• redinthehead

    To the dufus in charge of the backdrop… “Get your sheet straight!”

  • JerryCT

    It seemed he was a little secretive about what we are working on in practice and who is injured. I am going into NYC tonight to hear Crean at the ESPN/IU reception………don't think I will ask these questions….but if you guys have any you want me to ask I will try to blurt them out for you .

    I must say I am getting tired of the continuous drum beat about how far dwon the program has been. This is completely irrelevant unless we are trying to find an excuse for losing. I would prefer to hear talk of how we are going to win than listen to why we are deficient for 1000th time

  • redinthehead

    Jerry, I agree. Did you notice how openly and eloquently he spoke about other teams and other conferences, but when he spoke about the team, he coiled, wriggled and became almost defensive?

  • jpniles

    I think that Crean is trying to keep everyone realistic about the program. He is giving an honest opinion on how he thinks the team will do. When the interviewers throw questions considering strengths and weaknesses, how else is he going to answer without any delusions of grandeur?

  • bsfink

    I think that Crean A) has no idea how many fans will travel to MSG for the game and B) how many fans live in NY.

    I was born and raised in NY and have gone to the garden numerous times for college basketball games. I sat last night in spike lee's seats and literally helped coach the hoosiers to a win.

    When will people start talking about our fanship and how we travel to games and support our team,