• I find it hard to believe that nobody mentioned the handshake between crean and matta last game. They mentioned it last time the two meet. This time there was a hard quick handshake by crean and matta's eyes opened wide and his eyebrows went up in a kind of like “whoa” motion or disbelief. There had to be something that happened on the recruiting trail to make this realtionship turn this way.

  • marsh21

    That was not very professional of someone who makes $2 million per year. I don't care what happened he should pretend at least.

    Matta and Painter own indiana recruiting and have for some time.

  • Will

    The Maestro of Madison made TC look like an intramural coach. Playing fundamentally poorly and exhibiting lack of pride is diredtly related to coaching effectiveness. It now looks like Crean is better as a “self promoter” than a coach.

  • marsh21

    It's hard to disagree with this…., but hopefully you're incorrect because I can't live through another poor coaching experience with IU.