Indiana pursuing former Iowa recruit Cody Larson

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Indiana’s pursuit of a big man for its 2010 class continues to roll on full steam ahead.

The latest target is 6-9, 230-pound Sioux Falls (SD) forward Cody Larson, who was released from his Letter of Intent with Iowa on April 9.

Larson, who committed to the Hawkeyes and former coach Todd Lickliter in September of 2008, met with new Iowa coach Fran McCaffery last Thursday and requested his release.

“Anytime you have a new coach, you have a whole new program,” Larson told Stu Whiney of The Argus Leader of his decision to re-open the process. “When I committed, I did it because of Coach Lickliter, and it was hard to see him leave. I just want to make sure I find what the best option is for me.”

On Sunday, the final day of the April 8-11 contact period, Tom Crean, Tim Buckley and Bennie Seltzer visited Larson in South Dakota, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Larson, who has four official visits remaining, is not speaking publicly about his recruitment at this time, but is expected to take some time to work through the recruiting process before making a decision. The spring signing period begins this Wednesday and concludes on May 19.

As a senior at Roosevelt High School, Larson averaged 19.9 points, 7.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists, but was suspended near the conclusion of the season. Details of the suspension were not made public.

Larson’s game, which is described as a mix between a three, four and a five, reportedly has similarities to Mike Miller, who came through the same AAU program, the Dakota Schoolers. lists Larson as a four-star prospect and the No. 23 power forward in the country while lists Larson as a three-star.

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  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    Poor I.U. has anybody noticed that Purdue recruits seem to progress faster than I.U. recruits. Don't know why that is. I think I.U. has another very disappoiting season on its hands late this year. Don't think they got the right people just yet, and I'm not very confident that they will in the near future. Things just went so very wrong for this program and they are really in the gutter right now. It's hard for me to see anything too positive in the future right now. I think they may have to turn things around with a national #1 recruiting class in some future year and we all know the likely senerio of that happening. Thanks to the sour puss ( Kentucky's new coach ) it seems like the name of the game is recruiting now, and I.U. is so very low in the top 300 programs each year. I mean what are they in the bottom ten of the ratings among division I programs. I might add that are go to guy was like the no. 137 player in the class of 2008 on Rivals top 150 something like that. I might also state that M. Creek a very good player but has not and i repeat has not played one single big ten college basketball game in his entire life. I really do not know if this is a coaching problem, or has the program sunk so low, that it may take a once in a lifetime legendary in the making kind of coach to get this program back in at least the top 100 of college division I basketball. Very sad.

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    good lord, i just spent 30 minutes on an analysis with some in depth and personal knowledge only to find out i have to log in first to post a comment. Well darn that all i got to say. here a brief summary

    1. Have you noticed how Purdue recruits seem to progress fast than I.U. recruits. Why is this?

    2. Our go to guy was the 130 -139th best player in the class of 2008, somewhere in that range.

    3. M. Creek has not played one Big Ten college basketball game in his entire life.

    4. Don't know if this is a coaching problem or has the program sunk so low that it may take a once in a lifetime kinda of legendary coach to get them at least in the top 100.

    5. Thanks to the sports program and powers to be at Kentucky, it's all about recruiting now.

    6. To get back I.U. needs a #1 national recruiting class and who thinks that's on the immediate or near horizon?

    I THINK THAT IS ALL I HAVE FOR YOU. but the original thought was so much more precise and you sorta got more of a can i say bang for the buck. Sorry, it is lost forever now.

  • 1. The Purdue folks are juniors and seniors, and those who aren't are playing with seasoned upperclassmen. Of course they'll progress faster. I don't see why it's relevant.

    2. Why do you care exactly what he was ranked? It's clear from watching him that he's a talented guy.

    3. So he'll have an adjustment. Absolutely. I agree. But they all have to play their first one sometime.

    4. The coach we have will get us there. It does not happen overnight. You do not wave your hands, snap your fingers, and turn a virtually dead program into a tournament team. It doesn't work that way.

    5. I think there's still a place for development and coaching, but one and done means most of the truly talented players don't give you much time to accomplish that. Recruiting is certainly bigger now than it ever has been.

    6. I disagree. We need time to rebuild the program and develop our players. I'll certainly take a huge recruiting class if it happens, but I'm more concerned that we get players committed to the program, ready to buy in, and ready to play hard and play well.

  • firstinlineforsugarhigh

    Well thank you very much for your responses and opinions.

  • Taskmaster75

    In depth and personal knowledge? You sound as uninformed as I have ever heard form a single post.

  • Taskmaster75


  • BigRed3588

    I don't know about marsh, but i'm certainly done with Rivers. Where do we play him? Right on the bench. You can't win games when the pg can't do anything that a pg is supposed to be able to do. Sure, he could get to the basket, but he rarely ever finished the play. Even when he didn't throw the ball away and got to the line, he couldn't hit his free throws. 57.8% on the season for a guard? Shaq would laugh at that. Not to mention the fact that he has about the worst shot of any D1 player i've ever seen in my life. As for his defense, I didn't really find it to be all that impressive. In the first game against Harris, I think Rivers only held him to something like 6 points below his average. As for the second meeting, where was Rivers when Harris pretty much single-handedly beat us by 20? Finally, the kid had spent 2 years with GTown, 2 with IU, and a dad that coached an NBA championship team. If he hasn't gotten it by now, I doubt he will.

    I apologize if the tone of my post was aggressive, but Rivers was the biggest disappointment for me throughout a very disappointing season.

  • marsh21

    Sorry for the delay as I had to put the little ones down for bed. Yes, I am done with Mr. Rivers. I would restrict his role on the team for defense, rebounding, screening and very limited ability to make decisions on the fly without a specific play. He has proven in four years of D1 ball that his decision making ability is limited as he typically attempts the more difficult play verses keeping it simple. When Rivers makes a poor play that just doesn't hurt the team for that attempt but kills any momentum and takes the team out of rhythm.

    Also, I believe his attitude gets in the way of improvement. Did you see him wave off coach Crean at Purdue? Wow, Crean was finally getting in his grill about the stupid in bound pass he made which was stolen and resulted in two points for Purdue and he can't just take it but needs the last “word” and waves his coach off. That's a true sign of kid who doesn't get it yet.

    Of course Crean won't restrict his play for various reasons and we will see the same plays this year, which will be his 5th year in D1 ball. Yes, I'm down on Rivers and I wish he wasn't on the team but beggars can't be choosers.

  • Kelin Blab

    I feel both of you guys pain with Rivers, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled with Hulls got the start over him and I just 'felt' better with Jordan out there than Rivers. Having said that, if I look at this year, with a JR playing smarter, his ability to get into the the lane, and the potential kickouts to Hulls, Roth, Creek etc would really benefit IU a ton……..thats only if he can play smarter.

    I agree 100% his attitude was a downer on the team, I felt it through tv, he just never seemed like 'he wanted it' as bad as even the frosh…….

  • BTOWN40

    Well, you can say it was one game, but didn't Creek prove himself Big10 worthy with his play against a team in Kentucky that was ranked higher than any Big 10 team was this year. The kid can play with anyone…watch and see..

  • IUbriz

    I agree with you Kelin, JR has all the physical abilities to be a decent slashing point guard. He doesn't make sound basketball decisions, which is very odd for a coaches son. He can't shoot worth a lick but still was able to get by defenders playing off him. Then he would either do that terrible reverse layup or throw it off someones knee. If he can learn to go strong and draw a foul or pass properly he could do wonders. If he gets his attitude in check and thinks with the ball he could be a big help with slashing and dishing as well as defending. Wishful thinking I know lol

  • GFDave

    I agree that Rivers was not a good point guard. Too many turnovers and not enough leadership. But he is still a solid defensive player and rebounder. I would move him to off-guard and let Hulls run the offense.

  • MillaRed

    BigRed, I have good news and bad news.

    The good news, MillaRed loves this post and agrees with you 100%.

    The bad news? Some guy named JerryCT is egging your house tonight.

  • MillaRed

    On the second team? Certainly we're not talking about those two starting together?!?

  • MillaRed

    So sorry J. Johnson is declaring for the draft, and thanks for visiting! We love Purdue fans on the IU blog!

  • marcusgresham

    Donnie Hale hasn't really impressed me

  • valpohistory

    Well, as a young kid, I know what the effects of something like this can be on a team. Just last year as a senior in high school, we had a kid who struggled with substance abuse. Me and a few other leaders from our team took him aside, told him he needed to stop, and he did. Because we needed him. We sat him down, explained we needed his contributions and this substance was inhibiting it. He agreed to stop, and he did. I know because he was one of my best friends. It's definitely possible, just takes the right situation and people around him, which could certainly be true here.

  • BigRed3588

    Milla, haha yeah if jerry is disagreeing with me then I think its a good thing.He tried telling me we would've had more wins if Rivers and Dumes had gotten more minutes…

    Kelin, I also had a much better feeling about our chances with Hulls on the floor. I feel like a lot of people that post on here don't quite realize his potential. Aside from his 3 point shooting, I saw him display amazing court vision at times. I bet we all said “wow” after at least one of his passes this season, especially out in transition. The main problem I saw with him was a lack of confidence. Things like picking up his dribble outside the 3 point line, being timid to penetrate even though he demonstrated he could on a few occasions, and not looking for his shot quite as much as he probably could have. With what i've heard of his work ethic and his commitment to IU, I think these are problems that might easily be gone by next season.

    P.S. I didn't mention defense in regards to Hulls because i'm not too critical of freshman players' defense. Most of them are coming off of 4 years playing AAU ball, which, in my opinion, just destroys fundamentals (i.e. rebounding, defense, set offenses).I don't think defense is something we're going to be dissatisfied with in regards to IU once these players gain experience.

  • If this guy at all resembles Mike Miller, he'll flourish at IU. I'm sure Crean can deal with whatever the issue was with the suspension.

  • garyindiana

    don't be so tough on him, he already has to live in New Albany.

  • WebberDisciple4life

    IU has a long way to go. Penn State is losing Babb, Ott, Battle, Edwards. They are in an even more desperate situation! Iowa is losing Larson, Fuller, Gatens and another 2010 recruit! They are in the gudda gudda of the big 10. Michigan isn’t lookin too good either. So I guess IU isn’t in as bad of shape as some teams. Maybe they can get 8th in the B10 next year. Crean is the besr recruiter at getting ALMOST prospects. We almost had him! Well u don’t! Us on the other hand have had 2 back to back top 10 recruiting classes and return all of our starters. It’s Indiana!!!!!!!! enough said. thats enough to make a recruit laugh. The fightin Illini will be celebrating their national championship next year! Have fun with ur dusty banners and keep livin in the past. Jordan Hulls and Mo creek will save your program and olidipo and sheeman!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Because of all the coaching changes I am interested to see if there are some guys we go after. I know there are a few guys on Wake Forest who are waiting to see the new coach. If that doesnt work out there are some studs there that we could pitch. Also, Ben Mills a 7’1 Center is trying to opt out of Boise State.

  • JerryCT

    You guys part of a gang or something ?

    To clarify the misstatement above I stated that defensive stops are what drives the transition offense and playing DUmes and JR ….. follow this now….. AT THE SAME TIME ……. might improve our weak offense after Creek went down.

    I too was disappointed in JR's late season collapse but watching Jones and Hulls weak defense was killing us on both ends of the floor. ie NW ( 1st game in particular ), Iowa's Payne, McCamey last shot …..

    Since you guys liked the Jones/Hulls combination why weren't you happier with the season ?

  • walton

    I may be wrong but it feels like I saw that McCamey game winning shot yesterday – I thought Dumes was guarding him, after JR played good D on him all game somehow they got switched on the last play and McCamey took it right at Dumes. I remember being blown away by that terrible play. I might be thinking of some other game that we got beat by at the last second. Nevertheless I don't remember Jones and Hulls being responsible, Rivers did play noticeable good defense that game, Dumes got blown by, and JR's attitude was displayed once again by a look of disgust toward Dumes and disappointment they lost.

  • Hoosier76

    When I hear a Mike Miller comparison, we better be puttin on the full court press. If I'm not mistaken didn't Miller play for the USA team before the Olympics? Also something to consider, Mike Miller is somewhat a resemblance of a certain Novak kid who played for CTC at Marquette.

  • GFDave

    No, Creek, Jones and Hulls would be my starters if we were going small. In a bigger lineup I would start Hulls and Creek at the guard with Wat, Elston and Pritch.

  • donald_refridgerator_perry

    i almost hate to do this for fear of transfer rumors, but where does this leave our scholarship numbers? i don't usually worry about them because thats why they pay CTC the big bucks, but i wanna know we have room for JD and some other kid named Cody.

  • JerryCT

    Sorry Walton but yes you are WRONG. Here is how it went:

    Jones was defending McCamey who inbounded the ball. Jones immediately lost him and Dumes was forced to take him and save the day , but was not close enough. You will see that Dumes had the sense also to avoid a foul . I think Elston or Capo made a final lunge as well.

    JR actually defended Richardson, and held the B10 leader in 3pt shooting to 8pts and forced 4 turnovers. Jones on McCamey netted 19 pts and 8 assists ………… for Mc Camey.

    Getting over the top of ball screens and beating the guy on the first step to his spot on the floor needs to be JOB#1 for many of our players but Jones/Hulls are the most important players to focus on this and get it right.

  • MillaRed

    Yes Jerry, MillaRed and BigRed have formed a gang. We are called, The Big Red Machine Gang. We are not into drugs, violence or anything that gangs really do. Our sole purpose is to disagree with your posts Inside The Hall. Especially ones that make the most sense so we really get under your skin. Big Red is our leader and I am the henchman, even though I bench 85 pounds, two reps.

    Not sure I ever said I like the Jones/Hulls combination. Until Crean gets the 3 guards he really covets in this offense, I think VIII is our best option at point with Mo, CW, Elston and Capo. This brings Jordy off the bench. We are what we are right now. We just aren't good enough rebounders with CW at the 4.

    Rivers has a place on the team. And it's the 3rd guy off the bench IMHO.

  • MillaRed

    I get it Dave but going bigger puts Jordy in over VJ? I still think Jordy is a year away from starting. When he gets stronger he can hold on to that dribble better. And as an upperclassman he will have the confidence and mojo he flashed at South.

    I think it's interesting that many ITH'ers are quietly moving Verdell to the bench and sliding Jordy in there. They are completely different players and right now VIII brings alot more to the table.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Hulls. But I think VIII is clearly the better player.

  • MillaRed

    HA! That's funny dude.

  • MillaRed

    We have one scholly for this year that would give us 13 for 2010. Rivers is the only graduate, so that is one more for 2011. Does that sound right Alex?

  • Uncle Joey

    No, you forgot to account for Etherington.

    If we sign another player for 2010, then we will be “full” for this season. Next season, Rivers is the only graduating player, but Etherington will be taking his “spot.” That also doesn't leave any room for any other 2011 commitments, but you gotta expect at least a transfer or 2. Matt Roth taking a medical redshirt for last season means that there's now 7 players in the 2009 class, so that leaves one to wonder if that class will get thinned out at all.

  • marcusgresham

    True—geographically (and metaphorically, as well,) New Albany is the sphincter of Indiana.

  • marcusgresham

    Kind of like how Webber “almost” had Eric Gordon?

  • donald_refridgerator_perry

    Kind of like illinois “almost” made the tournament?

  • marcusgresham

    They should change the nickname to the Fighting IlliNIT.

  • JerryCT

    I am inviting both of you to go early season bear hunting at my “hotel” in the Adirondacks . You will not need to bring any gear. I have some stuff you can wear that is scented with hints of salmon, trout and wild berries ……. sure to attract our furry friends …….. they be very hungry that time of year

  • it's Indiana

    Step 1: GET NC banners
    Step 2: Worry about dust

  • MillaRed

    Leading us to our death via bear attack? You have crossed the line Jerry.

    Maybe we are all ancy because it's the dead zone time of the year. We are pining for good news and things are sooooooo danggggggg quiet!

    I think this is a pretty important off-season for Crean. We need a good recruit man! Otherwise stick with what we have. What is a guy like this gonna do for 2010? Will he be the difference in 1 game? 2? Doubtful.

    Save the scholly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Super Suhr

    Unrelated, but Joe Lunardi just put out his first 96 team bracket. I know there has been some talk about what it would take for us to make a 96 team field. He gives the Big Ten 8 teams. We're not one of them 🙁

    Based on his seeding, he thinks the Big Ten will finish:
    Michigan State
    Purdue (not if Johnson and Moore don't pull out of the draft)
    Ohio State
    Illinois (one of the first 4 teams out in his new 65 team field. that made me happy even though I think he's dead wrong)
    Michigan (really? really?)

    Which leaves Indiana, Penn State, and Iowa to fight for the last three spots (and probably in that order)


  • MillaRed

    You will have to excuse me, I was just browsing over all of those great Illini websites because, well, I am so worried about the team. You see, they had all of their players returning, and good recruits, and could not make the big dance. I mean, it's the big dance or bust right?

    Therefore, Indiana and Illinois had the same results last year, even though IU's program was completely decimated by the prior staff.

    In summary, Illinois was a complete bust last season. Seriously. And they got spanked in the N.I.T. So if that makes you feel good enough to enter that post then so be it. You know as well as we do we are only a few years away to getting back to normal. Which is whipping that _ss on a regular basis.

    All in fun of course……..

  • JerryCT

    Clearly too early to make solid predictions. The only major problems I have is that NW with Coble could be very very difficult to beat. My order:

    MSU, PU, IL, OSU, NW, Wisc, IU, Minn

  • JerryCT

    Talking to myself here but I really believe that we will be a good offensive team in general if Creek is healthy ( perhaps double figure scorers in Creek, Watford, Jones and Elston ) ……………. The new frontier is defense which if we can develop it we can be very good next year. If not , then I've got to wonder.

  • BigRed3588

    Here are the exact quotes from that post. Me: “You honestly think our record would have been better with Rivers and Dumes getting more minutes? Right…” And your exact reply: “Yes I do.” Here's the link.

    And to answer your question, the season was disappointing to me because of my expectations of Rivers, Dumes, and Pritchard. For the most part, the freshman lived up to, and in some cases, exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I'm fairly optimistic about what this team will be capable of in a couple years.

  • For such a dedicated disciple, it's a bit of a head-scratcher that you didn't spell Bruce Weber's name correctly.

  • Taskmaster75

    I assumed he was going for Chris Webber, but then I read the post…..

  • Kelin Blab

    Hey I wanted to tell you I got to see AE this past weekend and the first impression I got is …he is a big big kid for a guard and he won't stop at 6'6. It would not surprise me he enrolls at IU at 6'8 ish and with a solid frame. I fully expect his 'stars' to rise over the summer and I am glad Crean is committed to him and he seems to be all in at IU. I just kept saying him at 2g would be a load for anyone. I would not compare him to a Diebler at IU because I think AE's handle and ability to get into the lane is better, I hope he doesn't turn into a shooter only, but he is waaay to athletic to do that….

    There is hope for our Cream and Crimson

  • flhawk

    Blab – what an interesting name. How fitting. Maybe you should do some research before you “blab” by saying that Iowa has no tradition. According to the ESPN/Sagarin (hopefully you've heard of them) all-time rankings Iowa ranks number 10. Yes – ten. If ranking that high tells you there is no tradition then so be it. What else can be said?

    A worthwhile side note is that there are five Big10 teams ranked in the top ten. Your hoosiers are no.5

  • Kelin Blab

    Flhawk….obviously we are not on the same level when it comes to tradition. I understand Iowa has NO experience with winning an NCAA championship EVER, so you cherish the ESPN/Sagarin rankings all time. In fact, on ebay if you act fast they are selling ESPN/Sagarin T-shirts for you. I respect Iowa's tradition tremendously having accomplished things IU could only dream of:

    + Champions of the Anteater classic in 86-87 with wins over powerhouse programs Portland and UC Irvine

    + Lets not forget that Final 4 appearance where Iowa managed to lose not one but two games.

    THank you for visiting ITH. Not sure what Iowa fans have to do during the offseason, or for that matter during the regular season, so I understand why you are here. We have good debates but within reason. One thing I don't do is get into big 'who's better' discussions with progams such as Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Minny, and Penn State which are programs that have acheived minimal success on a national level…..well if you exclude the ANTEATER CLASSIC!

    “Don't bring a spoon to a knife fight” and don't disrespect Uwe Blab (pronounced BLOB)