will likely split time this spring and summer between the point and off-guard positions.

But ultimately, his greatest potential might be creating opportunities from the wing, according to Wilkerson, a former Mr. Basketball and McDonald’s All-American who coached this past season at Herron in Indianapolis.

“I really like to say that he would be deadly on a wing,” Wilkerson said. “Maybe a 2 or 3. That being said, he could potentially play some point guard. But I think his strongest attribute is being able to catch it while he’s moving. I think that any time a person of his athleticism and of his strength can catch it and catch it on the move, it makes them that much more difficult to guard and it doesn’t allow the defense to set up as quick.”

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  • galenascott

    thanks Alex for this article on Baker. I want to follow his play this summer on the AAU circuit.

  • Love you guys keeping us up to date on players like this. Nobody around here cares much about keeping an eye on recruits so I always feel out of the loop.

    From what I've read this kid is supposed to be an extremely talented player. I cant say I know all that much about him though. Any thoughts on him being coached by Wilkerson? Does that maybe help at all or not a factor?

  • marcusgresham

    From all accounts I've heard over the years, Sherron straightened up his act and assumed responsibility for all the things he did wrong, so I don't think it will hurt.
    That being said, I don't know how cracked up about 6'2″ wing players I am. I don't know it you want a guy on the wing who isn't at least 6'4″. He is a freshman, so he could conceivably grow a couple of inches, too, I suppose.

  • wotanuo

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  • MillaRed

    Me likey Baker. Do the right thing Sherron and bring him home.

    What's that side note? E'twaun Moore declared for the draft? JJ too? Bye bye Purdue hopes. They are firmly going down the toilet.

    Great day to be a Hoosier!

  • wotanuo

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  • wotanuo

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  • No.

  • buddy

    Is Darryl Baker the son of Tommy Baker who played for Bob Knight his freshman year?

  • No.

  • Kelin Blab

    I like the fact that Crean and staff are beginning to get in early with many of these kids and especially baker who is a special talent. Having talked to an AAU coach this past weekend this past weekend, they were saying it was important for IU to make that early contact like Purdue has been doing for years with Painter. So this is a good sign….

  • unclekerfuffle


    I, too, was told by what I consider to be a reliable source that Sherron figured out what Coach Knight was trying to teach him about life and acknowledged that fact publicly. With that said, I understand that he has become quite the role model for young, hot shot players who need to get their heads screwed on right in order to maximize their potential as players and as contributing member of society.