Quick hit: Yogi Ferrell gets Indiana offer

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Back in the dark ages of journalism, (18 months ago) to find out if a promising prep basketball player had say, received an offer from a prominent in-state school, one needed to use archaic means, such as telephones and e-mail, to connect with said players and their coaches and confidants and confirm such news. Ah, the joys of social networking.

Translation: I follow Yogi Ferrell on Twitter, and just about 12 hours ago, he announced to the Twitter world (Tworld? Let’s make that happen) that he had, in fact, received an offer from IU.

“Got offered by IU,” Ferrell said via his Twitter account. This comes on the heels of a March 7 trip to Illinois to watch the Illini take on Wisconsin. That visit, according to Ferrell’s Twitter feed, (can’t you tell I’m enjoying this?) yielded an offer from Illinois as well. So according to Rivals, this brings Ferrell’s offer tally up to four, with IU and Illinois joining Butler and Purdue in the chase for the Park Tudor sophomore.

The 5-foot-10, 160-pound Ferrell, whose real first name, by the way, is Kevin, has been on the radar for quite some time. In fact, he was once considered the No. 1 player in the nation — in the fifth grade. I point you to this 2005 Indianapolis Star article, (in pdf format) which features Ferrell prominently in its exploration of what then qualified as a needs-to-be-explained phenomenon: basketball players getting attention from sportswear companies and other industry figures at an alarmingly-young age.

So add Ferrell, one of a number of talented 2012 prospects coming out of Indianapolis, to the list of prospects with a scholarship offer from IU.

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  • Hoosierhoops

    Any highlights of this kid? Another small guard that I think will be a good player is Chris Whitehead from New Albany High School. Same size as D. Davis and stronger but needs to work on his jumpshot.

  • Hardwood83

    5th Grade? That is embarrassing and disgusting. Freshman in High School maybe, but anyone scouting elementary school age kids has an illness akin to pedophilia. Just because 'that's the way it is' isn't an excuse. Practically it's foolish (how many 'superstar' 9 yr olds pan out?) and theoretically it's exploitative.

  • Tworld = no; Twitosphere = yes.

  • marchus

    Recruiting kids in the 5th grade is ridiculous. However, does it make them pedophiles? No.

  • Kids get scouted and land scholarship offers in the eighth grade. That's just a fact of life. But drawing the comparison between watching elementary school kids play basketball and being a pedophile is…ridiculous.

  • Twitterverse is used a lot too 🙂

  • Kelin Blab

    I will avoid the recruiting kids early pedophile talk.

    Yogi has stepped up his game this year and has lead his team. He is comparible to D.Davis but with some extra quickness. He is a pure point guard and is very hard to stay in front of. He plays for a helluva coach at Park Tudor……

  • tg1438

    I've seen him play a couple times. He can really get to the basket. Has a great first step. And his outside shot has really improved. I know that he took a few years off of the AAU scene to work on the fundamentals (which will only get better w/ Schilling as his coach), but played up a few years for Spiece this past summer. It will be really intreresting to see if he puts on some added strength.

  • GFDave

    A player at Yogi's height has got to be super fast. Is he?

  • Luke72

    How many offers dose IU have out there? Not sure an “offer means that much these days!

  • tmeaster

    Ladrell Whitehead's son – I feel old right now.


  • Dirk

    He's a foot short of what we need.

  • hansschnier

    Goodness, I thought Chris was Ladrell's younger brother. I feel old too.

  • Indiana_Knight

    We need a 6'10″ PG?

    I guess it would be one hell of a matchup advantage.

  • BaseballBuc

    Haha, I think he meant that we need big men more than point guards right now. Unless you were being sarcastic and I didn't pick it up through the comment.

  • plane1972

    “Right now”, in this case, is 2012. I think we'll be in the market for another PG, at that point.

    This criticism is not directed at you, BaseballBuc, just addressing some of the Crean critics out there. If Crean thinks Yogi can be someone to take the reins from Jordy Hulls, then now is the time to get in on him. That seems to be the knock on Crean's recruiting – that he didn't somehow have the clairvoyance 3-4 years ago to foresee that he would become the coach at IU, develop these relationships with HS kids, and nab all this in-state talent that's heading to Ohio State, Louisville and elsewhere.

  • aceman07

    I watched him play in the 4th grade and it was like, “Wow, if this kid is this good now how good will he be in ten years?” Well, it's 6 years later or so and he's getting D1 offers so I guess that's how good. When I watched him play he was handling the ball like an NBA point guard and dropping behind the back passes to teammates who couldn't catch them (both because they didn't even see the pass coming and because they were 4th graders). He got the ball and with the ball in the fourth grade would just pull away from everyone on the court chasing him down the floor so this does not surprise me. If I could tell he was that good then surely scouts would have found him too.

  • aceman07

    By the way, why hasn't IU offered Mitch McGary yet out of Chesterton? He's very big, still developing but pretty skilled, and fairly athletic from what I've seen of him. I got a chance to see him play once and I thought he looked like he was athletic enough for the Big 10 especially at his size as he had no trouble throwing down one and two handed dunks. Purdue apparently has offered and I'd hate to see another Indiana big man go the PU. If Painter's offered one would assume he's worthy.

  • Hardwood83

    Ok- the pedophile comparison was too strong, I retract that. However there is a huge difference between what you mentioned- being impressed with a kid (4th-6th grader) play and actively scouting them or pursuing them as the above article mentions sportswear companies 'paying attention' to them….that is retarded and misguided.

  • runelord

    If he is anything like the last guy from Chesterton, at least that I remember, Matt Nover, then I say heck yeah…do it.

  • Maybe Crean hasn't had a chance to get a look at the kid yet. *shrugs*

  • Kamren

    Man Yogi is a moster on tha court every time I play him he beat me. But one day ima beat him but Yogi keep yur head up