Video: Victor Oladipo, Moses Abraham at the Kentucky Derby Festival Classic

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Victor Oladipo and Moses Abraham won’t play together next season at Indiana, but they were teammates for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby Festival Classic at Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Playing together on the White team, which fell 133-124 to the Black team, Oladipo and Abraham put up solid, but not spectacular numbers.

Oladipo finished with six points, five rebounds, five assists, three steals and a block in 22 minutes. He also participated in the finals of the 3-point shootout (third place) and slam dunk contest (second place) at halftime.

Abraham, who verbally committed to Georgetown shortly after visiting Bloomington, had six points, eight rebounds and an assist in 17 minutes.

Both players met with the media following the game and video is available after the jump:

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  • vslice

    Just got home from the Derby Classic. VO is very impressive. There was a sea of Kentucky Blue and Lousville Red all around me. I will say everyone was rather impressed with VO. There were several comments about the “Indiana Kid” looking pretty good. VO definitely needs to work on his jump shot but his athleticism is second to none. He is amazing and was wearing an IU Hoodie when introduced before the game started. You can say he is thrilled to be going to Indiana, these are the kind of kids we need, (Marquis Teague slam if you will).

    Moses Abraham has a longgggg way to go and was without a doubt outplayed by Dieng. This Dieng kid was very, very impressive. He is an inch taller than Moses and about the same weight. Now before everyone starts in on me I realize this was basically an exhibition game. I realize very little defense is played at these events, so I was basically trying to watch for athleticism and basic basketball reactions and instincts. Maybe it was an off night for MA but he seems to be way behind everyone else. Im sure he will catch up in the coming years but if its any consolation for the Hoosier Nation I really dont feel it was a major loss as far as loosing the recruitment to GTown. As a matter of fact Nate Lubbick worked over MA time and time again. I thought Nate was going to be a big ole lurch but he actually moved quite well for a big man. He was quicker to the ball, quicker to the rim and rebounded well.

    All in all Oladipo did exactly what I thought, dunked then dunked again along with some impressive blocks. Toward the end of the game VO took a nasty fall and laid motionless on the ground for several moments, to eventually get to his feet under his own power and stayed in the game. He was later taken out, hit the floor toward the end of teh bench and was shown attention by the trainer. That was basically the end of his night.
    MA was not impressive in my eyes at all. He has good size but that seems to be it.
    Gorgui Sy Dieng looked like the most impressive big out on the court. Looked like a seasoned freshman and/or sophomore with great reactions and blocking ability. He is pretty good at soccer as well. Him and Justin Coleman got together and had a rather interesting dunk during the dunk contest at half time. He did a nifty soccer move as he kicked it up into the air as Justin Coleman ran underneath and shook the rim with a nasty, monster dunk. Cool night, great fun…..dont like Justin Coleman by the way. Wears a headband that looks like its going to pop off his head at any moment and his attitude is extremely cocky. He is tough and will probably be a pretty good player, if he can make the grades that is. Im very happy with VO, Im very glad he is attending IU!!! That was my take on the night anyway…..

    There has been some talk about VO defense and his jump shot. First, this was an exhibition game, not a lot of defense was played. Two, VO would probably be the first to tell you that is something he needs to work on. But thats just it, he can work on his jump shot, the other natural gifts he has is something that cant be practiced or learned. The things he lacks are things that he can work on and will make him more of a complete player as he gains experience and age. He runs the break well, jumps like a cricket, and has athleticism oozing out of every pore in his body. All the other stuff will come in time as long as he dedicates himself which I dont think will be any problem. If I was a GTown fan I would be much more concerned with MA, very shakey….very shakey!!!

  • MillaRed

    I am officially a Victor fan. Seems to have great character. Excellent interview.

  • Kelin Blab

    Quotes….I already have some bounce, I want a little bit more and my favorite, “they wouldn't let me jump over people…I do that all the time”

    I can truly understand why moses picked G'Town. Humble, soft spoken kid, only in the states for a short time, just needed support to be close. I wish him very well and I hope he has all the success in the world.

  • JerryCT

    What a positive attitude . Wow ! Seeing how many of our players began to hang their heads last season he may be worth his weight in gold just due to ATTITUDE.

    Seems like he is going to be a stat stuffer on offense and defense and a lovable teamate.

  • My apologies for the difficulty hearing some of the answers on both interviews. Did my best given the surroundings.

  • thats my first time seeing an interview with VO and I love the guy already. seems very excited to be headed to Bloomington. Guys like him are what we need to head back in the right direction. From what people say about him he seems to be the kind of guy who has so much raw talent and athletic ability that by the time his junior and senior years roll around he is gonna be a tough man to deal with in the Big ten.

    also i'm glad he said his name so that I now know how to pronounce it.

  • IUDan

    Doesn't surprise me that VO and Mo Creek are good friends – they seem to be alike in many ways. It doesn't surprise me to see Indiana kids talking about how special it is to play at IU, but to hear that from these kids is great. As Crean said – we need kids who are 100% committed, and it sounds like VO definitely is.

    I think he'll make an impact this year on the team – and if his work ethic is anywhere near where his attitude is, I think the sky's the limit for him. Looking forward to seeing you in the stripes, VO!

  • Kelin Blab

    One thing I think goes without notice is, when you have two solid players coming in with some level of talent, it pay soff the most initially in practice. Now you don't have Mo Creek being guarded by Daniel Moore in practice but Victor Oladipo, if you have a more competitive practice it will help in games….

    VO seems like the type of kid, that is coming in “to play” and get on the court however he needs too via defense, energy, or what CTC wants him to do….

  • BobbyDigital

    Thank you for the videos. Did anyone notice the big guy in the in Florida shirt take a spill at the 2:00 mark in Victor's interview? Its good for a cheap laugh.

  • dphattybrown

    I have been a VO fan since last year when teh videos of he and Mo Creek popped up. I for one have yet to jump on the band wagon of ridiculing CTC and the way he runs the team. I love the class he brought in last year and these 2 kids he is bringing in this year as well. He continues to get these great attitude and hard working kids and he will finally hush all the nay sayers from his first 2 seasons after starting from SCRATCH!!! Believe it or not this team is 2 seasons away from being a major player in the big ten, some still call me a moron but i am holding my argument for the “I told you so'” 's.

  • IUDan

    Absolutely! Hilarious – totally made me laugh. Even VO looked over for a moment – I loved when the cop had to come over . .. as far as I know he was still on the ground. Hope he ended up ok.

  • Druid

    I am absolutely thrilled that V.O. is a Hoosier. This kids is exactly what I think of when you picture a real Hoosier player. He's hard working , dedicated to improving himself and his team, and has a great attitude. I would take a whole team of young men just like him. He WILL be a huge player next season and I believe for the next four years. V.O. is the man.

    A bit off topic but we will also be very pleased with Will Sheehey next season. He and V.O. are made from a similar mold. Both are dedicated to being a Hoosier and both are tireless workers for team and their game. I am proud to call them both Hoosiers.

  • wotanuo

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  • Kelin Blab

    He won a $5 bet from a classmate last year by touching the top of the white square on the backboard during the school day.

    Not in hightops, but in his leather dress shoes.

    A quote about VO……