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Hey folks,

I’ve been told that’s my trademark phrase, and being both Southern and incredibly predictable, it makes sense to break it out to introduce myself.

I’m Zach Osterman, the newest contributor here at Inside the Hall. As IU basketball coverage goes, I haven’t been away long — I covered last season for the Indiana Daily Student and have spent the early part of this season working with the good folks at Bleacher Report.

So when Eamonn’s departure for ESPN created an opening, I asked (and begged and pleaded) with Alex and Ryan to give me a look.

Now, I make no claim to being able to fill the impressive void left by Mr. Brennan. I’m just not that good, and I certainly do not want to disappoint you. I only promise to work hard, avoid (poor) attempts at being clever and never again begin a post with “Hey folks.”

But enough about me, let’s talk about Evan Turner.

Yes, that Evan Turner, the one that does just about everything for Ohio State, or did, before he broke his back. Bummer, dude.

Turner was expected to miss significant time — a layoff of as much as eight weeks was mentioned after the Dec. 5 injury — but now the Columbus Dispatch says Turner might be available when Indiana comes to town Wednesday night. According to the report from Bob Baptist, how Turner fares/fared in a final practice Tuesday will determine his status.

Playing Turner would be an interesting decision, even if he makes it through Tuesday with flying colors. There are many factors to consider.

Foremost, it’s hard for a player to reacquaint himself with his team’s flow after a long layoff, and its often just as hard to regain the confidence to play full speed with the injury still in the back of his mind, even if the pain is gone.

And would Thad Matta want to risk Turner against a Hoosier team that, on paper anyway, should be comfortably disposed of at home? And assuming things are tight late in the game, does bringing Turner off the bench — completely cold — late in the game make sense?

It would surprise me to see Turner leave the bench Wednesday night, unless Ohio State has been playing coy on the severity of his injury all along, which begs its own questions.

For his part, Tom Crean says Ohio State is good, Turner or no, and the Hoosiers have been preparing as though the All-Big Ten winger will play. Thoughts?

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  • He'll play 5 minutes in the first half and they'll evaluate from there. With or without him, Hoosiers with the road win by 5 🙂 … Looking forward to reading your posts. Good luck!

  • Go Iowa…taking down those Yellow Jackets! Big Ten!!

  • btowncain

    I think Turner would be a no factor in this game, but his presence could spark his team at home and could be bad for us. Now from my overall point of view as a BigTen fan, I think it's a mistake for Turner to play this game or any game in the next week, yeah sure it might hurt Ohio St. until he can truly play at or close to his ability for the rest of the season but the BigTen needs Ohio St. to be in the NCAA tourney come March and they won't get there if Turner is not healthy. Turner or Not, GO HOOSIERS!!!!

  • Bryan

    It's funny how an unexpected losing streak has an amazing effect on the healing process. I'm not accusing Matta of anything here, but perhaps Turner sees his team floundering a bit, and is pressing a bit to get out on the court?

  • tberry

    “avoid (poor) attempts at being clever”

    Do you really mean it??? Seems that most writers and specially when they are on blogs just love to hear themselves and prove how clever they really are!!!

  • JerryCT

    Hearty welcome to you Zach. Many of us beleive ITH is the highest quality source out there for IU basketball so all you have to do is think quality to keep it going.

    Obviously we donot see the xrays but 8-10 weeks would be minimums for bone healing. Breaking vertebrae and not injuring discs and nerves a little is questionable. I suspect Turner is 2 weeks away from playing more than 5 minutes.

    That said, any team we play is capable of beating us ( ie Loyola ) with or w/o Turner, who in my opinion, is the best player in the country when healthy.

  • GFDave

    Zach, welcome to jungle. IMO you don't have to be clever, just insightful, accurate and informative.

  • Spencer_D

    I disagree. I enjoy an extra dash of subtle wittiness to go along with my helping of Indiana information.


  • Every self-respecting blog needs a good ginger. And if this gig will keep your musings about GT to a minimum on B/R, I'm all for it!