Pick to Click: Boston University

  • 11/20/2009 7:21 am in

Get in your picks before 5:45 ET tonight. Remember, please state your selection first thing in your comment. Good luck.

No TV: Tonight’s game will not be televised. ESPNU, which the schedule originally indicated would air the game, will broadcast college football: Akron vs. Bowling Green. Might be time to sound check your radio.

Scoring update: You can view the standings on this spreadsheet. Christian Watford won the first two games and Jeremiah Rivers was the winner against Ole Miss.

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  • TheStillman

    Watford gets back on track

  • HoosierCrabbe


  • generalrmk




    Stats wise BU doesn't look that good at the 3.4 and 5 spots but then again they lost by only 10 pts last night. Here's to Big W getting back to his double double self and us getting the W.

  • NMHoosier

    Watford…he will bounce back big tonight

  • ace132

    Christian Watford FTW

  • hoosiert


  • christian watford

  • watford


    can someone tell if Jeremy Gray & Todd Leary can be heard for free somehwhere somehow on the internet ?

  • Hoosierfan87


  • iuhoosiers1009

    Christian Watford

  • IUonetwo


  • dphattybrown

    M. Creek will be the man tonight

  • raor

    Jeremiah Rivers

  • lancergolfer87


  • Christian Watford

  • JHardesty


  • Rivers