• Druid

    I just thought all Hoosier fans should see this. It is a post on the kentucky scout website. I know it means nothing now but still, a look into the inbred thoughts cycle of the uk fans.
    I want to CRUSH IU
    I normally don’t do this but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    IU fans, by and large, are a group of sanctimonious, hypocritcal, self-righteous phonies who think they invented the game of basketball and because Bob Knight was an anal retentive control freak that somehow makes them better than us. You will not find a more jealous, bitter and hate-filled lot outside of Louisville when factoring in those traits. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson: They are queer in the deepest way and IU is an evil that only those that believe in the physical reality of the Devil can understand.

    I not only want to beat them but I want to take their pride, their souls and their hearts. I want them driven before us and to hear the lamentations of their women and children. I want to devour the Hoosier State like a scourge upon the earth and leave it dead and black. No hope and no mercy! This is what I wish for. I want it so bad I wrote a letter to Santa. I prayed to every religious deity in existence. I sacrificed a bull and tied up a vestal virgin wearing an IU sweater by the sea for the Kracken to devour.

    No bones, no jokes, no kidding: Destroy IU and leave it a desolate and dark place where even memories and ghosts fear to tread.

  • Kelin Blab

    What I take from these interviews:
    + These kids play with some confidence and FULLY expected to win this game today. Gotta love that.
    + They don't make excuses, Elston said we have to get stronger, and that is true for all of them.
    + They are identifying what the issues are and working on them, they just have to execute them better.

  • AH

    That writing, though crude, is way too advanced for a Wildcat fan. I am impressed that Kentucky has someone that can write this well.

  • bushworlda

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