• For the love of God, J.D., it's called a tripod; you need to look into one before Youtube bars you for violating their nausea-inducement policy. I'm pretty sure Herman will let you check one out if you can't find the cheese in your budget.

  • Pride Solis

    Why do they not go big more often? Does Elston, Pritchard, Watford together seem so terrible? With maybe Jones and Hulls, is this a lineup we have tried? Think Elston needs more playing time.

  • JerryCT

    TC: ” They put 5 guys on the floor who can score “…..so Hmmm….what would you do if you were the coach ?

    Game Results: the Hulls/Rivers lineup with Dumes on the bench went down 8 pts right out of the gate against Mich and OSU. Then after the Rivers/DUmes lineup got us back a 6 pt lead at the half the Rivers/Hulls lineup got us tied w Mich in less than 2 minutes of the 2nd half. Then the Rivers/DUmes lineup got us another 6 pt lead but the Hulls/Rivers lineup got us down 1 and we luckily eaked out a win with this lineup against Mich.

    Based on RESULTS I would play Dumes, Rivers, Jones, Pritchard, Watford and Elston 30 minutes if I were the coach . This in fact would have a big lineup enough of the time to be worthwhile. Hulls plays only in spots when the Jordan kid is in the game