A closer look at the four factors and Pittsburgh

  • 12/09/2009 7:32 pm in

Since we did an in-depth analysis of the four factors prior to the IU-Pittsburgh game, it’s only appropriate to look at how each of the factors played out on Tuesday night. As you can see below, with the exception of offensive rebounding percentage, Indiana dominated Pitt:

Free throw rate: The one factor that jumps out immediately is free throw rate. Indiana made a remarkable leap in this stat compared to the Maryland game (31.4%). The fact that it came in a game away from Assembly Hall is even more impressive. Not only did the Hoosiers get to the line at a much higher rate than Pittsburgh, they shot about nine percent higher than their season average. As Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said afterward, it’s tough to win when you’re outscored by 13 at the foul line.

Turnover percentage: With the exception of the Boston game, this was IU’s best performance of the season for this stat. And they did it against a program that’s known for toughness and playing solid defense. If not for five turnovers in the final six minutes during Pitt’s run, this number would have been even lower. Nonetheless, it was an excellent showing in terms of taking care of the ball.

Effective field goal percentage: This was Pittsburgh’s worse showing to-date for eFG% and for Indiana, it was their best performance against a major-conference opponent. (43.4% against Ole Miss and 37.9% against Maryland.) For the record, IU’s 45.4 eFG% isn’t particularly great and 37.1% from Pitt is dreadful.

Offensive rebounding percentage: This is a stat in which most of us thought Pittsburgh would have the biggest advantage going in, but despite their 19 offensive rebounds, they scored just 14 second chance points.

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