Sheehey scores 27 in MLK Classic win

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2010 signees Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey and 2011 commitments Austin Etherington and Matt Carlino, as well as other notable prospects being recruited by Indiana, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:

+ Victor Oladipo – DeMatha (MD): The 6-3 Oladipo scored 17 points in a 54-52 DeMatha win over Good Counsel on January 5. (Video clips from that game are available here.) Oladipo had 10 points in a 63-61 DeMatha win against McNamara on January 8.

+ Will Sheehey – Sagemont (FL): Sheehey posted 27 points in a 58-31 Sagemont win over Boyd Anderson on January 9 in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Basketball Classic. Sheehey was named MVP of the game against Boyd Anderson. On January 5, Sheehey scored 15 in win over Westminster and on January 7, he had 31 points in a 81-50 win over Parkway. (Photo courtesy of

+ Austin Etherington – Hamilton Heights (IN): Etherington scored 12 fourth quarter points and finished with 23 in a 51-46 Hamilton Heights win over Taylor on January 8.

+ Matt Carlino – Bloomington South (IN): The left-handed guard scored a team-high 18 points as Bloomington South beat Bloomington North 66-51 on January 9. South is now 10-0.

Other notables:

+ A.J. Hammons – Carmel (IN): The 7-0 Hammons, who picked up a scholarship offer from Indiana over the weekend according to Evan Daniels of, scored six points in a 60-40 Carmel loss at Center Grove on January 8. Hammons attended the Indiana-Illinois game on Saturday.

+ Cody Zeller – Washington (IN): The 6-9 Zeller helped Washington improve to 10-0 with 15 points in a 70-56 win at Evansville Mater Dei on January 8. Zeller also attended the Indiana-Illinois game.

+ D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera – North Central (IN): North Central improved to 7-2 with a 84-54 blowout of Ben Davis on January 8. Smith-Rivera had 23 points.

+ Jeremiah Davis – Muncie Central (IN): Muncie Central fell to 4-5 with a 49-47 loss at Hamilton Southeastern on January 9. Davis scored 10 points.

+ Jeremy Hollowell – Lawrence Central (IN): The 6-8 Hollowell had 13 points as Lawrence Central lost, 81-68, at home to Columbus North on January 8.

+ Marquis Teague – Pike (IN): The Pike point guard had 16 points as the Red Devils won 71-66 over Perry Meridian on January 8. Teague’s father, Shawn, was in attendance for Saturday’s Indiana-Illinois game.

+ Ron Patterson – Broad Ripple (IN): Patterson had 11 points in a 65-63 Broad Ripple loss to Howe on January 8 and nine points in a 52-45 overtime loss at Westfield on January 9.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell – Park Tudor (IN): Ferrell, a 5-10 point guard, had 32 points in a 67-61 loss at Heritage Christian on January 8. Ferrell attended the Indiana-Illinois game.

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  • Druid

    Just a little off subject but does anybody have any information of our chances of landing transfer Gregory Echenique? This young man would be a very good addition to our front court.

  • Kelin Blab

    If anyone remembers Yogi Ferrell was rated the top elementary player some years ago..Ofcourse he is all grown up now and is still doing well. I would compare him to D. Davis, similar game Yogi may be a little quicker and D. Davis is cat quick…..

    I saw the highlights of the Oladipo game and he is a better athlete than I thought but his energy is displayed more on the defensive end. He will bring some of that toughness Crean is looking for…

  • cooper

    nice to see a few guys over 6'6. not so nice to see a 7ft tall kid only scoring 6pts unless this was just a bad day

  • GFDave

    Has anybody seen Jeremiah Davis play this year? My impression is that he is not having the type of year folks expected. Am I wrong about that?

  • Kelin Blab

    Dave saw him about a week ago or so vs teague….he was 'okay'
    + he is BIG for a guard
    + he is strong and can get to the basket, he is not aggressive enough for me on either end, which I think it is more of a confidence issue.
    + he plays within a very structured offense so his game is somewhat 'held back' but he would be a good get for Crean.

  • JerryCT

    I hope Olapido does not enter another dunk contest………the celebrations are going to kill him. What a freak of an athlete. I hope Crean can develop him into a player.

    How does SHeehey get on the floor next year…….Rivers, Watford, SHeehey, Creek, Pritchard ? Stat wise we know he can score and rebound. Does anybody know if he can play D or handle like a point guard ?

    If I were coach I think I would be looking at Tennessee as my model for next year and press 50% of the time. Sheehey could be the “Keith Ericson” shot blocker on the end of the press

  • Hugh Jaynus

    I greatly appreciate all of the recruit-related updates. If IU ends up having another season similar to last season, the only thing that keeps me reassured for the future of Indiana basketball are these posts.


  • That photo may win avatar of the year.

  • BFowler

    I call this piece, “All over the map.”

    I am happy to hear these updates on the future, it is nice to hear.

    I was looking at Coach Crean's comments on Twitter, and it seems he is frustrated too. (See Jan. 5th comments especially!)

    Why no Austin Rivers or Josh Selby updates? Nothing to report? Our own Kelin Blab broke the story on Rivers, he was at the game, and he has Indiana ties (see: Jeremiah, so start being nice ITH readers). That warrants an update and a little love from ITH. (Just trying to push the rumor more and see if we can get this thing over the top.) Are we still in the running for Teague? What about Dawson?

    As far as Coach Crean and some people believing he is not right for the job; it is nearly impossible to say he is solely responsible for the losses as much as to say he would be solely responsible for the wins. I have coached every age group from 2 and 3 year olds to high school, and the one thing you can not do is execute for them. There are several reasons given for not following direction or as inability to make plays, but ultimately, the players have to play; they made the plays against Pitt and Michigan, and did not against OSU and ILL. There comes a point where the game slows down for you, and right now, the game is still moving too fast for some players.

    I keep hearing the players have to “learn” how to win at this level. But until they actually do it, how are they going to learn. I think they should have won on Saturday, but last year this team did not even get close to an Illinois team that was not nearly as good as this one. I think more than that, Creek was sorely missed this game because he is a player, when a basket is needed, who gets that basket. He has the confidence and the swagger to go out and beat the guy in front of him.

    I think there is some validity to the people who say that Dumes is good in limited doses. I kind of think of that like a flu shot. They give you a small dose of the flu to keep you from getting the flu ( I know, it sounds wierd). Similarly, in small doses, Dumes can be very effective; use him too much, you get sick (or flying elbows, whatever).

    If Coach Knight was using Moore, Elston, and Bawa the way Coach Crean is, would there be this much outrage? There has been a lot of talk about substitution patterns and why this or that player is or is not in a game, but it seems to me that Coach Crean uses a lot of players either out of neccessity, to avoid fatigue, or because he wants people to know that if you work hard in practice, you will get in the game.

    What does Hammons offer that Bawa and Tijan do not? Hammons does not seem like the prototypical Crean “big.” I may be wrong, maybe he has never had a true, big center; but, what do I know?

    Keep plugging away Hoosiers, use each game as a learning situation and get better every time out.

  • marcusgresham

    I was thinking the exact same thing, but I looked him up and he is just a sophomore, so he could still be developing/gaining his coordination, too. compares him to Peter Jurkin, but it lists Hammons at 260 and Jurkin at 192.

  • plane1972

    You can actually “coach” 2 and 3 year olds?

  • plane1972

    I'm actually getting more excited about this incoming class. They seem a little disappointing on paper compared to what we brought in this year, but I see a lot of upside in Sheehey and Carlino and I agree the Oladipo could be our next great lockdown defender. If he can develop a reasonably consistent shot, perhaps he can become a Rod Wilmont-type.

  • JerryCT

    I hope Olapido does not enter another dunk contest………the celebrations are going to kill him. What a freak of an athlete. I hope Crean can develop him into a player.

    How does SHeehey get on the floor next year…….Rivers, Watford, SHeehey, Creek, Pritchard ? Stat wise we know he can score and rebound. Does anybody know if he can play D or handle like a point guard ?

    If I were coach I think I would be looking at Tennessee as my model for next year and press 50% of the time. Sheehey could be the “Keith Ericson” shot blocker on the end of the press

  • btowncain

    HaHa you better check out mine as well.

  • Kelin Blab

    A few things…

    + Jerry I think sheehey is more of a 3/2. Can play on the wing but is a solid rebouding wing at I believe 6'6. Most important he can shoot it and is a solid athlete.

    + AJ hammons could play over bawa and tijan now just based on his experience. I believe the kid over the summer dropped some major weight to get DOWN to 260. I would love a big body like him down low. With 7blks a game, I will take it. Not to mention Carmel is South beat until…CARLINO took over. Hammons is NOT a project…he gets alot of collapsing defenses and double teams for a reason

    + Austin Rivers watching his brother play at Bloomington at IU….is there something to this? Maybe, surely Austin can see his brothers success, style of play, and Crean's relationship to his big bro… by 2011 will Florida be far far ahead of IU? I don't think so with (VJ3, Creek, Wateford, Oladipo, Elston etc) by 2011 Austin Rivers could be that piece to the puzzle ……Just remember again…I started the rumor and it is up to you to carry it on…thank BFowler.

  • A couple of things here:

    – As far as I know, Austin Rivers was only there to watch his brother. Whether he's being recruited by Indiana, I do not know. It seems like he's either going to Florida (committed) or Duke.

    – I had an update last week on Selby, but wasn't able to get any of his stats this week. I think IU is a longshot with him, however. Kansas and Kentucky are reportedly in the best shape.

    – As far as Dawson goes, yes, IU is recruiting him, so I should probably include him here going forward. But I'm not sure how great of a shot IU has here, either.

  • cooper

    IU is going to have 8-9 guys next year for the PG/SF position, and 4-5 guys for the PF/C depending where you put Elston. One guy taller than 6'9. I would hope someone transfers, my guess would be Roth but who knows. I don't see how he makes it on the floor, he can't do anything but shoot.

    I don't see how everyone gets playing time, unless a couple of guys are asked to leave. I'd rather dump one of these incoming guys from 2010 class (probably would have to be Sheehy, you don't want to ruin your relationship with DeMatha) and tell a player or two to hit the road so we can open up scholarships for 2011-12 when IU could be in the running to make the tournament. Fill the roster in with a couple of JUCO guys, I don't see the issue with having JUCO players. If you remember the last time IU won a championship two JUCO guys played a pretty prominent role (Garrett and Smart)

    Jerry we've both called for the press for sometime now, but I don't think we are going to see it consistently if we haven't yet.

  • Kelin Blab

    Cooper I can't see Crean going juco a ton yet….given IU is trying to recover from some academic issues. I know going juco at times affects that. As far as roth, the one thing he has in his favor is, he is still the best shooter on the team and that is something IU needs. We don't know how he has improved otherwise but we will see.

    Sheehey is an absolute find by Crean that has some skills that could help next year. A strong rebounding, long, athletic wing who can shoot. If our 2010 class ended at him and VO I would be please still…..

    I just as you and jerry wish IU would press more. I like the 3/4 press they use but it would be nice to change it up or do some half court stuff. Beilen at Michigan runs the hell out of the 1-3-1 and dares you to beat it…..but it seems to work.

  • IUDan

    Kelin: I agree, I think we're really going to liek both Sheehey and Oladipo – both will bring some much-needed athleticism to the team. Sheehey especially with his size and shooting ability – the more I read about him, the more I like him.

    I have to say I'm intrigued by this possible transfer from Rutgers. I think it could be a great win-win for both IU and him – although I guess we give up another '10/'11 player to get him. I guess I'll have to trust the staff on this one to see if it's worthwhile – but we sure can use a quality big sooner rather than later!

    I guess also with the logjam we have at the 2/3, someone could leave, which would free up a grant for 10/11 (Zeller, J Davis, Teague, or of course A Rivers!). I'm not for “running players off”, but it is reality.

  • BaseballBuc

    IU in my opinion needs to win now. If we keep holding scholarships for guys in the 2011 class that have 30 other offers, chances are that we are going to be stuck when players commit elsewhere. I am tired of projects that don't contribute till their 3rd or 4th year. In my opinion, you go and get a guy like Greg from Rutgers. Theres a good chance he can contribute right away. If that takes a scholly away from a guy 3 years down the road, i'm fiine with it. Hate to dump Oladipo or Sheehey when no one really knows how good they will be at the college level.

  • Brian Evans

    if coach night was coaching, vj3 wouldnt have played after he disrespected his teammate on the floor, and more importantly, watford either wouldnt play or wouldnt be consistently out of position on defense. if you dont know what i am talking about, watch the last 5 IL possessions where watfords lack of helpside killed us!!

  • Bryan

    I'd like to see the team press more as well. Not only is it a change of pace in the Big Ten (like Michigan's 1-3-1), but the one thing IU seems to be statistically good at is forcing turnovers, and it would seem like a press would play to that strength.

  • I agree to a point, at least with this guy from Rutgers. He's a proven commodity at the college level. If Crean can get him to transfer to IU then do it. The scholarship situation in '11 and '12 will work out somehow, but this team needs a proven D1 college post threat on both ends.

    Who knows if Zeller or anybody else would even be able to fill this role in 2011, we know this kid from Rutgers can. Plus, as said before, scholarships would work out and we'd still be able to add players in '11 and '12.

  • JerryCT

    Re: BrianEvans => since Watford defended Davis I have no problem if he ignores help D to shut down Davis. I will watch again to see if he could do better but I donot think so. Besides HELP is where we get alot of fouls

    Re: Pritchard detractors => All those who do not like Pritchard need to replay the games and just watch him. 1) his man is denied his position near the basket 2) he is our best Help defender often driving the opponent ball handler all the way to the sideline on help D, 3) seals on drives 4) ALWAYS bodies his man on rebounds enabling our guards to get the rebound becasue his man is not 5) starts the offense with a brutal screen up top….. If Jones, Creek, Hulls could get through screens he would not foul as much.

    Re: Roth => he is bigger/stronger than you think and better than we have seen but until we learn to set off ball screens for players he probably will not shine

    Re: Press => I believe the press is best for our team where it hides Hulls , Moore , Jones from defensive liabilities and in the half court and takes better advantage of our other players ability to run and play in space….especially next year.


  • BFowler

    OK, “coach” is a loose term, but I had a 2 and 3 year old team. It was very trying, but we had a team. I had one kid who was very good for a three year old and I always tell him to invite me to the Indiana All-Star game when he gets there.

  • BFowler

    Alex, you are doing a great job on delivering these reports. I was just trying to get things going and help Kelin get his Austin Rivers rumor going. Your job is to report the facts as you know them, and when you get this group going on something that does not happen (see: Irving, Kyrie) it gets hairy. I was just in the mood to get things riled up…..that, and I wanted to see if things could change if IU Nation showed the kid some love. Thanks again for the best IU blog on the internet!

  • BFowler

    I understand what you are saying, however, I was merely trying to point out that there are still many people who subscribe to the RMK or nobody theory of coaches. The fact is, that RMK is not here, and Coach Crean is a good coach, and maybe the people he has on the floor are the ones he thinks give us the best shot at winning. Do any of us really think Coach Crean wants to lose? Do any of us really think he came here to go 6-25? I was just trying to say, give the guy some leeway. He wants to win just as much as the rest of us do, maybe more.

  • I'll definitely keep my ears open on the Austin Rivers thing, but as of now, I don't think there's anything to it. (Sorry, Kelin.)

  • plane1972

    I agree with you, Jerry. I think the team is most effective when Pritch is on the floor. He is having a nice year, and its good to see him playing well in conference play this season. The real shame of this rebuilding process is that our expectations being set so high makes it difficult to enjoy these guys and let them naturally go through their ups and downs. We're so focused (as true fans should be) on getting back to the promised land, that we sometimes miss the opportunity to enjoy the maturation process of these boys. Sure, I question a few decisions that Coach Crean makes along the way, but he is maturing into this position, as well. I like where we are headed.

  • plane1972

    Completely off topic:

    Pete Carroll = John Calipari = Douche Bags

  • GFDave

    Do they dribble? How high is the basket? How many play at one time? I remember biddy soccer at 5 and what a mess that was. Can't imagine bball at 3.

  • GFDave

    Totally agree. We can't afford to wait and hope on any one kid. That was Davis' problem. We have to cast a wider net and go hard after them all. I'm not worried about the schollies either.

  • BFowler

    They dribbled on occasion. There was one kid I would call him the “Biddy Ball 500” because when he got the ball he would run around in circles while everyone else watched. It was very trying. The basket was 6 feet tall (that is as low as it would go). I had a kid that all he would do is run from one end of the floor to the other and then right to his dad and sit there the rest of the game. It was more entertainment than basketball, but it got them on the court.

  • Taskmaster75

    I do agree with you that Watford's defense was….lacking (Generous term). However, blaming Crean for that, yet again, isn't at all plausible. HE CANNOT CONTROL THE PLAYER. What the player does on the court is only what Crean can suggest. Watford will see the tape and learn from this. You can't take him off the floor however, he is one of our few constant scoring presences and rebound presences. He has to stay in there, and we got unlucky that he blew his assignment However, a combination of things killed us more than his defense (See Free Throws: Elston, Derek) This is almost like a class, you go along learning from your mistakes on assignments and ultimately do well from your mistakes later on.

    I would rather have players that are pissed at their teammates than ones that just plain don't care. We need leaders, and Verdell is in a great position to be a hero. And at this juncture, this offense goes as he goes.

  • JerryCT

    All I can say to Pritchard detractors is that they need to watch the player NOT the game……..then they will see that we cannot play well w/o him and Crean is right about that……….this means watching the game twice however and understanding what is hapening on the floor

  • edhrdy short jeans

  • Yes.. They are 3 year old leagues around here. New Albany and Jeff. Its hard but they do learn.

  • kris the boss

    Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell does not deserve to be on this list, he is the most over hyped non Big 10 caliber player I've seen in a while. If Crean somehow lands him in the midst of Jeremiah Davis, Marquis Teague, DSR, and Ron Patterson among other talented guards throughout the state, all hope is lost

  • kristheboss

    Sorry if this came off as rude, but I've played with Ferrell at the JCC and Muni Gardens on multiple occasions and though he is quick, he just will not transition to the Big Ten or any Power conference he is just not talented enough. Especially after I've played with guys like D'Vaunte and Terone Johnson I just cannot believe that he is really ready to enter the level of comp. that the Big Ten offers. He would be a great addition to a VCU type program though that loves small quick guards. But if your scared of Roth as a defensive liability, you'll have a heart attack watching Ferrell play.