• Chilly_J

    vj III

  • iudrew22

    jones III…how can you pick against him right now…just an imo moment…I wish you'd bring back the good/bad/ugly instead of the minute after…I prefer the GBU…just sayin'

  • Ryan Karr


  • CreamandCrimson

    Jordan Hulls

    VJIII will have Kramer on him. Hulls is going to come up huge throughout his career against PU. That starts tonight, just a feeling.

  • Hulls

  • Jordan Hulls

  • tg1438


  • kentuckyhoosier

    at home against poodooo , VJIII

  • hoosiert


  • dUMES

  • Courtney

    VJ III


    VJ 3

    Watford doesn't have the knowledge or the muscle to do against this poodoo group. Next year at this time we had better be able to pick him though.

  • Uncle Joey

    Aunt Jemima.

  • golfnellie

    Type your comment Watford

  • aceman07

    Oh, let's see . . . how about . . . Jordan Hulls. He's from Indiana and I picked him last game and he started well and IU stayed in the game! It's worth another shot!