Hoosiers return to Bloomington with 90-72 win

  • 11/28/2009 7:31 pm in

BLOOMINGTON — It was a rough trip to Puerto Rico for Tom Crean and the Indiana Hoosiers. After beginning the season 2-0, Indiana dropped three straight games in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Tip-Off Classic to Ole Miss, Boston University and George Mason.

But after six days off and numerous practices that emphasized defense, Indiana returned to Assembly Hall with a convincing 90-72 win over Northwestern State on Saturday.

“We had a very good week of getting better,” Crean said following the win. “We’ve had a very good week of starting to learn our roles and what’s important.”

Maurice Creek and Christian Watford scored 17 points each for the Hoosiers (3-3).

Indiana shot 48 percent from the field, hit 34 of 44 free throws and had assists on 19 of its 25 field goals, led by 10 from Jeremiah Rivers.

“He took what the game gave him,” Crean said of Rivers. “I was very impressed with him. He really read the game well. I was very proud of the way he played.”

Northwestern State (2-2) cut the lead to nine at 59-50 with 10:37 remaining, but Indiana responded with a 8-0 run, capped by a 3-pointer by Verdell Jones, to put the game away.

“It just seemed like they were in their rhythm, and to me, they are rhythm players,” Northwestern State coach Mike McConathy said. “I thought they did a good job with that and looked improved from what I’ve seen.”

(The four factors are explained, here.)

Up next: Maryland on Tuesday at 7:30 PM for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on ESPN2.

Dumes gets back on track: The 6-2 senior scored 11 points off the bench in 22 minutes. “I felt it was a better effort today. I bring the effort every time. I just played a little better today,” Dumes said. He added that his knee is feeling about 80 to 85 percent healthy.

Elston brings energy off the bench: The 6-9 freshman had 12 points, six rebounds and four steals off the bench in 18 minutes. “I rebounded well today, something that coach has been harping on me about,” Elston said.

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  • JerryCT

    In general it was a better effort by everyone except Rivers and Hulls. Rivers had 5 to's and Hulls really looks shaky and was outplayed by Moore. I think the brightest spots were DUmes getting some of his game back and Elston continuing to be a huge asset.

    I think we really miss an inside game and could be embarrassed by MD if we donot play our best ball.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Wait, Rivers has 6 pts, 7 rebounds, and 10 assists and he had a poor effort? I don't follow that logic. The five TOs, hurt, but that's still a 2 to 1 TO ratio, which is much better than I've seen out of him in previous games. He made things happen. Yes, there were still a couple of silly mistakes on his part, but I liked what he brought to the table and I think he was much more under control in this game. Plus the dunk attempt was just a ridiculous power move.

    Rivers was the only guy to log over 25 minutes, playing 36. Not to mention his ability to defend well and stay out of foul trouble while doing it.

    Look at Jones for example, who only played 21 minutes, and he had 4 turnovers.

    When you have a guy like Rivers that can only put up 2 shots and still make that big of a difference in the game, that's a pretty solid effort in my mind.

    I do agree that the inside game has to come alive if we have a shot against Maryland. Pritchard made some small strides today, but Capo looked outmatched against NW State, and Jobe is well…Jobe. I'd like to see us try and use Watford in the post if we can get a match up advantage with a smaller player.

  • JerryCT

    Good game points re: Rivers but I would like to see the details of “when” his to's and assists took place eg like whether his assists contributed to the run at 12:15 to 9:18 left in the game or whether his to's were rally stoppers earlier. We only climbed above 10% in safety of our lead at 9:00 min left in the game. I sensed that he stopped rallies more than he set up offense but I guess I would have to watch it again.

    I think Rivers can post up and I would like to see Watford established low but who can deliver the pass ? Jones and Hulls scare me. Creek will be pressed Tuesday to keep Mosely from back dooring him like NW State did yesterday. We will need to play our best game of the season to be in it. They have alot of experience we donot have

  • BaseballBuc

    Alex, who was the pick to click?

  • Haven't had a chance to figure it out yet. I'll do that soon.

  • Kelin Blab

    Stepping back and looking at the game, this is something this team can build off of going into the upset win vs. MD…

    1. Remember we use to yell about IU chucking 3's like they were going out of style….how about 44 F/T's? I love it and as long as they make the freebies this puts constant pressure on teams and with IU's depth it could work in their favor…

    2. We have NO inside game and I would like to see some of our BIG GUARDS to work inside some.

    3. J. Rivers played an active game and love the 6-7-10…however no more reverse pivot passes…

    4. We have NO inside game and I don't know who is on the radar to address that….outside of Plumlee….Zeller is not a back to basket player……Could we go JUCO?

    5. Dumes playing well prior to the MD game was good to see but I don't like his 'on edge of punching someone chippyness'…I saw it a couple of times and he HAS to get that under control.

    6. I think VJ3 is learning his new teammates and will come around. He seems to be choosing his spots on offense.

    7. Tijan making lay ups, chopping people in the neck while boxing out, blocking a shot, taking up space is good to see. I just wish he could get a rebound…just ONE.

    8. Bawa receiving his first pass and going up for a dunk would have been awesome. He seems less awkard as Tijan but still want him to get some floor time. We need some type of inside presence on both ends.

    I look forward to discussing my Maryland prediction in the next 48hours. Colts 11-0

  • Creek got it. Watford was second and Rivers/Elston tied for third.

  • HoosierSmitty

    With zero inside game and no one providing answers you wonder why Bawa doesn't see some more minutes.

    Has anyone in the media asked this question to Crean?

    Is the only answer just “He's not ready?” It's just a bit baffling. What are we missing in practice, etc that keeps Bawa off the floor? Is he really that fragile mentally to think that he can't handle making a few mistakes on the court?

  • HoosierSmitty

    So I know it's too late, but for a student section name….I came up with Btown Brigade?

    Just trying to think of better options than what we were presented…slight nod to the general with that name, but unique in its own right.

  • Kelin Blab

    HoosierSmitty….My one question to coach Crean would be:

    Coach Crean….What is Tijan doing in practice or on the court that Bawa cannot do or is not doing in practice? My only conclusion could be he is a senior and the crowd loves him more?

  • Bryan

    I like the idea of using the bigger guards to generate inside scoring opportunities, but how do you do it without shattering the record for shots rejected in a single season? I don't think our bigs are good enough perimeter shooters or passers to force teams to open up the low post for our guards to operate (I cannot envision Jobe, Pritchard, et al triggering the UCLA High Post offense).

  • hooseyes

    I believe Rakeem Christmas is also in the class with Zeller and Plumlee, haven't heard anything on him lately though… He would give you that inside presence you're asking for, though.

  • Christmas eliminated IU the other day according Scout.com.