Catching up with IU commitment Will Sheehey

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Playing on ESPNU is already out of his mind. Will Sheehey’s focus is squarely set on Friday.

Sheehey’s Sagemont School met Monteverde Academy Feb. 5 in an ESPNU-televised match-up that featured fellow top recruits Rod Days and Fabricio Melo, Sheehey’s Syracuse-bound teammate. Sagemont came up just short, losing 57-52, but Sheehey’s focus is already focused on this Friday, when district playoffs begin.

“It’s going great,” Sheehey said of his season thus far in an interview with Inside the Hall. “Our team has been playing really well.”

Sagemont finished its regular season 20-7, and should it make district finals, the Weston, Fla., school will book its place in the state tournament. Sheehey missed the early part of this season with an ankle injury, but he said when he returned, “everybody started to gel,” giving the 6-foot-5 guard confidence that Sagemont’s state tournament run could be a prolonged one.

“I think that we’re playing our best basketball right now,” he told Inside The Hall.

Since signing his letter of intent to play at IU in November, Sheehey says he’s stayed in regular contact with the coaching staff in Bloomington, Tim Buckley and Tom Crean in particular. He said he tries to meet up whenever recruiting brings Crean or another of the Hoosiers’ coaches to the Sunshine State.

Sheehey said the Indiana staff has followed his season closely and offered advice on areas where Sheehey can improve, including putting on weight and improving his ball-handling.

That street runs both ways, of course. Sheehey has been keeping close tabs on the Hoosiers as well, watching as many of their games this season as he can. He said he’s encouraged by what he’s seen, and expects the Hoosiers’ second season of struggles to make them stronger in the end. “All these tight games that they’re playing, that just helps experience,” Sheehey said, adding that he chose IU for the chance to play with the Hoosiers’ corps of young talent.

As for whether he might make the trip north for any all-star games or showcases closer to Hoosier country so fans could get a closer look at him, Sheehey said he wasn’t sure. Other than the Team Florida vs. Team USA showdown in Orlando, (in which Sheehey is taking part because his high school coach is leading Team Florida) Sheehey said he hasn’t given such post-season plans serious thought yet.

Here’s a video interview with Sheehey from last month’s Tournament of Champions in Springfield, MO:

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  • Kelin Blab

    I am all in with Sheehey being a good piece to IU's long term puzzle. I look at OSU last night with all the guys from 6'5-6'7 playing from the 2-4 spots and see IU could be headed in a similar direction. Sheehey is active, he is long, helluva athlete, good shooter, smart player and I like his track background.

  • IUDan

    I'm with you, Kelin – I really like this kid. The best part is that we don't need him to produce immediately (it's been a few years since we could say that!), so he can get in, learn the system, adapt and contribute what he can. But with his athleticism, I think he'll get in the mix pretty quickly.

    I know he's not teh sure-fire five-star people want, but I like him and VO – I think they are perfect complements to the pieces that we're getting in place . . .

  • marsh21

    An upgrade to the program for sure. Solid student and baller. Crean is building more than just a bunch of tattooed future NBA talents, he's building a program that IU has needed for some time now.

  • valpohistory

    We won't NEED them to produce early, but they definitely will. They do too many things too well not to!

    I'm really excited to see them come in and make contributions!

  • SeattleHoosier

    Don't know much about him as a player, but he seems like a solid kid with a great attitude. Anyone who ends an interview with “Go Hoosiers” is a winner in my book!!

  • Watched him on ESPNU last week and i loved the hussle that this kid brought to the game. I can't wait for him to get to Bloomington and start working with Coach Crean and the guys!

  • jpniles

    I couldn't agree with you more marsh! I liked that he is articulate and can form complete sentences. I know Calipari gets a lot of crap on this sight (and rightfully so), but we have seen the problems that he has had with Cousins this year. When you look at IU and the school to our south in a few years, you are really going to see the difference between good coaching/development and recruiting/immediate gratification.

  • iulineman

    He said all I need to know — “GO HOOSIERS”