• 1- Verdell – great comments – so competitive. he was mad he didn't kick to jordy on the last play. Its all good even I didn't see that – which is not saying much.
    2 – Good game. watched it with a bunch of Purdue people – they were so surprised what just happened to them.
    3 – Crowd – can we say enough about the crowd? That was what I was used to when I was in Bloomington. We can't settle for less than that. That's what Indiana home basketball is all about
    4- Free throws. Can we please get those back. Wow that was the game right there
    5- Tom. Tommy boy – good work. Let's build on that and you and Christian watch that tape and build upon that. Great job on the pick and roll tonight Tom!!!

  • Mark

    VJIII has step his game up. I can't wait till he's a senior and becomes the BEST leader in the Big 10. I love how he's upset with himself for not seeing Hulls open but I would rather VJ shot that because it looked 99% good when it left his hands. I'm loving the progress of the team and coaching staff. Keep it up boys, patience is part of the process and Hoosier Nation has your back for the whole ride.

  • Druid

    Verdell is an awesome young man and one I'm proud to call a Hoosier.