Video: 2012 Broad Ripple guard Ron Patterson

  • 03/17/2010 1:02 pm in

We had hoped to pair the below video with a Ron Patterson interview, but alas, it has not worked out thus far. We’re still attempting to get that done this week.

Patterson, as many of you know, is a 6-3 guard from Broad Ripple in Indianapolis that just completed his sophomore season. He’s a prospect we followed closely during AAU last year and we’re planning to do the same this year.

If this video is any indication, he’s come a long way since last summer and is certainly a prospect that fits a need Tom Crean talked about recently: A playmaker that can get into the lane.

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  • hoosierboy

    A MUST get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GFDave

    It's just mind boggling that a HS Soph can have that type of body. This kid is really rangy and strong. Very athletic.

    I know there are a lot of you guys our there that have seen Jeremiah Davis, Patterson and DSR play. They seem similar to me from afar. My question to you is, assuming that we don't have room for all 3, who do we want most?

  • deserthoosier

    He looks more fluid and powerful than DSR., but I've only seen them in clips.

  • iu77bu81

    Looks like a great prospect, keep up the good work and efforts to provide in-depth coverage of the Hoosiers.

  • Kelin Blab


    This one is ez….Patterson
    Patterson is more athletic than all three, has more upside, and is very explosive. He has a very high motor….oddly enough, he reminds me of VO with his athletic ability and motor….

  • GFDave

    Ok. I can see the resemblance with VO, only Patterson looks stronger. Patterson certainly has a better handle and shot, from the video I've seen. Let's say we can have two of the three? Who would you take next? DSV or Davis?

  • marcusgresham

    Didn't realize he was 6'3″. I didn't think he looked that tall in the video, so maybe the competition was bigger than I assumed it was which makes it impressive.
    All the dunks on this video, and not once did he look like he even exerted any real energy to get off the floor!

    Anyone have any idea why peegs, rivals, etc, list some of the coaches involved in recruiting, but never in regards to IU? It seems as if Purdue's recruiter is always listed—do those sites just have good connections with those schools, maybe?

  • walton

    Great video – and music along with it. I am impressed – looks like he has great size – a size dimension that would fit good with IU.

  • marsh21

    No he can play in the fall I believe or else Crean wouldn't waste the time.

  • Kelin Blab

    It would be J.Davis….
    + More of a scoring guard but can play the point
    + DSR to me doesn't have a position, he is not a point and not a two
    + There is not much difference in their games, other than I think JD has more upside
    Both kids are BIG guards, similar to what Wisconsin usually has….

    If 2012 produced….Patterson, Perea, and Ferrell I would be thrilled….or Patterson, Perea, and Jurkin

  • just saw on hoosier nation IU is looking at a few players:

    Chris Braswell – chose to transfer from Charlotte after head coach was fired…friend of creek's…looks like IU was on him his first go around 6'8 215 PF 4 star…this would be a nice grab

    Brandon Young – Decommit from depaul due to firing of head coach…was on aau with victor and creek…dc kid….6'3 175 3 star…would of been in the class ith winston morgan

    Ken Brown – 6'1 juco was a 4 star

  • If Pritchard, Bawa, Roth, or Rivers do not return…it would be great to pick up Ken Brown pg, Moses C, and Braswell PG. Along with Victor and Sheehey…this woud bring in a new player at every position. 3 – 4 stars (pg, pf, c) and 2 – 3 starts (sf, sg)

    I really like this idea….

  • dougy

    I am getting very nervous about scholarship numbers. anyone else feel like Crean will be “running off” 3-4 players in the upcoming year or so?

  • Taskmaster75

    I remember when IU was recruiting him. We had to choose between Braswell, Bawa, and the australian center (Is it like Argus or something?). I REALLY wanted Braswell, but it didn't happen. He probably won't have the scholarship to come here.

  • walton

    Thanks for the updates Ben. There seems to be so much talent out there that IU should be more than capable of bringing in. All those players look very good. Ken Brown sticks out the most to me. IU could use a talented PG right now and if he is transferring from JC he doesn't have to sit out a year – right?

  • walton

    The more and more talent that IU has the chance to bring in the worse it looks for the current recruits for the next two years – oli, sheehy, etherington, and carlino. Crean may have offered some of those schollies too soon, but it has seemed as of late that our chances of picking up some serious talent has appeared to look much improved for some reason – i guess 'because it is Indiana' – I love it!

  • tg1438

    I have not seen J Davis play, but I have seen Yogi, DSR, and Patterson. I think Patterson and DSR are both big strong guards who at young ages look like grown men. Patterson isn't nearly as polished right now, but is more athletic. DSR plays much older than he is, and I think that's what scares people away because they feel he doesn't have the upside. But the kid can fill it up, and has such a crafty game at getting to the basket. I know different positions, but the things being said about him are similar to what was always said about Zach Randolph. He isn't extremely athletic, how much better will he get? But the kid just has a knack for putting the ball in the hole. I'd be thrilled w/ either.

    Yogi is just going to get better. He is extremely quick, has a great handle, vision, and his jump shot is getting better.

    Perea adn Jurkin are both long athletic and would also look great in an IU uniform. I really think we could find 3 or 4 great players from the 2012 class.

  • OhioHoosier

    I agree that he looks like a nice talent but I thought we were really looking for a playmaking pg? All these clips are him scoring (which he does well) but I didn't see any of him setting up his teammates…

  • hoooooosier

    thats why i voted for him as our number one target in the 2012 class, but he is a pogo stick and runs well decent handle and strokes from deep…gets to the rim at will, didnt seem much mid range game but this is just a clip and he'll get that….a must get!!!!!!!!

  • marsh21

    I think that's a lock. It will be uncomfortable at best but I want the best players on the floor. I guess I'm a little selfish.

  • marsh21

    No he can play in the fall I believe or else Crean wouldn't waste the time.

  • Kelin Blab

    dougy…I think 2 at the most may be transferring out…I can say with some confidence…Roth 'ain't' one of them. He is way to valuable and has a skill we needed this year.

  • Kelin Blab

    Walton…..You will find with Carlino and Etherington, those two especially in Indiana are the part of the 'Cream of the Crop' for that class in 2011 along with Teague. To get TWO of the top 10 players in the state is HUGE. VO and Sheehey, bring to IU next year stron rebounding guards, good on ball defenders and immediatly become the two most athletic guys we have on the team. These are definitly Crean type of players….

  • aceman07

    Absolutely agree!!! Man this kid is good!!! He reminds me so much of Eric Gordon already with that solid frame. He gets banged and just goes right through the man who hits him and man, what an explosive first step. He gets the ball in the open court and it's like he smells blood and attacks just like Gordon did. Only downside is if he continues to improve he is definitely going to be a one and one type player but I really, really hope CTC gets him!!!

  • aceman07

    I agree on Roth. Any kid who hits threes in a game as a freshman has a weapon any team can use. Here's how I feel . . . some of these guys probably knew up front that they were coming in to battle for a position on the team and if they didn't prove themselves then that spot may not exist after a year or two. IU was in a difficult situation and CTC probably relayed that message up front which is why he can overextend himself now. So, I really have no problem with it. I started as a freshman for my college baseball team and lead the team in batting average. At the end of the year my coach sat me down and said, “you're really going to have to work to make sure there's a spot for you on this team next year”. I think that's sometimes just part of the game. I had to work hard to ensure that there was a scholarship there for me the next season. He probably told every young player on the team the same thing!

    What do you guys think?

  • Jesus! Are we sure he isnt like 30? Where do these kids play? They look like high school kids did when I was 10

  • This is what IU has been missing. Our team looks like college kids or really good HS kids out there, while teams like Kentucky, Kansas, MSU, Tenn etc. look like men out there.

  • jaywiz

    Ah I thought about Gordon also, but for bad reasons as well. I never saw a mid range jumper – one of EJs huge weaknesses. I like to see the aggressiveness that he has though, IU needs a guy that can fearlessly take it to the hole and get fouled – which Gordon was excellent at. I would like to see him work on passing, as the truly great players know they will get their points anyway.

  • Kelin Blab

    Aceman07….that is a great point. Some of these guys have not really had competition for positions until this year and it was not a ton. Imagine if a kid came in just as athletic and fast as Jeremiah but with a jumpshot? That would light a fire under his butt big time. I actually hosted the kid that my college coach was recruiting to battle for 'my' position. I remember Crean said he had to upgrade the talent level at every position. This is a must…..some of my best games in college was played against our 2nd teamers in practice…..!

  • tg1438

    I think Roth stays, and I really don't see Rivers transferring again because he'll be a senior.

    Just a thought…couldn't IU realistically still redshirt Bawa next year if there is enough talent to do so, and give him a chance to develop more without wasting a year. Instead of just forcing the whole transfer issue on a kid that could still develop. Then they could sign a big guy to come in and compete/play right away (if there is one available this year). I'm not sold on him being a complete bust yet. He had a lot of interest from big schools, so Crean isn't the only one that saw something. Even if he can play like Ndiaye at Rutgers he would be servicable (no offense, but rebounds and blocks shots).

  • walton

    Good explanation……….there are just so many talented players being talked about. I can't wait to see how this all plays out on the court.

  • Micah

    This definitely looks like the “slasher” that Crean talked about trying to get this offseason… very athletic, but would he and Mo Creek be playing the same position? Or, as a 6'3″ soph, would this kid grow and be a #3 to Mo Creek's #2? Although I just realized that Mo would be a senior in this kid's frosh year, so nevermind.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    wow , explosive ! Also here in the ky state tournament a recriut of ours , high school freshman Darryl Hicks scored 30 pts against kentucky's #1 team the other day . just thought i'd shoot out some southern scoop . Talk radio here has had alot to say about him and mentioned that we were the only one to offer him a scholarship but that the schools would be coming after him soon.