Open thread: National title game

  • 04/06/2010 12:22 am in

What a breathtaking ending.

What a disappointing outcome.

What a game.

This post is mostly meant to be an open thread for y’all to discuss the Butler-Duke national championship, which has to be among the best this reporter has ever seen. Strike that, it’s easily the best I’ve ever seen.

So Hollywood and real life don’t always match up as we’d like. If the last 40 minutes of this college basketball season were disappointing to you, then I’m not surely what you’d consider pleasing. I mean seriously, I’m still shaking my head in wonder, almost an hour later.

Without further ado, we’ll open up our trusted, Disqus-driven comments section up to you. I’m going to go check and see if Duke stole anything else from me besides the opportunity to see a rare and special moment. Have a good one folks.

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