Updated Pick to Click Standings

  • 12/04/2009 5:49 pm in

Seven games into the season, the Pick to Click standings are starting to take shape: ksstorms1105 and tachilde are co-leading the contest with five correct picks. Both have picked the winner the past three games, Maurice Creek.

Four users have four correct picks: bob_dog, CreamandCrimson, tg1438 and tmeaster. The complete standings can viewed here.

Here’s a list of winners for each game:

  • Howard: Christian Watford
  • USC Upstate: Watford
  • Ole Miss: Jeremiah Rivers
  • Boston University: Verdell Jones
  • George Mason: Creek
  • Northwestern State: Creek
  • Maryland: Creek

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  • hoosier07

    not sure how often you guys update this, but just a thought you might want to put a permanent link to the spreadsheet under the Resources? Just thought it might be easier than having to do a full post for the standings …

  • Thought about that, but the link changes each time because we upload a new spreadsheet.

  • tachilde

    Sharing the top spot is such sweet sorrow…too bad there's 20+ games to go for me to guess wrong!

  • HoosierSmitty

    Started out 1 for 1 …probably going to finish 1 for 30!