A little something from the NCAA tournament

  • 03/18/2010 1:34 pm in

I know it’s a hard day for most of you, watching now the second tournament in a row that Indiana has missed by quite some distance. And it probably doesn’t help your psyche to bring up some former Hoosiers who will take the floor hoping for their shining moment over the next two days. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Armon Bassett (yes, that Armon Bassett) went absolutely wild for Ohio in the Mid-American Conference tournament last week, scoring 25, 38, 28 and 25 points over four games to lead the Bobcats to a MAC title and an NCAA appearance.

Asked in the build-up to the NCAA tournament during yesterday’s media session about his checkered past, Bassett had this to say:

“I just got to thank God just for blessing me. I know I had some hiccups, but I managed to come out of those and weather the storm. I’m just happy to be here again.”

Not really sure I have anything to say about this per se, it was more just a little tidbit I thought I’d bring you. I know many of you probably still feel as though Bassett is one of those Hoosiers who bore a certain amount of responsibility for everything that happened in 2007/08, and you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I just thought I’d put this up here, and let you digest it as you wish.

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