Halftime from Ann Arbor

  • 01/14/2010 10:09 pm in

Ann Arbor, Mich. — In the immortal words of Dan Aykroyd: That wasn’t so good now, was it?

I mean, there’s pretty basketball, there’s good basketball, there’s plain basketball, and then there’s this. Michigan leads 27-21 at the half here inside Crisler Arena, and the two teams combined for 21 turnovers compared to 16 made shots.

Michigan’s edge is thanks largely to an 11-of-13 mark at the free-throw line, while surely someone will soon be pitching the Ollie Underhand to Jeremiah Rivers. I know, I wish I were funny, too.

All joking aside, Indiana can consider itself lucky to be this close after what was a miserable offensive half. The Hoosiers actually have more made field goals and offensive rebounds and as many assists as Michigan, but turnovers have again robbed this team of the chance to establish any offensive rhythm.

Indiana did a pretty good job moving the ball around early against Michigan’s 1-3-1 zone, particularly thanks to Devan Dumes and Jordan Hulls. But driving the baseline, among other things, has gotten the visitors into too much trouble tonight.

We’ll be back after the game with a full wrap, and of course, Good, Bad and Ugly, while I will be reveling in my freedom from print deadlines for this 9 p.m. start. Until then …

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  • marsh21

    What a display from IU tonight. It doesn't get much lower than this as Michigan is anything but a good team. The frustration is written all over Crean's face.

    Man that was difficult to watch…

  • kentuckyhoosier

    we need help we are terrible and the recruits coming in are few and unexcitable …..is this all crean has …. is this it?

  • kbunch

    Ok, let's stop pretending from here on out IU fans…………. this team has no leaders, no scorers, and is not athletic. Indiana basketball is but a shadow of it's former self and it will be several more years before we can even compete on a regular basis. It's really sad how far things have fallen

  • Ruggs

    New starting lineup:
    C Tijan Jobe / Tom Pritchard
    PF Bawa Muniru / Bobby Cabobianco
    SF Christian Watford / Derek Elston
    SG Verdell Jones III / Devan Dumes
    PG Jerimiah Rivers / Jordan Hulls

    have some un developing these guys for the BIG 10 Tourney! for pete's sake dude.