• Jhoosier

    Well, we now know Rivers is not the team’s “go to” guy. He’s a serious liability at crunch time. Everyone ‘s going to foul the him if its close at the end. Putting him on the line is the same as forcing a turnover.

  • aceman07

    Un-freaking-believable!!! The entire first half and first 7 minutes of the second half I screamed at my wife that IU should be pressing and challenging Loyola and we wait 2/3 of the game. I was just getting ready to say IU had seen it's first leader step up when JR hit the jumper and got fouled, but nope, sorry, leaders don't choke and miss 4 freaking free throws in the final minutes of the game. And I knew he was going to miss the second after missing the first at the end of the game and even pointed out that they should foul the rebounder if he missed and we let their “big” (who was a lousy free throw shooter) rebound the ball, turn and pitch it out to the best free throw shooter in the NCAA without fouling him. Creek stood right next to him and waited for him to pass it off then we waited another 25 seconds to foul again. Despite the comeback, IU deserved to loose that game!!! I don't usually complain about CTC but lousy coaching, lousy effort, lousy free throw shooting, lousy defense for 2/3 of the game, etc. That's all the things we complain about and say will cost them games and, guess what, IT DID!!!

  • CutterInChicago

    Simply pathetic tonight on so many fronts. The comeback was amazing but it sort of makes you realize we should have never had to comeback on that Loyola team. The fact that we got back into the game was great but we should never have been out of it to begin with.
    Rivers should be shooting 2000 FTs a day. Its inexcusable for a PG to be that bad at the line.
    Man, so very depressing

  • Kelin Blab

    Cutter……I won't put this entire game at rivers missed F/T's,but at some point, he won't be able to play late in the game because of it. I don't get Rivers not being a decent shooter or F/Tshooter and playing the PG position.

  • JHoosier

    Question: Who would you rather have at the line at the ned of a game? Shaq or Rivers?

  • marsh21

    I agree with aceman07 and couldn't have said it better myself. Why wasn't the offense geared more towards Creek at the end of the game??? He's the one who got the run started. I'm starting to see coaching issues already.

  • CutterInChicago

    Kelin, not going to put the loss entirely on Rivers BUT the missed FTs and the 4 point play he caused to allow Loyola to retake the lead are not going to let himoff the hook. I really like a lot of what Rivers can do but its simply unacceptable that he misses FTs like he does. I do not think that asking for 70% from a player from the line, esp from a PG is asking too much.
    And I'm with Aceman07 above, we should have really should have tried to shake things up with a press in the first half rather than waiting to try it in the 2nd half and yes, the last 3 minutes of the game were poorly handled on a variety of fronts, both coaching and in terms of player IQ/execution.
    It was a game we should have won had we played like we had against either Pitt or UK (or even at 1/2 the level we played either game). Big Ten season suddenly looks way, way shakier.