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Jimmy V ClassicWelcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our attempt to um, wrap up the 2009-10 season. Sit back. Relax. Grab some popcorn. Get your read on.

Final Stats (30 games): 17.8 mpg, 6.6 ppg, 2 rpg, 1.1 apg, 33.3% FG, 1.8 tpg.

It certainly wasn’t a banner year for Devan Dumes. Early-season injury woes lost him his starting spot, Maurice Creek’s emergence meant he stayed on the bench and for most of the season, Dumes was nothing more than an empty suit who liked to shoot the ball. After averaging 12.7 points per game last season, Dumes only broke double figures in 10 of 30 games this year. He did not start once.

Dumes was, fairly so, a disappointment to many fans, who had hoped that the unregulated emotion he let control his actions at times in his first season at Indiana would translate into fiery senior leadership this year, for a team that really could have used some. With the right mentality, it was supposed, Dumes could be the “edge” guy, the senior with enough personality and desire to force the same out of his teammates on a consistent basis.

Instead, Dumes was relegated to a) a lot of bench time and b) a lot of griping from fans who complained that he hadn’t matured and that he shot too much. (Which he did.)

The problem was, that disappointment did gloss over some serious high points. It’s easy to forget that Dumes had 11 points in Indiana’s home win over Michigan, including some lights-out shooting early that, at least in part, set the tone. In fact, in the Hoosiers’ four Big Ten wins, Dumes averaged better than 10 points per game.

However, the inconsistency cannot be overlooked. Why was it so easy on those nights? Why, if his points bore at least some correlation to sustained success, could Dumes not find ways to make more nights like them? And where was the emotional, sometimes almost inspired, player that scored 11 points in the narrowest of losses over Illinois, making perhaps the play of the season when he stole the ball from D.J. Richardson near halfcourt, tracked it down and threw in a prayer as the first half expired?

The bottom line: I’ll admit, I tacitly admired what Dumes brought to the Hoosiers last season. The flying elbows aside, there wasn’t enough fire on that team, not enough people just willing to grab the game by the collar and start making demands. Honestly, there wasn’t enough of that this year either, and while I thought Dumes could/would provide it, he rarely did.

I got the chance to sit with Dumes for a few minutes following IU’s season-ending Big Ten Tournament loss to Northwestern two weeks ago. I would absolutely relate to you the primary highlights of that conversation if I had realized before now that my recorder was dead. My kingdom for a AAA battery!

The general summary was this: Dumes was thoughtful, probably to the point of being pensive. He looked like someone who had been hit simultaneously by the reality of his career ending, the frustration of his final year, the enjoyment of being able to say he played basketball at Indiana and just the sheer lunacy of a four-year ride that began Ypsilanti, Mich., and ended at Conseco Fieldhouse, just a stone’s throw from Decatur Central, where he played in high school.

Maybe it was none of those things. Maybe it was all of those things. But in my brief but decently-traveled sports reporting career, I’m not sure I’ve ever spent five more honest minutes with a player than I did in that locker room two weeks ago. Don’t ask me why, because I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Overall, Devan Dumes is a footnote. He was a stopgap measure pulled in from a dimly-lit corner of the college basketball world, and he’ll likely never be remembered by IU fans for anything other than his impressive use of the more pointed limbs on his body. And that’s fair, but not at the same time, you know?

I’m told Dumes has a small but perhaps budding rap career, which, if it ever came to fruition, would probably be the most amazing thing ever to happen to IU basketball. What’s that? Oh wait, no, you’re right, that’s not at all fair to Flo Blitz.

Dumes will, like Kyle Taber and Bret Finkelmeier, likely fade into obscurity, a face you can’t remember at the mall. It was a disappointing end to a tumultuous career, but you have to admit: Devan Dumes was rarely boring.

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  • Chris

    I thought that, towards the end of the season, I finally saw Dumes “get it” to some extent. I saw him dribble drive more, both to score and kick out. I saw him defend better. But most importantly, I noticed a positive attitude, at times. For instance, I noticed him trying to pick up his teammates on the bench. I noticed him encouraging teammates on the court. However, he still had his moments, like when we were getting embarrassed at Purdue, and Jordie tried to give him “five” for encouragement, and Dumes just ignored him and walked on by. Overall, the kid was a big help last year, let’s not forget.


    I totally agree!!!! Devan saved us last year and was a big reason for the victories we had this year. He wasn’t a disappointment to me. I think he was handled like yesterdays newspaper this year. Crean had better options and discarded Devan, and I think Devan (the emotional player we all loved last year) couldn’t handle the rejection. Then Mo gets hurt and all of a sudden Devan is suppose to be the go to guy or leader of the team.

    I hope CTC doesn’t handle all the players this way. If we have players transfer this year on their own without CTC pulling thier schollys, then we have a problem.

    Also on a side note I am courious to see what Nick Williams and Mr. Story will do next year on their new teams.


    If you compare minutes per game last year and this year for Devan his production was the same. He would have averaged 12 or 13 ppg if he played as much as he did last year. As for the games this year when he reached double digit scoring he was in the game more then on the bench.

  • CutterInChicago

    Interesting read. Dumes to me was a guy with above average talent who – if he could have kept his head in it and demonstrated some basketball IQ – have been a much bigger contributor (especially after Creek went down, if he had been able to step in and fill the void, that could have potentially been huge). It was most frustrating for folks to see a guy who had a lot of athletic ability coupled with a solid outside stroke but at the same time occasionally played the game as if he was unaware of basic – very basic – basketball principles coupled with the behavior flare-ups

  • JerryCT

    Zach- very fair piece on Dumes, good work.

    I think fans disliked him doing exactly what he and Creek are supposed to do in transition ……. pop the open 3, even if early in the clock. Creek got 60%+ of his points this way. Unfortunately for Dumes was not nearly as accurate as Creek or Hulls so it made folks cringe even though he is actually doing what he is supposed to do.

    I always thought the team would be better w JR and DD on defense at the same time providing a “hard edge” perimeter to get stops plus better offense generated by the defensive stop. CTC rarely deployed this lineup and IMO the season results show it.

  • ariufan

    When players we had and the two that signed a LOI bolted for Xavier, Detroit and West Virginia. Devan came. Devan was thrilled to have the opportunity to play for Indiana University. I will remember him for that. Thank You Devan.

  • it's Indiana

    Devan Dumes ran into a burning building when everyone else was running out. That takes courage and that is what we will remember him for. Reflect with pride Mr. Dumes.

  • MPmike


    Thanks for playing for IU. I wish you all the best!!!


  • oldsportsdude

    I was as frustrated as everyone else how he shot too much and missed too much. But he did help our team a lot last year. Who knows if he had not had the injury perhaps he would have been better this year. Also if Creek had been here he would not have tried to do so much contributing to his many turnovers. But I am very happy that an Indiana kid got to play at IU. I hope he finishes his degree and becomes a big rap star. Good luck Devan! Thanks for some good times.

  • ariufan

    Thanks. I may not be as articulate in how I express myself as some people
    are. I really liked it's Indiana's analogy He DID run into a burning
    building. I just don't think it right to bash any of the players. Especially
    the ones that came last year when thing were at it's worst.

    I also wish Nick and Mr. Story well next year.

  • IULaw10

    Devan Dumes won the Iowa game for us in the '08-'09 season. I'll remember him for that.

  • Joe

    Not sure how much “courage” it takes for a JC Indiana kid to go to IU?? If anything, it was an incredible opportunity for him to go to IU, a program he would not likely get to participate for in “normal” years. While I do appreciate Dumes, let's not give him too much credit for “choosing” IU in a hard time.

  • JerryCT

    Ok its noon. Any MO sightings ?

  • JerryCT

    Sorry……..I mean MA sightings

  • HoosierSmitty

    Devan, if you're reading this, I hope you go on to succeed at whatever you do.

    Thank you for coming to Indiana when this program was in shambles and helping us all get through it. You could have headed to a number of different places and earned just as much playing time – you did start out your career as a Division I player in the underappreciated MAC.

    You provided a lot of highlights and I'll never forget that steal and half court heave against Illinois. You put up some big numbers when we needed you. You weren't our go to guy this year, but you still provided a spark when we needed it.

    I'm happy to see so many positive remarks about Devan. Kudos to ITH for recognizing his solid games in our wins. Sure, we all wanted to see more consistency, but then again, we all wanted that from the entire team the past two years.

    For those who love to hate Dumes, I personally don't think we should ever shame someone away from the program who finished their career with us. It's fine to criticize, but just think about how you dealt with IU basketball over the past several seasons…and then imagine dealing with it as a player.

  • JerryCT

    Really well done Smitty

  • unclekerfuffle

    As hokey as it may sound, DD will be one of those individuals who, in 5 or 10 years will be setting in the stands when the camera does a close up and we all say, “Oh, yeah. Dumes. Glad to see him at the game.” Regardless of the successes or lack there of by individual IU players, those who stick it out will always have a place in the hearts of true Hoosier fans.



    Thanks for putting into words how a lot of us feel about DD and how a lot of other, so called true IU fans, should feel.

  • roninjeffersonville

    First, Dumes thanks for the memories, and good luck in the future. It was a delight watching you pay
    Off subject. Alex what is the latest on Moses and Yeguette? Read that St Johns is trying to move
    in on Yeguette.

  • BigRed3588

    You honestly think our record would have been better with Rivers and Dumes getting more minutes? Right…

  • Taskmaster75

    I do find that hard to believe, do they even have a coach yet? (They should really look at the Cornell coach, his team looks fundamentally perfect).

  • it's Indiana

    I agree that it was a great opportunity for Dumes. He came to IU knowing that he was going to lose a whole lot more than he would win. He chose to be a smaller fish in a bigger pond, and that takes guts.

  • JerryCT

    Yes I do. Maybe you liked Ole Miss torching Creek or NW and others torching Hulls and Jones in the man D but few players out played JR and DD while in the game ………despite their own problems which I recognize.

    The great thing about basketball is what does not show up in offensive stats. If transition is our offense, and defense is the origination of it , then you play your “hard edge ” defenders……………..not Hulls and Jones.

    Sorry but logic to me makes more sense than emotion……..and you would argue what ? the season would have been better playing weaker defense for how many minutes ?????