A fond farewell

  • 12/18/2009 2:39 pm in

Gents, ladies, friends of the ITH blogging republic. Today I meet you at an impasse. Today I greet you with somber news. For today is, unfortunately, my last day on the site. I know, I know. You’re devastated.

In fact, many of you probably won’t even notice. With the way my non-ITH work has bundled in the last few months, I haven’t made much of a contribution to this fine site in a while. And now, thanks to a new job blogging college basketball at ESPN.com, I can safely linger on the fringes no more. I must leave.

It’s not like the site will suffer. In three years, Alex and Ryan have made Inside The Hall the absolute best place on the planet to find college basketball news and analysis. To my mind, Alex is the best recruiting filter on the Internet (and he’s free, too, as if you hadn’t noticed). His work in building this site through the long offseasons — and these past few offseasons have been long, folks — has been and is paying off. This site is a wonder. Meanwhile, Ryan is one of the more incisive observers of basketball (college and pro) working. I mean, Good Bad And Ugly gets posted like five minutes after the game is over, and it’s better than anything I can think of with 24 hours to spare. You, the reader, will be just fine.

But I am sad to leave, and I hope you’re slightly sad too. I also hope, whether you enjoyed The Dagger at Yahoo! or not, you’ll come read me at ESPN.com, if for no other reason than sometimes Kentucky fans are big meanies, and I need y’all to have my back. (Just kidding. I love all college hoops fans, no matter their creed or code.)

Anyway, farewell. I hope you had as much reading my ramblings here as I had writing them. I’d say I’d miss the site, but hell, I’ll still be reading everyday. I’m right around the corner. So, as with Alex and Ryan, this isn’t goodbye. It’s see you later.

See you later, ITH.

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  • iujunebug

    Congrats Eamonn, on the move into the big leagues. I was following you on The Dagger at about the same time I discovered Inside the Hall. Will miss you on both sites.

  • peaychris

    congrats BigE! its nice to be climbing the corporate ladder and actually making a living doing what you love to do. im sure if your industry is anything like mine (golf) than you may actually have some change in your pocket now! i will be following you!

  • You have done a great job on this site and the congrats on the new job. This site is one of the few reasons I even get up in the morning anymore. You, Alex, and Ryan have done a fantastic job and hoosier nation thanks all of you!

  • BaseballBuc

    Congrats! Thanks for all you do on this great site. Make sure alex and ryan make a link on insidethehall.com to keep us updated on your blogs.

  • my girlfriends dad went hunting with coach knight yesterday…..getting the scoop tonight i'll let ya know any scoop!

  • HoosierSmitty

    Congrats and good luck with your future! Thanks for all your insight!

  • hoosierboy

    Thanks for everything you do. Good luck at ESPN. Insidethehall is the best bball website hands down!

  • brosallman

    Hey E, I too offer my congrats, and thanks for cluing me into The Wire while you stayed here.

  • I'm not sad, Eamonn. I'm happy for you. I hope everything works out well. I know that you're going to another place where you can continue doing an excellent job writing about a topic you love. If anything, I'm a little jealous.

    Well, okay. I'm just happy for you. Good luck, man.

  • Sallad

    We'll miss you, Big E, but I look forward to keeping up with you at ESPN (And fighting off any UK fans that get too rowdy)! Thanks for everything and best of luck!

  • Hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone for the warm wishes. Means a lot. Talk to y'all soon.