• hoosierbd

    Alex – nice job on the video update, actually pretty good for first time out. Some of the NFL bloggers for ESPN.com do video blogs and I like those to – you're on course track for this to be a good recurring deal. Of course I want to know what jersey that is behind you.

  • seattlehoosierfan

    Thanks, Alex! Very insightful analysis. Hope to see more!

    P.S. – I got Indiana by five.

  • IUMike4

    Great analysis again Alex- good to put a face with the writing and appreciate everything you guys do with the website.

    Did anyone see the Sagemont game on ESPNU? If so, could I get some breakdown on Sheehey?

  • Kelin Blab

    Based on this season….IU beating Pitt..surprise, IU losing to Iowa…surprise…IU playing Illinois tough on the road and PU at home…surprise surprise….

    IU 71 NW 66…..surprise. This is a hungry team that believe they can play with anyone, they sure as hell won't get beat by 11.

    Good video Alex, next time may add a little background music like Shaft…
    Colts 31 Saints 10

  • For the record, those weren't my words. It was a re-tweet: http://twitter.com/insidethehall/statuses/86536

  • JamarkieEllis13

    Yo. Ok video…you need to lay off the students on your twitter. You said “4 minutes to go and the student section looks like this”….derr….we were all getting drunk and ready to support the best team in college basketball. Did we not show up. Were we not wearing red. Which is more than I can say for a quarter of the alumni who wore blue colts jerseys to a game between two indiana teams so it made ZERO sense?? Lay off the students. We are what keeps this team alive and are the reason they have a chance at home.

  • Mark Buehrle. I'm a big White Sox fan.

  • I think there's some Sheehey talk down in the Illinois Minute After Thread. I didn't get a chance to watch much of it, unfortunately.

  • JerryCT

    I have often thought that more pre-game hype on ITH might be fun. Pre game is when the apprehension is the highest

  • Dan

    I can guarantee, that you have lost most of the support from students. Always act like you are so much better than the students and are more knowledgeable. Show us some respect.

  • Can you give me some examples? I'm just curious. In the instance above, I re-tweeted a comment by someone else about students arriving late.

    I'd be one of the first to say IU has one of the best student contingencies in the country. I wasn't a fan of the court rushing against Minnesota and stated my opinion as such. That doesn't mean I don't have respect or think I'm better than anyone. It just means I stated my opinion.