A closer look at the four factors and Pittsburgh

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Since we did an in-depth analysis of the four factors prior to the IU-Pittsburgh game, it’s only appropriate to look at how each of the factors played out on Tuesday night. As you can see below, with the exception of offensive rebounding percentage, Indiana dominated Pitt:

Free throw rate: The one factor that jumps out immediately is free throw rate. Indiana made a remarkable leap in this stat compared to the Maryland game (31.4%). The fact that it came in a game away from Assembly Hall is even more impressive. Not only did the Hoosiers get to the line at a much higher rate than Pittsburgh, they shot about nine percent higher than their season average. As Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said afterward, it’s tough to win when you’re outscored by 13 at the foul line.

Turnover percentage: With the exception of the Boston game, this was IU’s best performance of the season for this stat. And they did it against a program that’s known for toughness and playing solid defense. If not for five turnovers in the final six minutes during Pitt’s run, this number would have been even lower. Nonetheless, it was an excellent showing in terms of taking care of the ball.

Effective field goal percentage: This was Pittsburgh’s worse showing to-date for eFG% and for Indiana, it was their best performance against a major-conference opponent. (43.4% against Ole Miss and 37.9% against Maryland.) For the record, IU’s 45.4 eFG% isn’t particularly great and 37.1% from Pitt is dreadful.

Offensive rebounding percentage: This is a stat in which most of us thought Pittsburgh would have the biggest advantage going in, but despite their 19 offensive rebounds, they scored just 14 second chance points.

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  • TOKirby

    Anyone catch Kentucky-UConn last night? Incredibly entertaining game. Although I'm already having nightmares of a less than 100 percent Rivers or an overwhelmed Hulls trying to guard John Wall. Yikes.

  • Spencer_D

    I believe its a Stripe Out, actually.

  • JerryCT

    Alex – I see the official box score has Jones w 20pts not 22 and Watford w 18 not 16. Which did you use for Pick/click ?

  • I used the official box score. Jones with 20, Watford 18.

  • JerryCT

    I might be crazy but I think Rivers and Dumes can hang with their guards. Jones lacks the quick first step and Creek the focus however to neutralize them. Hulls I think will keep them in front of him unless he gets picked off.

    I worry that Patterson and the bigs will decimate us inside. UCONN had the bigs to to fight them off.

  • dale11

    I'm with you jerry. I think Rivers can hold his own against Wall. I'm more concerned with Patterson, Orton, and Cousins. If Pritchard is his normal self and in early foul trouble we could be in big trouble.

  • hoosierboy

    Jio Fontan? Whats all this about his interest in IU. Did Crean offer him?

  • Kelin Blab

    IU is interested…not sure if they offered or not but he will be at the game on Saturday. Maybe he is selby insurance? A lot of big schools want him, could be a find.


  • hoosierboy

    Thanks for the info Kelin. This is something that could become very interesting. He sounds like a guy that is going to be tough to get because of all the great choices he has. I hope we get Selby who would thrive under Crean. The atmosphere is gonna be crazy in the Hall Saturday. I hope we can shut up all of the arrogant Kentucky fans that have been disrespecting the Hoosiers.

    One thing to note is that Kentucky gets off to very fast starts. It will be interesting to see if we can come back from some of their huge explosion of points. It will happen, and I hope the hoosiers can keep poise. We will have our runs to. That being said…. This entire game will be intense if IU has a big lead( which I highly doubt) or it is close throughout. Because as we know this KU team is capable of scoring in a hurry. Hopefully if we do have a lead late we can be disciplined to keep it!

    GO HOOSIERS! White out? Red out?

  • hoosierboy

    UK… sorry not KU. my bad

  • Disco_Briscoe

    McLeod and the St. Anthony connection.

  • because it's Indiana

    I watched the first half of the UCONN-UK game. UK is talented, but clearly young like us. The game was exciting but very sloppy. I'm sure we'll come out in a zone defense, but Pritchard needs help on defense against Cousins and Patterson.

    I'm highly underqualified. But if I was Crean I would tell Pritchard to let UK have the 2 points early and not foul under the basket. I know this goes against the “no easy baskets” policy of the Big Ten, but Pritchard is much more valuable setting screens and rebounding for the entire game.

    Dumes, Rivers will hold their own. We are going to need Creek to be on fire and Watson to play strong to have a chance. Most important…AH HAS TO BE ROCKING!!! We have to put the fear of God into the young Wildcats. They are not going to come to our house and push us around.