Video: J.D. Campbell interviews Tom Crean

  • 12/27/2009 9:51 pm in

J.D. Campbell, IU’s Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations, sat down with Tom Crean on Sunday afternoon for a video Q & A. Among the topics discussed: Maurice Creek getting the ball more, Verdell Jones’ progress, Christian Watford getting to the foul line, Indiana’s lack of floor leadership and opponent free throw rate, Devan Dumes’ new role and more. Here are the videos, courtesy of the IU Athletics channel on YouTube.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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  • marsh21

    Tired of the soft ball questions, of course I could be in a bad mood still after watching our Colts give another game away.

  • uncle_kerfuffle


    If you were able to ask the questions, what would be your first three?

    I guess we will have to wait until the play offs to see if the management decision to allow the Jets to win that game will pay off.

  • because it's Indiana

    Seriously??? The Colts have clinched the top seed in the AFC. Didn't they win something like 20+ in a row before the Jets game? I hope you get through this tough time.

    -Lions Fan

  • JerryCT

    The questions were nice open ended questions…………its the answers that worry me……..just the sheer number of things we need to be better at is daunting.

    I would ask the following specific questions:

    1. What are the one or two things you are trying to establish as this team's “identity” ie the main 2 things the other team has to deal with or they lose ?
    – zone defense, press , running offense , Creek 3 pt shooting …..what is it

    2. Free throws and rebounding are 2 problems that have emerged. How much time are we devoting and what drills are we using in practice to correct this ?

    3. In what ways will we see Olapido and Sheehey make this team better next year

  • cooper

    Would have been nice to hear a question on recruiting, the rest were about what you would expect from an Asst. AD of Media Relations.

    If the players don't believe they are going to beat Loyola they need some serious counseling or books on self esteem. Sounds like the team still isn't mentally tough and they better develop it quickly.

    Heard more on the “shortcut” player and not taking a player that doesn't belong or sacrifices the future. I hope he just means he doesn't want any bad apples for the sake of talent. I hope he doesn't mean he is going to stay away from top talent that may leap to the NBA after a yr or two

    IU needs to win this game by at least 25 pts