Crean on Roth: “I would doubt very much we’re going to be able to use him”

  • 02/15/2010 10:16 am in

Speaking on this morning’s Big Ten Coaches teleconference, Indiana coach Tom Crean said it’s unlikely that sophomore guard Matt Roth, recovering from a broken fifth metatarsal in his right foot, will return this season:

“Matt Roth, I would doubt very much that we’re going to be able to use him this season in the sense of him being able to recover right now. It’s been a slow process. It was a process that was moving in a good direction, but at the same time, it’s maybe kind of run its course so I’m not sure we’re going to be able to use him.”

“I think it’s pretty probable it’s going to happen right now (a medical redshirt), because that was the plan all along if he couldn’t play. I would say that it’s right there. I don’t think at this point it looks like he’s going to be cleared to play, so we’re just going to leave it where it is. I’m just going based on what I know.”

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  • Hardwood83

    Makes sense. If he coulda come back 2 wks ago maybe, but now in a limited role for a few games….not fair to him. I hope he's 100% soon and can really work on his D & overall game along with outside shooting to be a real contributor down the road.

  • sjudge

    probably too late to redshirt the entire team?

  • Uncle Joey

    As much as it's going to throw a wrench in the scholarship situation in the upcoming years, its really not fair for Matt to be completely stripped of an entire season. In the end, this is probably the most reasonable (and fair) outcome. Let's hope he can use that extra year to grow as a player and contribute even more next season.

  • generalrmk

    This is the smart thing to do. This year's team needs more than Matt Roth, but next year (and the two after that) might be perfect for all involved.

  • Andrew

    You can almost hear the disappointment in Crean's voice. He feels sorry for Roth of course, but like many of us, I'm sure he's not crazy about the possibility of Roth's schollie lasting 5 years. I say “possibility” b/c I still wouldn't be shocked if Roth transferred at some point. It's hard to imagine him getting minutes next year, considering all we lose is Dumes, plus we add 2 guards…and then the year after that we already have 2 more guards lined up. Too bad really, he seems like a great kid and he would have helped us once Creek got hurt.

  • Uncle Joey

    There's no way Roth would transfer. He's already sat out an ENTIRE season this year… do you think he'd really be willing to sit out another?

  • Andrew

    Like I said, it wouldn't shock me. I know he was only healthy for the first two games of the year, but you saw how much he played. He was clearly the 6th guard, ahead of only Moore. That doesn't figure to get a whole lot better considering no fewer than 4 more guards will join the team in the next two classes. I was surprised when Joey Shaw transferred b/c he had already burned his redshirt year, but he left anyway, and went the JUCO route so he could at least play that year. Maybe that is something Roth would consider. It seems pretty clear he'll really have to battle for playing time, but maybe I'm not giving him enough credit for being a competitor and fighting for minutes.

  • DD

    He wouldn't have to!