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Big Ten Tournamnet: Illinois Fighting Illini v Purdue Boilermakers

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew.

+ The Big Ten’s statement on possible expansion. (

+ Brian Cook presents the ‘Grid of Judgment’ for Big Ten Expansion. (

+ Hugh Kellenberger breaks down seven possibilities for the 12th Big Ten school. (The Hoosier Scoop)

+ Stewart Mandel writes that the Big Ten is serious about expansion, but the risks could outweigh the benefits. (

+ Adam Rittenburg writes that the Big Ten may expand, or it might not. But the conference will explore its options. (

+ Dennis Dodd thinks that an expansion to a ‘large dozen’ makes perfect sense. (

+ Would the Big Ten look to the Big 12 to snatch a 12th member? (

+ Big Ten considers desperate plea for attention. (Deadspin)

+ The Detroit Free Press looks at who might fit if the Big Ten expands. (

+ Will Rutgers be in the mix with the Big Ten seeking to add a 12th school? (

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  • IUonetwo

    I'm kinda in the Notre Dame or bust category, but I don't see that happening for the same reasons as before.
    Cincinnati & Missouri could be possibilities. I'm just not sure they carry the same prestige as the rest of the Big Ten schools.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I read that Cincinnati was not a possibility because they don't have wrestling. In fact, I don't think they have an entire compliment of sports – possibly missing mens tennis as well. While smaller sports don't drive the decision, those are certainly things the Big Ten will consider. I am not sure if the wrestling provision exists in the Big Ten, but I know Cincinnati doesn't have wrestling.

    I think Iowa State or Pittsburgh make sense.

    At first I really wanted Iowa State. They just “felt” right to me. Plus, I think it'd be pretty easy to raid the Big 12 and let them rob from the Mountain West and WAC. However, the more I hear Pittsburgh, the more I like it. I just don't know that they'd want to leave.

    I have no desire to add Notre Dame. I guess I have an issue with a school that didn't want to join in the first place. On top of that, adding a third Indiana school just doesn't sit well with me.

    I also don't want to add any school that isn't in the established geographic Big Ten region. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they Big Ten went after a bigger media market.

  • peaychris

    this is a football only decision or at least it needs to be.. i understand that big ten schools need to be AAU and have certain sports, and im cool with that, but they need a legit football power to join the conference. football is what drives conferences financially, and there is plenty of money to be had from the Big Tween conference championship game at lucas oil stadium. i dont want the golden domers anywhere near the conference. mizzou is the logical addition since they desperately want to get out of the Texas and OK driven conference since they have gotten screwed in bowl games the last few years. they also bring a nice basketball program to the table, and sure up the st louis market for the B10. Reading some Pitt fans blogs they dont want to leave the BE because they are perennial contenders for a BCS bowl bid and also the big east is DEEP in basketball

  • HoosierSmitty

    After reading some about what Mizzou can bring to the table, you can't argue with the logic there. Hopefully it's not all just a pipe dream.

  • peaychris

    doing a little more reading i am hearing maybe nebraska would be interested.. this would be HUGE and bring instant cred, tradition and history. along with one of the largest fan bases in the country probably second to notre dame. my sister went there and that place is crazy!! you figure if you split the pie in 12 pieces instead of the current 11, another school must bring a lot financially to the table. thats why i feel nebraska or mizzou are the only options. rutgers and pitt dont bring anything to the table.. rutgers is irrelevant in the NYC area

  • HoosierDavey

    I really don't know why Nebraska would want to leave the Big 12 for the Big 10. Saw a guy on ESPN mention TCU tonight! Hopefully, he was joking. Pitt makes the most sense to me from the B10's point of view. Question is, do they want to leave a weaker conference in football?

  • peaychris

    nebraska would want to leave the big 12 because of the money. the big 12 doesnt share the money like the big ten does. also it would be easier IMO for them to compete for titles here. i dont think nebraska is a logical choice because they would leave a lot of rivals out there and their recruiting base is in texas as well. pitt makes some sense but doesnt bring that special quality a big 12 team brings. they also dont have the athletic program budget that most big 10 schools have. i really really like what Mizzou brings to the table!

  • HoosierDavey

    Ah, the money…that makes more sense to me now (and unfortunately, that's what it will all come down to). I guess I'm looking at this more from a geographical or rivalry standpoint. Missouri would probably be my second choice, behind Pitt…but, of course, it isn't up to me.

  • JerryCT

    I would try to get a state school. As such Syracuse, PITT, UL donot qualify but ISU and Mizzou do. I don't see why KY or WVU are not in the conversation

  • cooper

    This has to happen, and it is time to rename the Big 10 something else. I don't think Iowa State is going to make the cut they won't bring in any bowl money because they rarely go. They will be looking for a school that goes bowling and gets in to good bowls. I imagine they will look east because of population, and tv ratings etc.

    I saw Nebraska too, but I think the fans would have a cow if that happen. They have intense rivalries with Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. I doubt the fans would be happy.

    I don't see any SEC team leaving the conference but I'd try, nor will an ACC team go (UVA maybe?). Notre Dame will never come, they are delusional. I'd go after Vanderbilt, they are normally the SEC doormat in football and may be willing to go. In the Big 10 they would probably be a bowl team.

    I think it will end up being Rutgers or Missouri. Missouri could just schedule a game with Kansas each year in bball and football to take care of the rivalry issue.

    Regardless it needs to happen, Big 10 is irrelevant from October until December

  • Tberry

    I have no idea where they rank in some of the requisite criteria mentioned in the article but I think LOUISVILLE would be a good choice they are good geographically.

    They expand us into SEC territory. They would be competitive in Basketball and Football.

  • plane1972

    Rutgers gets us into the Philly/NJ market more than the NY market, imo, which isn't bad at all from a hoops standpoint. Think about Kyrie Irving growing up watching Big Ten basketball. But, I agree with peaychris, this should be a football decision with the ripple effect of revenue helping every other aspect of an athletic department buget.

  • Bryan

    Well, the extra hurdle for any school to clear is whether or not membership in the CIC is included. Traditionally, membership has been extended to every Big 10 member, so it would be unprecedented for the conference to add a member but exclude it from participating in the CIC.

    What that means is for the university presidents to sign off on a new school (remember, football coaches may be for it, but it's ultimately not their decision, it's up to the presidents), there has to be some sort of post-graduate program or other scholarly carrot that the prospective school can bring: a distinguished program, overall academic prestige, research facilities, etc.

    This, just as the Michigan blog link from this article suggests, probably eliminates a bunch of schools, including Louisville and Cincinnati. Of the names usually tossed around, Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse, and Rutgers are probably the best matches on this criteria.

  • Hardwood83

    There is what I want to happen and what I think will happen. I think adding ND is best for the conference. Don't get me wrong I hate the fighting Amish- but they are strong Athletically & academically, bring some buzz and national interest, fit geographically and have natural rivals. I don't think it will happen but makes the most sense for everyone. Next I would say Missouri or Pitt. If none of those are options then stand pat or drop Northwestern. Syracuse, Rutgers, etc are too much of a stretch. I seriously doubt Nebraska will join the Big Ten- but they aren't thrilled with the Big XII right now- so may listen. I think Mizzou or Pitt are most likely.

  • HoosierSmitty

    So what should the new name be?

    The Big Breadbasket? The Big Twelve (we spell ours!)? The Big 10 & 2?

    To me, the Big Ten is just an icon, an image, a logo…it's meant 11 schools since 1993, so 12 schools in a conference named the Big Ten don't really bother me.

  • rywagner

    AAU schools that seem feasible at first glance –

    Rutgers, Syracuse, Kansas, Maryland, Pitt, Virginia, Nebraska, Mizzou, Texas (just because I keep hearing it)

    Syracuse is a private university (so is Northwestern, I guess) but it seems like that holds some weight.

    I'd personally love to see it be Texas (not likely) or Syracuse.

    I think it will be Mizzou or Rutgers. Mizzou allows the Big 12 to take TCU, which would be nice.

  • Ryan_Btown

    ND Football & NBC – Not that I think NBC is still making good business decisions by paying that school and astronomical amount of money for airing their games, but ND wouldn't come then, and they won't come now. They have the perfect set up in the Big East. Conference for basketball, none for football. Questionable scruples by the Big East I might add. I like Pitt & Mizzou too. Cincinatti I'm just not a fan of, Louisville just moved…Rutgers? Gese, I understand the market thing, but Rutgers? I don't know, not a fan. Pitt would be my overwhelming favorite.

  • peaychris

    I think a SEC set up is the best for the new 12 Team Big Ten set up.. you have 6 teams in each division and you play the 5 other teams annually. you play one team every year as your out of divsion rival, and then you rotate the other team every year.
    Lakes Division
    -Minnesota – Iowa
    -Wisconsin – New B10 Team
    -Mich St – Penn St
    -Mich – Ohio St
    -Purdue – Indiana
    -Northwestern – Illinios
    River Divsion
    -Mizzou; Pitt; Rutgers; ect
    -Ohio St
    -Penn St

    IU Big Ten Football Schedule
    New B10 Team
    @Ohio St
    Penn St
    @Minnesota (this game rotates)
    What do you all think?? It keeps all the rivals together. The only thing i dont like is having a potential rematch in the conference champ game. if looking at the past big ten titles the OSU MICH game was a de facto champ game. So maybe having them in the same division would be a good thing so they would play for the chance to get into the conference champ game.

  • zach81

    I think Memphis should get some attention, good school, NBA-size market, good athletics and get B10 into the south. Have head no one say Memphis, and it's hard to believe ( they hate the C-USA )

  • BornRed

    Memphis is a Tier 4 school… it ain't happenin'

  • Hardwood83

    I agree with BornRed- Memphis entrance exam consists of confirming you have a pulse and a checkbook. I think a 2nd level academic school could slide in- but not an institutionalized Study Hall like Memphis.

  • i like what i read one guy wrote: instead of adding a school, drop northwestern, because we're called the big 10

  • the6thmanning

    New Big 14


    Iowa State


    Michigan State
    Penn State
    Ohio State

    New Big 10


    Kansas State
    Oklahoma State


    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech