Maurice Creek leaves with left knee injury, done for season

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Update #2: In his postgame press conference, Indiana coach Tom Crean confirmed that Maurice Creek will have season-ending surgery on his fractured left knee on Tuesday. Team physician Dr. Steve Ahlfeld will perform the procedure in Indianapolis.

Update: On his postgame radio interview with Don Fischer, Indiana coach Tom Crean stated that Maurice Creek suffered a left knee fracture and will require surgery. Herald-Times Sports Editor Chris Korman is also reporting the same information via Twitter.

Indiana beat Bryant 90-42 on Monday night in its final pre-conference game. But the story of the game was the left knee injury freshman guard Maurice Creek suffered with 15:26 remaining in the second half. The 6-5 freshman from Oxon Hill (MD) entered the game as the Big Ten’s third-leading scorer at 17.6 ppg.

On a fast break, Creek was fouled going up for a layup and suffered an injury to his left knee. This picture, taken by Chris Howell of The Herald-Times (high resolution version available here), tells the story of just how serious this injury may be. Verdell Jones is having a hard time even looking and Derek Elston and Tom Pritchard both appear shocked. Creek was taken off the floor on a stretcher.

We’ll have more on Creek’s injury as soon as there is word from Assembly Hall.

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  • If I hurt my knee…and my teammates reacted like this…I'd rehab 10x harder so I could slap them silly.

  • Wondering if anyone else noticed this, but on the play Creek got slapped across the arm, If you listen you watch the replay or can rewatch it with DVR or something, listen as it's happening. You'll actually hear two sounds instead of just the one slap across the arm.

    I caught this on the live play and then hit rewind a few times and you almost hear a crack followed by the slapping sound. I'm not a doctor, but from what I heard, that photo and the fact that they needed a stretcher, this seems REALLY bad. I hope not!

  • Someone on Hoosier Nation just said that in the postgame show Crean said fractured knee and he's have surgery tonight.

  • iujunebug

    On the post game radio show, Crean said that it was a knee fracture and that Maurice will have surgery as soon as possible.

  • Kelin Blab

    This sucks bad, probaly done for the year, not sure about a red shirt, may be too late

  • BaseballBuc

    According to some of the doctors, he is likely done for the season

  • Won't be eligible for a redshirt, unfortunately.

  • SteveO

    I was in the building and heard it and said “holy crap” when I heard it because I thought that was how hard he got slapped. I don't think that's the case, given the fact that I was at the other end of the floor and how concerned the doctors seemed. Easily the quietest I've ever heard the Hall. Not good, hopefully Mo's surgery goes well and he'll get back to being him.

  • jgongora86

    Hope for the best. I hope he can rehab that knee for his sake. I can't think of a program with more rotten luck than ours. I'm usually try to be up, but sometimes I feel our program will never be great again. I need some boos.

  • sray22

    He should be eligible for a medical redshirt his senior year if he chooses to take it. Similar to what DJ White had available to him although he went pro. Best of luck Maurice on your surgery and rehab.

  • Too late. Creek has played in 12 games. The cutoff for 30% this year was 10 games. It would take some additional hardship for him to be eligible for it, and I can't think what Creek would be able to show.

  • Bryan

    Sometimes rooting for this team feels like being repeatedly getting kicked in the balls. Just not fair for Mo – he's gonna miss half a season, and unlike Roth, there's probably no option for a redshirt.

  • dphattybrown

    Here is a chance for some other guys to step up. Very unfortunate for Mo and wish him nothing but the best in his recovery. A tragedy to a young athlete of his calibur and i hate to see this for him and his team mates. It will be interesting to see how they handle it and who steps up.

    As for Jason's comment………… have you ever witnessed a severe injury to a teamate? I have witnessed a dislocated ankle and a compound fracture of a forearm. Reaction seems spot on, it isnt like they are laughing at him?

  • Peterson714

    Get well soon MO

  • Josh Chicago

    I hope the surgery for Mo goes well and he is able to start rehabbing quickly. One thing that I know that will be tough is the kids confidence in himself and his spirit to come back. Hopefully he is not hung up to long on crutches and not able to exercise because how they are able to continue to physically develope him will mean so much to his career as a basketball player the rest of his life. These injuries effect players just as much mentally as they do physically. But if any player is recruited by Coach they must have that desire to succeed and put forth the effort and focus to be the best they can be.
    I think its important what Crean said about this team gaining more and more energy from the fans. Let us as fans not always able to show our support in The Hall but as fans in bars around the country and internet sites be just as positive and supporting in our programs rebirth no matter what hiccups we face.
    Players will step up for Mo. Just seeing him at the end of the bench will pull even more out of them. I think this team will not falter. Jordan Hulls will become and even more emotional leader. JRIvers will step up his offense. And DD will become an even more team player and live his senior year to its fullest. I can't wait for the Big Ten season and to continue to support my Hoosiers and staying vigilant as a true Hoosier fan and alumni.