Around the Hall: Butler, Duke will meet on Monday

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NCAA Final Four - Butler v Michigan State

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on, kids.

+ Pat Forde writes that Monday’s national championship game could be better than the movies — and you know which movie he’s referring to. (

+ Dana O’Neil writes that Butler advanced to Monday night’s title game by doing what it does best: play defense. (

+ Our old friend Eamonn Brennan takes a first look at the final, including five things to keep in mind and some video analysis from Lucas Oil Stadium. (ESPN College Basketball Nation)

+ Matt Dollinger writes that Indianapolis is having no problem picking between Butler and Duke. (IU Final Four News Bureau)

+ Zina Kumok writes that rebounding and second-chance points were the difference in Duke’s win over West Virginia. (IU Final Four News Bureau)

+ DeAntae Prince writes that Da’Sean Butler’s injury prevented West Virginia from making a second-half run at Duke. (IU Final Four News Bureau)

+ Pete Thamel writes that Duke is thriving on balance, grit and defense. (The New York Times)

+ Jeff Goodman writes that Butler advancing to the national championship game is truly one of those unimaginable stories. (

+ Goodman also writes that Bob Huggins comforting Da’Sean Butler was a touching scene. (

+ Shannon Shelton reports that Durrell Summers is unsure if he’ll forgo his senior season to enter the NBA Draft. (Detroit Free Press)

+ Tom Izzo was a little ticked off and upset about a couple of calls following Michigan State’s loss to Butler. (Indianapolis Star)

+ Gary Parrish writes that if Duke continues to shoot like it did Saturday night, the Blue Devils will destroy Butler. (

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  • indiananorthshore

    Love watching Butler, great defense,tough, disciplined,great offensive schemes and throw in a couple of academic All Americans. Brad Stevens will be better than Thad Matta, certainly much more successful than Todd Lickleiter. He is young seems to be extremely organized, smart and most importantly he wins with decent not great talent. His calm demeanor is a reflection of his team. Indiana should admit they made a mistake, buyout TC's obnoxious contract, and hire Stevens

  • Druid

    I hate the fact that there are duke people in our state and that they might even win a national championship here. What a disgusting thought. I'm not a Butler fan but I'm am rooting for them to send duke home empty handed.

  • walton

    Down with Duke (they already won me my bracket) – Go BUTLER!

  • marcusgresham

    It's helped a little (a little) to have a surrogate team to root for in the tournament this year. It will help a lot if Duke loses, too. At least Kentucky isn't still playing.

  • walton

    Happy Easter – ITH rocks!

  • walton

    Down with Duke (they already won me my bracket) – Go BUTLER!

  • Kelin Blab

    When IU actually makes the NCAA tourney, I think the ITH site will crash with visitors within seconds as we will all be on here crying tears of joy and requiring medical attention.

    I don't mind rooting for Butler, especially against duke. Coach K should have married coach Knight given that is all that is on his mind these days. My thoughts are for this tourney as long as Purdue and KY don't win, I am happy.

    On a side note….as I took in some final 4 festivities, one thing still rings true..alot of Butler, WVU, Duke, and MSU shirts…but there were a bunch of IU gear being rocked at the final 4. Crean and IU still have the 'juice' around here so I hope Butler folks don't think they have arrived fully….(but please beat duke)

  • cooper

    Come to IU, the 4th best school in Indiana…embarassing

  • walton

    yeah – it sucks not being a perennial power house all the time

  • marchus

    Up or down IU still has one of the top 5 fan bases in the country… which says a lot considering our fan base is relatively local compared to the likes of Duke and UNC who have fans all across the country. I believe their fans to be of the bandwagon type.
    On a side note i saw we once again beat out Purdue in attendance… pretty pathetic from a Purdue perspective

  • JerryCT

    I love Butler's defense and pray they win however this launches them to compete heavily for the same kids we are after…….. a very mixed emotion that one.

    I saw Bulter at Madison Sq garden this year play GTWN. I feel they will lose this game the same way………..refs put Howard in foul trouble ( Huggins” they don't foul “? ) and that is enough to lose by 5.

    Despite the plethora of offensive stats I bleive 60% of winning inbasketball is defense and Butler has figured it out

  • marsh21

    This is a bit strong don't you think? Butler is having a great season but it Stevens had to take over IU given the same circumstances Crean has faced I don't think our team would be any better.
    If our coach makes little or no improvement after his 5th year then I will start pushing for a change but until then let's stand behind our man!

  • Duke and UNC fans are bandwagoniers?

    Pass me some of whatever you've been drinking.

  • marsh21

    Go Butler!!! I'm a 35 year loyal IU fan but I've been cheering for Butler all year and hope they win it all.

    Hey Crean, you need to congratulate Butler publicly as they deserve it for overcoming all the odds to get to this point. You post something about toughness for West Virginia but nothing for Butler??? Come on man, support the in State school.

    I wonder if Crean is feeling a lot of pressure over this Butler rise??? Regardless, as the leader of IU Basketball he should show some humility and post something nice about their success.

  • hoosierdog01

    I would love to see Butler win, then we could say, “There’s another team from Indiana with a National Championship, and neither one is Pruhooodoodoo. ” Give the wannabes from layfayette something else to think about.

  • marchus

    locally no….. nationally yes

  • Kelin Blab

    You know JerryCT I thought about that recruiting thing also. I think it will affect it some but not as much given the “Butler Way”…for example, I don't see Butler recruiting the teague type of kids and the 5star types because that is just not them. They have been competing with IU already, so if anything it just amplifies the challenges Painter and Crean has now. I think the way Butler plays is more in line with Purdue and getting those type of players.

    Butlers challenge is still facilities and kids wanting more tv exposure….it could be worse.

  • JerryCT

    Good points …….. I feel better now ……….. our new facilities have yet to pay off but I expect it will soon.

    I remember Tony Hinkle and his fieldhouse ……….. not sure it would have impressed Demarcus Cousins

  • Kelin Blab

    You know JerryCT the way Butler plays defense that may scare off a ton of kids. They flat out get after it. I could just imagine a kid sitting there and Stevens says…well we expect you to go to every class with no excuses and also, if you don't play defense you won't see the court… do you still want to come here?

    Not saying this doesn't happen at other schools, but I am for sure 50% of schools don't sell a kid on how they plan to hold teams to under 60 points.

  • JerryCT

    Good insight Kelin. This is where I disagree w alot of comments on ITH however that are not excited by Sheehey and VO. I smell effort , effort , effort …………..lets just say they seem like Butler kind of players.

  • cooper

    I would say IU has a horrible fan base. The may love basketball but 1/2 wish it was 1950 and 5 white guys from Indiana played, 25% will cry about Knight long after he is dead and 25% have common sense

  • wotanuo

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