Video: Ridiculous (and I mean it) Marquis Teague dunk

  • 01/13/2010 7:46 pm in

There were scattered reports of a filthy Marquis Teague dunk from Pike’s 64-48 win over Muncie Central back on January 2 and well, here’s the video evidence:

Teague, for those of you wondering about the status of his recruitment, is still considering a list of seven schools: Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, Purdue, Cincinnati and Wake Forest.

The 6-2 junior attended IU’s win over Michigan on December 31 and his father, Shawn, was spotted in the front row of the north bleachers at last Saturday’s loss to Illinois. Despite the long standing belief that he’s Louisville’s to lose and that a commitment could be imminent, the Indiana staff continues its pursuit of the top point guard in the 2011 class.

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  • AndrewWilson


  • BaseballBuc

    Alex, is there any updates on T.J. Bell? Is IU still recruiting him? He should be eligible by now.

    As for the dunk, I would LOVE to see that at the Hall, posterizing Demarcus Cousins

  • craigmac

    Holy Crap! he did that and he is only 6-2. I hope he is a crimson and cream kind of guy.

  • Kelin Blab

    It is one of the few times that I have to say, seeing this dunk live was even sicker cause it caught everyone off guard. I am glad video has surfaced.

  • Cardhoopster

    After being dunked on like that nothing left to do but pack your bags and go home!

  • I don't think Bell can play in varsity games until February 4.

  • Bedo

    Nothing like any of Eric Gordon's dunks

    Teague is OK, but is also a head case.

  • beckrw

    Looks weird and made all the more difficult by the fact that he jumped off the wrong foot (for a right hander). Gives you an idea of the athleticism…

  • beckrw

    The dunk looks weird and is all the more impressive by the fact that he jumped off the wrong foot (for a rightee). Gives you an idea of the incredible athleticism…

  • i was about to say the same thing. right foot right hand, meaning he is using only one side of his body and he still got up there ridiculously

  • DJ5

    I saw this dunk live by his brother. One of the nastier dunks I have seen by a little guy.

  • Yikes. Changing hands in midair and still being able to throw it down was impressive. Too bad they don't play back East, I'd love to see him.