• coachv

    oh crap,

    did i just hear crean substitute a made up word, “believablity”, in place of the word confidence? iwas worried crean wasn't the brightest coach around and here's more proof.

  • hoosierboy

    Alright, guy….

  • GFDave

    Believability is not a made up word. You did misspell it though. Also, this criticism coming from a guy who doesn't use capitalization in his posts. All in all, as posts go: Epic Fail.

  • JerryCT

    Is this where we get excited about tonight's game ? If so it is not working all that well.

    I think it will be fascinating to see if we can handle their pressure and actually show some offense . I also wonder who will step up if anybody.

    I will be great for us to play them and measure our progress against one of the better teams in the land

  • everybody needs to quit talking trash about crean. we're getting better and we have some leaders emerging – we need leaders

  • coachv

    girlfriend dave,

    i don't use caps as a matter of choice, as many posters do. i didn't spell it wrong. it's a typo. i grant i am a shitty typist. i can spell “believability” however i want because it is not a word. having worked as an editor, i may know what i'm talking about. yes, i know i ended that sentence in a preposition. sure, you can find all manner of bastardized words in online dictionaries. preventative, reoccur, forewarn, trickeration. lowering of english standards due to a failing education system in our country.
    i'm only saying poor grammar is a fair barometer of intellect and i would have more believability in coach if his were better.