Q & A: 2011 Warsaw guard Nic Moore

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If the state of Indiana didn’t know the name Nic Moore prior to this season, they do now. The 5-9, 170-pound guard led Warsaw to a 23-3 record and the 4A state championship game, where the Tigers fell to North Central, 95-74. Moore scored 28 points in that game and will play AAU this spring and summer with Spiece. Inside the Hall caught up with Moore on Monday for a Q & A:

On Warsaw’s run to the state championship game and what he took from the season:

“When things got tough, I learned not to get mad and handle myself. It was a great season with me and all of the guys becoming like a family. After we lost the Noblesville game, we realized that rebounding was going to help us win, so that’s one thing we worked on in practice. North Central, they’re a good team, but it was a fun run.”

On the difference in the game against North Central:

“Their depth. They play like 13 guys, so if one of them got tired, someone just as good as them was coming in. So I think that’s what kind of hurt us.”

On the recruiting interest Indiana has shown:

“They were recruiting me and then everybody was getting ready for the tournament so it was kind of slow with everything. But now, Coach Crean came to our practice at Conseco and he was there at the game, so I think they’ll give me a call here later in the week after stuff settles down and talk to me.”

On schools that have offered a scholarship and the other schools showing interest:

“The schools that have offered are IPFW, Valparaiso, Evansville, Ohio University and St. Bonaventure. Ball State looks at me, Butler, Purdue, Michigan.”

On what the Indiana staff likes about his game and what he needs to work on:

“They like that I play hard and that I’m a leader. They want me to work on getting into the lane and dishing off.”

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Some video highlights of Moore from Warsaw’s Semistate win over Carroll after the jump.

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  • Kelin Blab

    Wish…….Here is a kid who is starting at point guard for a big ten team, 5'9 165 pounds and plays about 30 minutes a game……..Lewis Jackson of Purdue. Similarities to Nic Moore, tough, good defender, good athlete for his size.

    Differences…Moore is a far better shooter, slightly bigger as a high schooler, and better offensively. You probaly could make the argument at 5'9 170 Nic Moore has a big ten body compared to the other two guys.

    A second one….Taylor Battle of Penn State entered college at 5'10 160, and has had some big ten success.

    I appreciate your argument and we all have our preferences, but Lewis Jackson and talor battle are prime examples of a smaller player having success in the big ten….( I won't go any further to compliment any purdue players but that is just the point I wanted to make.)

  • Kelin Blab

    Hoosier I stated above….
    Lewis Jackson Purdue 5'9 165
    Talor Battle 5'10 160 entering college

    If Nic Moore can play, he can play

  • HoosierChan77

    @ this point getting a kid that wants to be a “Hoosier” is in IU's best intrest. Thats def. what we need to dominate again. NM has skills and hes under 6'….oh well, he plays with alot of HEART! (maybe the next A.I. w/out the tude) Give him a shot CTC

  • cooper

    He isn't exactly being recruited by the whose who of college bball

  • Spiece Indy Heat, I believe. Played with Indiana Elite last year.

  • Hoosier76

    I agree with you 100% i just wanted to see how he matched up with the F4 guards, but listing those two pg's adds to the evidence.

  • Jubilee01

    Just watched those and also some Peter Jurkin youtube clips…..if we sign both of those guys, I don't think we'll have to worry about being athletic
    I know recruiting Indiana is important, but those 2 are going to be really, really good.

  • hoooooosier

    i will say this rite now that i want Nic Moore now for the 2011 class and will be very disappointed if we dont get him because i feel he will be a great player and will help us out. Plus he from northern Indiana which we need to get in.

    My mind set now that we pass on the 2010 because i dont see anybody providing any help in the next 2 years and that goes for Shehey and VO as well. Just work in progress

    but what my wish list is for IU in 2011 is
    Nic Moore PG- gritty point that can stoke that gives us a Chris Paul leadership and he reminds me a little of CP3 but obviously not as good but still a TRUE point not a J. Rivers point

    Jeremiah Davis PG/SG- i dont think he will be a point when he will come to IU

    Cody Zeller C- proven winner and a versatile post that fits the Crean game

    Austin Etherington SG- a good shooter and a good athlete that i can see becoming a Chandler Parsons type player in time, and when he would come to IU he wouldnt have to be a starter but rather that 8th or 9th guy off the bench and working in the lineup

    ****i would like Teague but i cant image him going to IU, he just seems like a guy who would be like a John Wall for Kentucky

    Also herd that Carlino is interested in UCLA, and all i have to say is why? because the Bruins are rebuilding too just like IU but idk

  • Kelin Blab

    If that was the class Crean signed I would be the second happiest man after you……I hope we don't keep flirting with Teague so long that JD goes elsewhere
    The carlino thing to UCLA is probaly more of a distance thing, I did not know his mother and sister stayed behind in Zona. That seems odd.

  • lancergolfer87

    I am pretty sure he is a straight A student. I was told that he received interest from a couple Ivy league schools, not just because of his basketball skills, but because of his grades. I would love to see Nic at IU. He is a greatt teammate, and wants his team to win over anything he does on an individual level. He is a great kid and a special player.

  • Wish

    Jackson is only playing about 20 minutes a game and he's supremely quick. Outside of Lucas, he might be the quickest PG in the B10. There were times when Hulls very much struggled to bring the ball up the floor against Jackson. The dude is built like a brick shit house. Third, you are bringing up two or three starting PG's in the B10 out of 11 teams. Battle, I don't know, he's great so I'm going to call him a statistical outlier. Fourth, and this is my main point, you already have Hulls as an undersized guard, you really don't want a second one, do you?

    If there was no Hulls, sure take this kid, he seems great. But, you do have Hulls and he's probably going to be around all four years so let's go ahead and pick someone with a little more size. These PG's aren't that hard to find, this kid is low hanging fruit.

    Andrew – my point with Kramer was that he did have the physical attributes to play in the B10. He is extremely athletic. I thought he was better suited as a 6th or 7th man on a very good team but Purdue needed that leadership for their younger players so he stuck. Phenomenal glue guy.

    Those are just my feelings on Hulls based on what I've seen and what I see him becoming. I can certainly be wrong, that's happened a few times before. I'm not an expert, just giving my opinion….and I appreciate being able to come here to have intelligent conversations with everyone regarding IU basketball.

  • Kelin Blab

    I really get your point with taking Nic to follow hulls. It is absolutely something to consider…and to further complicate things…

    You have Hulls
    2011 You go ahead offer and get Nic Moore
    2012 Can you take Yogi Ferrell too….another small guard?

    Or if you get one, move on without the other, or do you think skip out on both if you can.
    THis is why Crean is the states highest paid employee….

  • Casey

    It's great to see Nic finally get some love on ITH. This in-state kid didn't just pop up out of nowhere during Warsaw's state run this year. He's been a great player for that team since he started varsity for Warsaw as a freshman. They wen't to regionals that year under his leadership. He's been flying under the radar for far too long. Hopefully Crean will offer him soon. If IU doesn't lock him up, another good basketball school will.

  • walton

    I like your positive outlook and for the most part share it – i just wish there weren't so many “ifs”. But that is the reality we all are a part of. Keep keepin the faith. GO IU.

  • bkelt

    I think not having anyone for the 2010 class could end up hurting us in public opinion which would steer recruits away. This will be something that will be talked about during alot of the games how we had commitments back out and then “could not” or did not” fill them.
    I have been optimistic about things till this. After seeing some of the recruits other 1st and 2nd year coach's have landed (ie WVU) and seeing what we are getting, it is very discouraging.

  • Andrew

    Good comments Wish, I understand where you're coming from. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, that's for sure.

  • WarsawAlumni

    I have been watching Nic Moore play ball since he was a 4th Grader and they played at half time of a varsity game and not one person left their seat they wanted to see what the hype was all about! He put a show on he could drive the lane, shoot the 3 and play defense. Nothing has changed with this kid!

    Finally Nic is getting some attention around the State of Indiana! I just read an article where Nic was named a core six player for the Indiana Junior All Stars that will play 2 games against the Indiana Senior Team. What a great honor and what an honor it would be to see Coach Crean offer this kid a scholarship.

  • Austin Miller

    I am from Elkhart, Indiana and my school plays in the same conference as Nic Moore. I have family in Warsaw so I see the team play about 6 or 7 times a year. Everytime I see him, it seems like he gets BETTER and BETTER. In this years sectional championship, he single handily won the game. He has ice water in his veins and shows up in big games. He is quick and hard to corrall. His size is the only thing that could keep him out of the Big Ten and he makes up for it with crazy jumping ability good defensive play. Here is a guy I would love to see in the Big East even, because he is incredibly tough and cannot be bullied. Should be a D1 starter very soon.