• JerryCT

    1. According to Crean ( on the Scoop ) he put JR on Richardson , as he had all game, assuming that he was the most dangerous man. I have no problem w that. The problem was clearly Jones as it often is on defense. Anybody wanting to question that must only watch again the first 3 or 6 possessions by IL in the 2nd half.

    2. He says we donot have enough depth at guard and we donot run enough. I agree but I believe our defense is more of the culprit right now than guard depth ( given Dumes at < 20min / game )

    3. Dumes 3pt shots on the break in rythmn and open are part of the game plan folks and not part of the “bad” Dumes

    I keep wondering how we will match up w PU. For some reason I keep thinking Capo's motor might bother Hummel, Pritchard strength might move Jones away from the basket, Rivers might shut off Moore, Watford might have to guard small guys, Jones might defend a non offensive threat like Hart or Kramer etc…………

  • JerryCT

    JOHNSON not jones , sorry

  • IUonetwo

    I like the optimistic thinking, but I see two problems:
    1. Johnson doesn't need to be under the basket to score
    2. What about the other half? PU is tough on D