Meet Florida Air Academy’s Will Yeguete

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Well, actually, we’re still trying to get ourselves acquainted with the 6-7, 210-pound power forward from the Florida Air Academy. I assigned Zach the task of trying to get in touch with Yeguete’s coach, Aubin Goporo. (Well, not really, I just asked him to do it and he happily obliged.) However, those attempts have been unsuccessful.

So what have we learned about Yeguete? Not nearly enough, but here’s what we do know: He’s 18 and is in his second season at the Florida Air Academy after arriving from France. According to this story, penned last month by Mike Cherry of Florida Today, Yeguete spent several years living on the Ivory Coast.

Yeguete does have a scholarship offer from Indiana, but it’s unclear as to what other schools have offered. The story we referenced earlier by Cherry mentioned the following schools: Sam Houston State, St. John’s, Oklahoma, Marquette, Drake, Nevada, Purdue, Rhode Island and George Washington. (Rivals claims IU, Sam Houston State, Southern Illinois and St. John’s have offered while Scout claims Drake, Southern Illinois, St. John’s and Rhode Island have offered.)

Here are a few stat lines from recent games for Yeguete, who is unranked by and a three-star prospect on

+ Nine points in a 65-29 win over Satellite on February 6.

+ 21 points in a 63-62 win over Pine Crest (No. 1 player Brandon Knight’s team) on February 2.

+ 20 points in a 60-53 loss to the Rock School on January 29.

But beyond the points, Yeguete is best known for his rebounding prowess. As of mid-January, he was reportedly averaging upwards of 15 rebounds per game. Dave Telep, the national director of recruiting for, had Yeguete with 50 rebounds in three games in last September’s Nike Team Florida Fall Workout.

That, my friends, is what we know about Will Yeguete. We will continue to attempt to make contact with his coach and get more information, but since he’s looking like a potential addition to the 2010 class, this update, albeit brief, felt warranted. Happy Friday.

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  • Matt Kustom

    Am I the only one who thinks we can do better?

  • marcusgresham

    6'7″ 210 and a power forward? Sounds kind of small–I'm assuming with those rebounding stats he must be pretty athletic, but how would that hold up in the Big 10?

  • Ya that does seem kind of small for a power forward but DeJuan Blair was also 6-7. Yes I know Blair was 270 and his wingspan was ridiculous but I am strictly talking about height here. This team needs someone who can rebound down low and he could help us out a lot. Grabbing 50 rebounds in 3 games in unreal. It would be real nice to get some game footage on him. Thanks Alex.

  • Taskmaster75

    Something seems a bit odd. IU is the only major program (As in Kansas, Duke, UNC, Texas, etc.) after him right now it seems. Maybe his interest will pick up, but imagining a Dejuan Blair for the Hoosiers, that makes me happy :).

  • GFDave

    I really wish I could get excited about this kid, but we need a 6' 10″, 250 lb version of Will and right now he's a piece to the puzzle that doesn't fill that need.

    Nevertheless, if coach signs him I'm all for it.

  • aerialM

    would certainly need to fill out his body, but might be a late bloomer who could help us on the rebounding/athletic front. any size we can get for next year is a plus. (I also saw a bit on's recruiting site mentioning how Crean was working on 2010 center Enes Kanter. Now that's a guy who could step in & help us right away: 6'9, 240lbs, the #9 overall center in the 2010 class. Cross those fingers, cross tholse toes, maybe Crean can work some magic and land us a true low-post player!)

  • IUDan

    I like what Will brings to the table, but I worry more about what we'd potentially give up to get him. All things being equal, I think we could use his skill set, however I'm not sure anyone would take him over Teague/Zeller/Plumlee/J Davis.

    That being said, I'm sure if any of those four guys wanted to come, Crean would make it happen.

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts


  • galenascott

    After watching Wisky and Minnesota last night, I am hoping that Austin Etherington (sorry if mis-spelled) will become as good as Jason Bohannon for Wisky. AE is about 6'7″, taller than Bohannon. Having seen Austin play AAU ball, IMHO, he shoots like Bohannon.

    Also, if we get Yeguette, his size, athleticism, energy may eventually match the great play of Damian Johnson of Minnesota who is a 6'7″ forward for the Gophers. I love Johnson's play. Trevor Hughes could not stop him last night. Usually Johnson is a match-up problem. Watch him when we play Minnesota again. Comparisons like this do not mean much but it gives some rationale for the type of player that Crean may be after. If Yeguette could play at the level of Johnson, he will become a tough match-up. Are any Indiana prep players performing right now at the level of Yeguette in their senior year? Has Crean missed identifying them in his recruitment?

  • jaywiz

    Don't forget that another power forward and former big ten player of the year D.J. White, one of the greatest to wear the IU jersey in the past decade, was also 6'7…6'8 with shoes on. This kid obviously has a nose for the ball, if he bulks up then he could be an all big ten team candidate. Here's to hoping.

  • Kelin Blab

    A 6'7 kid now could end up a 6'8-6'9 kid later. Any kid who goes and gets 50 rebounds can play at IU if you ask me. That is 50 rebounds in 3 games…..I have heard he is a very good athlete as well and can finish well above the rim.

  • BaseballBuc

    I know i'm dreaming but I see an undersized power foward. Good athlete, good rebounder. Would it be fair to compare him to Tyler Smith (former G/F for Tennessee) without the attitude problem? Smith was 6'7'' and a good rebounder and athlete. I know he has a long way to go to be considered as good as Smith, but thats the kind of player i'm picturing when reading about him.

  • There are some decent mid-majors looking at him, too. (*grasping*)

  • Unless he's like me and stops growing as a sophomore.

    *sighs while thinking of the old days*

  • valpohistory

    He has been fairly overlooked. I read on that he is starting to pick up offers from the likes of UCONN and other eastern schools. Say what you will about rankings, if UCONN recruits you as a big man, you can do some things right. Here's to hoping we get him

  • Sounds like a good player. But, he is basically the same size as Will Sheehey.

  • HoosierChan77

    If this kid could get us 10 rebs and just 5pts a game, aswell as be a good defender….Im all for it. Def sounds like he has a nose for the ball…Plus two guys named Will…nice

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Maybe its me but…We need to recruit like we are Indiana and not Marquette!

    It seems like we throw out scholarships to anyone in hopes that they will come to a small Milwaukee Jesuit School.

    This is Indiana…perennial Big Ten power house! I'm not saying we need 5 stars all the time but come on! Right now we have needs that offer legit playing time. We aren't trying to develop players on the bench.

  • Looks like we're trying: Indiana offered this kid yesterday. Seems like a long shot though.

  • jamesuhl86

    Hey everyone, first time poster, everyday lurker. I'm originally from Jeffersonville, IN but am currently in the Air Force and living in Cocoa Beach, FL. I will be sure to check this guy out next year as Air Academy is only about 15 minutes away from me. Sounds like a guy that is completely feasible to get and someone that can bring the intangibles that we need down low.

  • GFDave

    Yeah, this player, Moses Abraham, is on a lot of high major lists, so I don't know if we're too late or not. He's playing prep in the DC area, so maybe I can figure a way to see him play. He scored 11 last night in a loss. Coach tweeted about being east to see somebody, so it probably was him.

    He fits the physical profile I think we need.

  • GFDave

    One thing I love about this site are the scouting reports from the fans. They're almost always good and we get info on players first hand. Love it!

  • superhoops

    Comparing DJ White with an unranked 3 star player is a stretch. Wasn't DJ a parade all american?

  • Luke72

    Abraham Moses could be a quick fix! Have we offered yet?

  • valpohistory

    According to rivals, Crean went all the way to scout him, offered him immediately after the game, then stressed how he could really help this team and we need a player like him.

  • vslice

    Actually your running out of time to check him out. Will is a senior at the Academy and will graduate in 2010, I believe. He has recently come on strong, when this season began he was virtually unknown and as the article said he had 50 some rebounds in three games that got everyone's attention. Maybe you can get on MaxPrep's and look at their schedule and see how many games they have left to play because there probably are not many left. Good luck!!

  • vslice

    Totally agree that we dont need to give out scholarships like we change underwear, but Crean catches flack when he isn't recruiting bigs then he catches flack when he does but they are not up to peoples standards. Seems he cant win, though I do agree we need to develop the bigs on our bench that never receive playing time. Bawa got a scholarship to fill a position, center. Now we have to look to improve that position as the year's go by. If this means that someone has to transfer because of that then oh well. You cant wait 5 or 6 years trying to let time go by so the bigs can develop, he lookin to improve the lineup anyway he can.

  • vslice

    Oklahoma has made two or three visits checking out Will. There are also a handful of other schools that are interested in Will. First off Will has been living in France most of his life, he hasnt been in the States all that long. Actually there has been a lot made of Will in the past several months and the more I hear about him the more I like him. Yea, he has not got offers from Texas, UCLA and Duke but sometimes players fall through the cracks. Ranking these kids is so hard, you never know what kind of effort they are going to put in during the summer, how much they can grown in height and weight, and you never can judge a person's heart. All I'm trying to say is that three star players can surprise and five star players can bomb — all the time.

  • iurons

    Too much time on my hands I know, but I want to throw these stats out to everyone. Taken from using the players from each contending team that started the most games throughout the season.

    Ohio State Purdue Mich State

    Lighty 4 star Moore 4 star Roe 5 star
    Diebler 4 star Johnson 4 star Lucas 4 star
    Turner 4 star Hummel 4 star Morgan 4 star
    Lauderdale 4 star Grant 4 star Allen 4 star
    Buford 5 star Kramer 3 star Summers 5 star

    Illinois Wisconsin

    tisdale 4 star Hughes 4 star
    Richardson 4 star Bohannen 4 star
    McCamey 4 star Nankavil 4 star
    Davis 1 star Jarmusz 3 star
    Paul 4 star Lever 4 star

    Iu currently has four 4 star and above players on the team and no one rated above three stars coming in next year while the above teams do not even play some of the younger four star recruits on their respective teams. Talk all you want about development but we still have a long way to go in order get our team up to the same talent level as the above mentioned teams competing for a big ten title this year. When we do get 6 or seven 4 and above players on our team and one becomes a Turner, lucas or Moore we become a team everyone fears.

  • smokey15

    Totally different player than Sheehey. He is as good a rebounder as any I have seen in the past 15 years. That is based on just one game but in talking to his Coach he tells me it is like that every time out.

  • jaywiz

    mcdonalds actually. This kid is also in military academy as well as international.

  • JohnS

    DJ White was every bit of 6' 9″. A BIG 6' 9″!