Report: Rice hires former IU Athletic Director Rick Greenspan

  • 03/11/2010 5:04 pm in

You remember Rick Greenspan, right? Well, I’ll keep this brief, but instead of writing the Kelvin Sampson tell-all book, it appears the former Indiana Athletic Director is on his way to Rice.

KHOU-TV has the scoop:

HOUSTON—Sources tell 11 News that former Indiana University Athletic Director Rick Greenspan has been selected as the new AD at Rice University.

Greenspan will replace Chris Del Conte, who left last fall for the same post at TCU.

Greenspan was at Indiana for four years, during which time he was credited with getting $55 million worth of upgrades on university facilities.

The report goes on to mention that an announcement at Rice could come as early as Friday.

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  • vslice

    Well good for him, maybe he can tear down there athletic department next. Still amazes me they hire a guy that was currently on probation??? How ludicrous does that sound now?? Shame on Indiana for letting that happen. Now years later we are still trying to get themselves out of this hole. Him and Sampson should of went to jail. Makes me sick just thinking about their pathetic decisions.

  • jgongora86

    I don't think it was his fault. I think our school president was the driving force of bringing Sampson to IU.

  • chitowniufan

    I agree former Pres. Adam Herbert order Greensapn to hire Kelvin Sanctions….looks like todd Lickliter might be out of a job. His work at Butler proves one thing. Nobody can coach or recruit in a state (IOWA) where wrestling is more popular more than hoops….

  • hoosiert

    Good luck Rick

  • You people who have no clue should stay off here, Prez. Hebert basically hired Sampson himself. And NCAA violations make you goto jail? Is this vslice kid 12, or just retarded?

  • Bob

    Credited with getting $55 million worth of upgrades………..but did they mention how he helped destroy a basketball program….amazing that someone would hire this bum..!!

  • HoosierfaninTN

    I agree with you Bob, I hope grease pan does not ruin another basketball program like he did Indiana's. Prove one thing. Bums can land on their feet and Rice is gullable enough to hire a guy who clearly does not know how to run an athletic program!

  • Lute Olson, George Raveling, and Tom Davis managed to do pretty well there.

  • plane1972

    Greenspan will do a great job. He can raise money and, when he is not having a high-profile candidate being pushed down his throat, he makes good coaching hires. Time will show that his short tenure here was largely positive. You need only point to the Coach Hoep hire and the football facility upgrade as two major accomplishments.

  • ufo3

    Hey Rick, just don't ruin Rice's baseball program, or you will be out again.