• Casey

    By the time he's a senior, an IU player will be doing that to him — metaphorically speaking, of course.

  • HoosierDavey

    Popcorn stuck in his throat maybe? Trying to come up with a good reason other than taunting us…any ideas?

  • Uncle Joey

    Stay classy, Purdue.

  • Boo Purdue…..

  • GFDave

    Mos Def giving the choke sign as I saw him do it during the broadcast. I'm also hearing that Kramer stomped on the logo and did some taunting on the way out.

    This is supposed to be one of PUs best teams, and I know this is one of our worst. I wouldn't be doing that stuff if I were them. Or maybe they know they have limited opportunities.

  • walton

    I hope that bench warmer returns to Bloomington next year – he will hear it.

    More fans need to do some research on some players before the game and come up with some good chants calling out the opposing players – it really messes with their heads. If you can't find any blemishes on them then just chant “Player A Sucks Player A Sucks” – like back in the day (Recker Sucks Recker Sucks – Darby Sucks Darby Sucks – those players couldn't do anything in those games.)

  • Bill

    Does this piece of crap realize he has to come to Assembly Hall 3 more times – WOW! – can you say STUPID!

  • dougy

    Kramer was acting a fool after the game, yelling at the iu student section. fans threw towels back.

  • scavande

    maybe he should spit instead…

  • dabig

    I'd think about killing myself, too, if I had to go back to West Lafayette.

  • Mike

    I love Purdue. My wife and I are both grads. But, hey Barlow, this is not Georgetown. Why act like a thug? The game was far from over when you pulled this crap. You should sit out next game, even if it is against Michigan State.

  • cliff343363

    MIke, your wife is ugly if she went to Purdue…and you are a loser

  • GFDave

    What makes you say Georgetown players are thugs? Back in the early days of JT jr., they had a few players of note. But even he grew weary of that scene and since then they haven't had player issues. It even took AI's mom pleading with Thomas to take him.

    Also, maybe you should chastise Kramer too.

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts

    Harsh, Cliff, though the least attractive girl I was ever with went to Purdue. Don't give Mike a hard time, he was giving Barlow a hard time. I appreciate that. But, man, that chick was a dog.

  • because it's Indiana

    Next year's chant, “Choke on this, Choke on this.”

  • Triple

    Give Barlow some slack. In his crude way he acknowleged that one of the best teams in Purdue's history escaped due to a few mistakes by an inexperienced IU team, that otherwise had equal control over the game. Had it been at Purdue, he would have been leading their fans in an “overrated” chant instead.

  • Geneo Keady

    It is very evident Coach Painter doesnt have control of his kids. They have a nice team but the things done by Barlow and Kramer last night was unprofessional and un sportmanship. This will come back and bite them. If not by Indiana in the next game then by another team. Very disappointed to see these things by Indiana kids. KARMA can be a BITC%. Get ready biys and for Painter not to point out this isnt the way they act is also disappointing! NO CLASS Purdue. KARMA–You wont win it all acting like that!

  • DJ5

    The “Georgetown thug” comment might be the most ignorant comment I have ever seen on the board. IU had more thugs in the Sampson years than both Thompson's combined.

  • coachv

    are we rated?


    nah. you really exaggerate or are ignorant. Thompson, Sr. really recruited that type early; and jr was not in control early in his career either. (Great school – they probably straightened him out.)

    The Gtown bball team reflected the DC community where there was a murder a day back in the 90's. Period. It is what it was: Thugs is correct. not a “codeword” either… the real deal.

  • timcurren

    suck it u lost loserass

  • aceman07

    Especially when you consider that Georgetown is like the Notre Dame of the East. You have to be a top notch student to get into that school!

  • DJ5

    Actually, Georgetown is a lot tougher to get into than Notre Dame.

  • btfu

    Limited opportunities? Purdue leads the all time series against IU…

  • HoosierNshaker

    He should’ve been doing that when they lost Hummel in the tourney last year.