Roshown McLeod statement: Thanks, not much else

  • 03/12/2010 12:27 pm in

The following just popped into our inbox from Amira Schiraz, Inc, a public relations company based out of Philadelphia:

The following is a statement from Roshown McLeod following his dismissal from the Assistant Coach position at Indiana University.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Indiana University. It gave me the chance to work with some amazing student athletes over the last two seasons. I wish the best for IU as they move forward.”

There will be no further comment from Roshown McLeod on this subject.

If you were looking for a juicy, tell-all story about the dismissal, well, you’re not going to get it, kids.

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  • JB

    If I got fired like that I really doubt I would say thank you….just sayin.

  • JohnS

    Its really non of our business and its good to see both parties are keeping it that way.

  • ufo3

    Ro was the only IU coach that was not friendly toward our group when we attended Hoosier Hysteria. Crean and Seltzer were awesome!

  • It took him a few days and a public relations firm to come up with that? Really?

  • tmeaster

    These jobs pay big time $$$ and things like this play out very publicly. Roshown has to be fairly careful and politically correct if he wants to remain in the college coaching ranks (I would be at least).

  • marsh21

    Enough said about this topic, let's move on now to some recruiting!

  • Luke72

    Sounds like someone who screwed up and would like the world to forget it!

  • btowniualumn

    Well, I can't say that I was surprised by all of this. Some acquaintances of mine are very good friends w/ Dane Fife and this whole thing has been brewing for several months now, dating back to, I believe, before Thanksgiving. Tom Crean had apparently been confiding in Fife regarding the lack of, well, a lot of things w/ Coach McLeod….specifically his developing of their “Big Men”, but more particularly in recruiting. McLeod was supposed to be a huge tie to the East and his “connections” were to allow for IU to land some big recruits but this had not happened in two years. I think the failure to recruit wasn't necessarily the back-breaker given our IU's current situation (i.e. 6-25 last year and 10-21 this year), but the lack of player development as well as other “behind the scenes” issues. Some of this is just speculation, but I know this coaching release had been in the making for some time, it just finally boiled over.

    That being said, I definitely think Dane will be the new Asst Coach, based on what I have heard from these acquaintances/friends of mine. I, for one, would be very welcoming of this. It would be a great move in forwarding our program back to the elite status it should be, tops in the Big Ten and always a severe threat to win a game. We'll get there under Crean….he's just too passionate about the game, about coaching, about IU. Patience is key, but I think we are about to see a significant change next year…… .500 may be realistic, but the ceiling is potentially 18-20….I may be crazy though.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  • Dirk

    You don't need Crean's confidences to know that McLeod blew it as a recruiter and developer of big men. See, e.g., Irving, Pritchard. And the rumor that McLeod badmouthed IU while on a recruiting trip has been circulated since last Fall. And Terry Hutchens and other bloggers have written in detail about Fife the last few days. So what's your scuttlebutt? Has Fife been offered the job or not?

  • marsh21

    Well I think you are crazy on the 18 to 20 scenario however I support your goal 110% and I hope I'm wrong!

  • aerialM

    I'm ready to move on & am glad this (hopefully) is the end of it. It didn't work out. Now let's all move forward. I'm intrigued by all the talk of Dane Fife. Specifically if: a) he'd leave the head coach's seat (even at the IPFW level) for an assistant position; b) he is someone we feel can come in and raise the level of current recruiting for places other than the midwest; and c) don't we want/need someone to specifically work with our “big men”? I'd be thrilled, as Dane was one of my favorite IU players ever. I'm just saying…

  • JB

    Fife is NOT the answer here Dude.

  • cooper

    I find it funny people call him a bad recruiter. He was recruiting for a team that won 6 games last year and 10 this year. Tell me what 18 yr old from the East Coast is going to jump at the chance to play in the Midwest for a team with that record when they can go to a top school closer to home and have a much better chance of winning?

    The fact Irving had IU in its top 2 should show he was a decent recruiter.

    As far as developing big men, did he really have that much to work with? Was Jobe or Pritchard supposed to be that great? Remember TP was recruited by Sampson as a bench player not a starter.

    I'm not saying he should have kept his job, but to call him a bad recruiter or someone not able to develop big men isn't exactly giving him a fair shot.

    What does FIfe bring to the table? How does he get IU back to elite status? He coaches at IUABCDEFG or whatever it is. Don't see him developing big men. What kid is going to jump because he is sitting in their living room?

  • btowniualumn

    I definitely did not say that he was a bad recruiter. I just said he was not able to land the big recruits he was touted to be able to land. Now, that could be due to IU's situation, it could be that we just got into the game too late, or it could be that he is indeed a bad recruiter. To be honest, I have absolutely zero clue as to what really transpired, as do most of us. I was just sharing my thoughts as to the situation based on the facts I have heard from those inside the program. For the Big Men, no he did not have much to work with. But, how do you explain such a huge drop off for Pritchard from last year? Did he not just seem absolutely lost??? You cannot bring in Tijan, love the guy, but he was just too raw to develop this late. I don't think he was doing what Crean needed him to accomplish.

    As far as Fife goes. I think he would be a tremendous fit for this program. Sure, he is the head coach at IPFW. But reading something the other day, he has led the team this year to the most wins in school history at I believe around 17, doing so within four years. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't something to go absolutely nuts about, but think of the program…IPFW….really? Do they EVER have a chance to do any better? Perhaps. But Fife was able to do something the last two coaches since before the year 2000 at IPFW have not….put up a winning record. Remember, this is better than that of the Hoosiers only w/ a lesser name!! I have been told that Dane would love to be back at IU and he loves Crean and Crean has the utmost respect for him as well. As far as recruiting the Midwest, isn't this what everyone always talks about….locking up Indiana? Thad Matta has a better chance of landing big time Indiana recruits at this point. Fife knows the legacy of this program, played it, lived it, felt it. Why WOULDN'T he be a good fit?

  • kentuckyhoosier

    Is Randy Whitman available ??

  • BaseballBuc

    As much as I would love Wittman to be the asst. coach, there is no way a guy that coached the timberwolves in the NBA and is now a asst. for the Wizards, is going to be an asst. at IU. Just saying.

  • marsh21

    Nice Fife article. Sounds like he would be great for IU. Head coaching experience, turning around a program and an IU baller? Sounds like a good fit to me.